Top 10 Rabbits

Contributor: Euphoria Euphoria
Carrie Ann
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I was interested in peoples opinions on the top 10 rabbit vibes. I have started my own Adult home parties business. I have been using this site for myself for years. I love the fact that you can choose the material saftey, queitness, and vrooms. I was originally going to join a company like passion parties, but i realized their products are garbage and would never sell another peron something I dont believe is top quality. I wish Eden Fantasy had a seperate wholesale business but they dont so I have to get my products else where. So if anyone has any input on toys that are quality and safe that would be awsome.
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
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I'm in the market for my first rabbit vibrator and there are so many to choose from! Any advice on what you like best? I'm looking for one that is...

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My fiance wants a rabbit..but I'm not entirely sure which one to choose from. Help?
Contributor: Gunsmoke Gunsmoke
We've tried many - the overall impression is that they need plenty of power - so 4 AAs is a must. We also prefer a clit vibe that has enough flexibility to move into the proper location - close-coupled clit vibes don't work for us. Our fav is still the original Decadent Indulgence - I sure with is were waterproof!
Contributor: allehcat allehcat
Originally posted by Euphoria
I was interested in peoples opinions on the top 10 rabbit vibes. I have started my own Adult home parties business. I have been using this site for myself for years. I love the fact that you can choose the material saftey, queitness, and vrooms. I ... more
The California Exotics Gyrating Beaded Dolphin is a total winner, as far as rabbits go. Very strong, relatively quiet, vibrates and rotates, and is made of Crystalessence.
Contributor: Pleasure Piratess Pleasure Piratess
It would have to be Ina for sure.... or Fun Factory Delight. I'm too picky about rabbits that I don't have to many middle of the road suggestions.
Contributor: liilii080 liilii080
I was going to second Ina as many love her.
Contributor: Euphoria Euphoria
Thanks girls! I already picked the Ina Im a fan of the Lelo line. I'm having a really hard time finding a good distributor that carries The high quality items Im looking for. It would be so nice if Eden Fantasys had a wholesale distribution web site. And Im gonna look into the Beaded Dolphin sounds good. Im really nervous my first party is April 29 and since this is my own company I have no trainining. All my training is from life exspirences and reasearch. I have a big box of toys most I had to get rid of because I did research on saftey and the material I had no idea so many products are so bad.
Contributor: NarcissisticLust NarcissisticLust
I would just like to say thank you for not pushing Passion Parties products! So many friends of mine are completely repelled by sex toys after they pay excessive amounts of money for a poorly constructed and low quality vibrator luckily, many of them are now big fans of EF. I hope your business does well!
Contributor: Tuesday Tuesday
The only rabbit that works for me is the Jopen Vanity Vr6.
Contributor: Euphoria Euphoria
Thanks Narcissitic lust. Im just hoping that they will purchase items that are more exspensive. In the long run they'll be saving money because of the high quality. But I remember when I first started buying toys I couldnt beleive how much money I spent in a small sex shop. I have boughten exspensive crap before I learned my lesson. One time I spent $120.00 on a rabbit vibe that broke in a few months I was pissed. And Tusday my next toy is going to be from the vanity line. Im not gonna force anyone to buy exspensive products so Im gonna carry some lesser quality but better priced items like the couture collection, Lamour, and a few Rabbits I picked out that are not as high quality but somewhat decent. Picking toys is so difficult now I gotta start looking into massagers, stuff for men, Lubes, lotions, anal toys (which frighten some people), etc... And Im only carrying body safe lubes and organic lotions and oils.
Contributor: toxie m toxie m
I haven't tried any yet, but I've decided that my first rabbit is going to be one of the Jopen Vanities. They just have so many awesome things going for them
Contributor: Bunnycups Bunnycups
My first true rabbit vibrator will be the Jopen Vanity Vr6. I recently got the Bimini Ocean and it's a fun little vibrator, but I don't think it's a true rabbit.
Contributor: Pinkhare Pinkhare
I have yet to try one .
Contributor: Scorpionwally Scorpionwally
No rabbits here
Contributor: ToyGeek ToyGeek
I like the Vibratex Rosebud, it's small and friendly and the silicone is super soft. I also like the Lelo Ina, although sometimes I hate the pressure of the external arm, so there are days I won't touch mine.

I have a passion wave, which is really unique, but not silicone, so I rarely use it. I wanted the JeJoue Fifi but looking at it I know it won't fit me properly. So until I try the Jopen line, I guess the Rosebud and the Ina are my favorites.
Contributor: Girly Juice Girly Juice
PicoBong Kaya is decent. Didn't work for me, because my clit's been spoiled by the Eroscillator, but it felt good even if it couldn't get me off. And it's cute!
Contributor: LLmama LLmama
Thumper or Hyper bunny
Contributor: edeneve edeneve
so where's the trivia game anyway - this is too hard to figure out whis there had been more specifics on how to play the games ARRRRRRRGH!!!
Contributor: CadmiumKitty CadmiumKitty
jopen vr7!
Contributor: travelnurse travelnurse
I'm not a fan of rabbits bit I do believe that I will try FiFi and see how she does.
Contributor: Loren2012 Loren2012
Nasstoys butterfly