How well have vaginal balls worked for you?

Contributor: Badass Badass
I was just wondering if you can actually make your vagina stronger by playing with these..
Answers (public voting - your screen name will appear in the results):
My vagina is much stronger!!! I am woman, hear me roar!!!
potstickers , Hibangel , deltalima , Allison.Wilder
4  (31%)
I have noticed a little difference.
Ghost , ksparkles16 , sweetpea12 , Missmarc , Lady Smile , sexytileena / absolutely love sex , ashboo32
7  (54%)
I have noticed no change at all.
Coralbell , Positwist
2  (15%)
Total votes: 13
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
Engaging topic analysis of Relistic vagina:

Realistic Vaginas
Just wondering if there is such a thing as a realistic Vagina that a man could wear to feel more like a woman?

My vagina isn't cooperating.
I was particularly horny last night, wearing a butt plug, so I decided to add and vibrator to the mix. Things were going well and I thought to myself.

First Timer Pussy Pump?
Ive never used a pump before but ive seen how its used in porn videos and im really interested in trying this one out. What do you think?

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Vagina Clenching/Tightness After Orgasm
Ladies does your vagina stay clenched or tight after orgasm? Please explain your experiences and how you address it if it happens.
Contributor: Coralbell Coralbell
I haven't noticed any change, but I had strong muscles to begin with, so that may be why. I've also only used them here and there, like a few days a week. Maybe if I committed to using them every single day for a month or something I would notice results.
Contributor: Positwist Positwist
I use my Luna Beads quite a bit (period week is depressing just because it means no beads ), but I haven't noticed a difference.

I wear them because they feel AWESOME. Pretty subtle stimulation, but it's awesome to feel something knocking around down there as I go about my business.
Contributor: Hibangel Hibangel
lol! they just work.
Contributor: Lady Smile Lady Smile
I noticed a little difference but that might be just wishful thinking.
Contributor: sexytileena / absolutely love sex sexytileena / absolutely love sex
I have noticed a little difference.
Contributor: ashboo32 ashboo32
little difference