What is the best G-spot vibrator?

What is the best G-spot vibrator?

cgartman1989 cgartman1989
I amm going to put it out there and say that I have never found my g spot. I mean I know where it is, but I hae never gottenn pleasure from it. Is there a toy that could help me?
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ImaGodiva ImaGodiva
My best go-to toy is the Jopen Vanity VR7, but I also like the Ina 2 and the Black Label Jack Rabbit. Several glass toys I have are great too.

But honestly, different toys work for different people. You need one that reaches it well, without overshooting it, and from there you need to figure out what type of stimulation works for you. Some people like vibrations, some like rotation, some like both. Some people prefer thrusting, either gentle thrusting with a toy that is rigid like a glass dildo, or maybe more vigorous thrusting with something that has more flexibility.

What worked for me to help me figure it all out was having my partner help, so I could just relax and feel the feelings. Try a firm silicone vibe with a G-spot curve, and have your partner (if possible) first find the spot, then try gentle thrusting without the vibration on. Sometimes the vibration can be overpowering and keep you from feeling what you need to feel to figure it out. When it works, your eyes will pop open and you'll say "OH!" (if you're like me), and my knees always start to shake when mine is stimulated just right. My first Aha! moment was during sex with my husband when we first started sleeping together - his penis fits me just right and rubs that spot, and I wasn't sure what THAT! was, but I sure liked it! Once I had that feeling, it was much easier to find it and do the right things to stimulate it. It might take patience and trial-and-error, but it's fun to practice anyway, and once you have that feeling you'll be glad you did!

I'm no expert, but that is my experience. There are probably articles on Sexis that will help, and hopefully you can find out what worked for other people too. Good luck!
Woman China Woman China
I found glass, wood or steel toys with large bulbous head work the best for me for direct pressure with stroking (which works the best for me). There is Serenity (glass), Pure Wand (steel), and Fling (wood). All of these have a largerish head and can apply firm pressure right where I need it.

For vibrators, my favourite is the vr6 because of the head (the clit arm sucks though), and Mona 2. Again, both of these have largerish heads as well. I find that when I apply pressure with gentle rocking motion do it every time for me. I've tried so many other vibrators but these are the two that I reach for. Another one you might want to consider is The Big Boss. I find because of his girth he applies pressure everywhere. I found that once I was able to orgasm with dildo's, vibrators then began to work better.
BigRed16 BigRed16
I had a hysterectomy four years ago and getting a orgasm sometimes is tough. Do I still have a g spot if I no longer have my cervix and uterus? And what toys do you recommend to help me with that
Mar 8, 3:16 am
Originally posted by cgartman1989
I amm going to put it out there and say that I have never found my g spot. I mean I know where it is, but I hae never gottenn pleasure from it. Is there a toy that could help me?
IME the G-SPot is best stimulated by pressure NOT vibration. A thumb is perfect (woman is face down and thumb inserted nail up) because the partner can then use a sawing motion that can keep going until she taps out. Because the G-Spot doesn't become hyper sensitive like the clit this stimulation can continue through dozens of massive G-Gasms.

As far as actual vibes go I would stick with something shaped and soft gel style. Although the G-Spot (and A-Spot) areas can be poked pretty hard it is hard to judge the proper pressure and not damage, injure or bruise the area.

Apr 15, 12:49 pm
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