Which rabbit for a newby?

Contributor: YoungGun YoungGun
I am in search of a dual action (clitoral/vaginal rabbit type) vibrator for my girlfriend for valentines but know nothing about them. I know the ones with the rotating beads have peaked her interest. Any advice much appreciated! Thanks!
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
Constructive discussions on Rabbit vibrators:

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Contributor: IndependentlyHappy IndependentlyHappy
This one? I own it and swear by it, it's a pretty color, and it has the rotating tracked pearls that you mentioned your girlfriend seems to like.

However, rabbit vibes tend to be notoriously body-specific: what works for one woman might not work for the next, so be warned. If you don't know much about vibes, be sure to check the specs (length, diameter, circumference) to make sure you don't order anything that is too large or too small. You should also read up on materials: I'd recommend buying a toy made of a body-friendly material that is relatively easy to clean and doesn't harbor germs, i.e. not "jelly" toys that may be difficult to clean, smell bad, and deteriorate quickly. If you do opt for one of these toys, be sure that you research the material beforehand so you know what you're getting and are an educated consumer.

Also, be sure to read the reviews on this site thoroughly before you decide on a product. Some toys may work well for only some people, but others are obvious bad eggs that don't work for ANYONE and can easily be picked out by the negative reviews. Hope I helped!
Contributor: catalunalilith catalunalilith
thanks for the help!