Which rabbit vibe to pick?

Contributor: Carrie90 Carrie90
Hi! I’m new to rabbit vibes and I want to find one that would fit me properly. I’ve used toys with internal and external stimulation (a combination of Lelo Liv + Lelo Mia 2 works for me, but it takes around 15 minutes for me to get there), but I would love to find one toy that does both (and preferably in a shorter time).

I’m looking for a silicone, rechargeable vibrator. I need one with STRONG clitoral vibrations (at least 4 vrooms) and not a huge shaft diameter (1,25-1,5” tops) and circumference (max 4,5”) with preferably strong (no less than 4 vrooms) internal vibrations (but they are not as important for me as clitoral ones). I’m not sure about the amount of pressure I require – I don’t want anything pressing too hard on clitoris and being painful, nor anything without any pressure at all. I don’t require thrusting, hands free toys would be fine, but that’s not very important for me. I’ve read before about measuring my clitoral-urethral distance and I’m in the middle – around 3 cm.

I like Lelo toys, so I was considering Lelo Ina 2, but got scared away with the pressure; Lelo Soraya, but got scared away with some comments about paint chipping off and now I’m considering a Jopen one, because I've heard they provide strong vibrations, but I’m not sure which one to pick… Or maybe I should go for a completely different brand? Does anyone have any suggestions? I’d be very, very grateful…
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Contributor: GingerAnn GingerAnn
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Contributor: edeneve edeneve
I love Vr10.5, a Jopen product. it's amazing. plus it's 40% off right now. I wrote a review on it if you're interested in reading it.

Contributor: Carrie90 Carrie90
Originally posted by edeneve
I love Vr10.5, a Jopen product. it's amazing. plus it's 40% off right now. I wrote a review on it if you're interested in reading it.

I've read your review and it is very useful. I was considering a Vr7 before, but it's slightly thicker from Vr10.5, so I wasn't sure... Vr10.5 sounds perfect for me, thank you so much!