Wittle wabbit waterproof strap-on – strap-on vibrator

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would this feel good for both men & women?
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Is this waterproof and multi speed, I am looking for one that is waterproof and multi-speed.

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I was looking at getting a new vibrator, but I noticed that this one said splashproof instead of waterproof. I'm assuming the difference is in its...

Wittle wabbit waterproof strap-on – strap-on vibrator
How is this one any better then the others?

Is it really Waterproof?
We used this in the shower and then ended up in the bed afterwards. The toy either wouldn't turn on or when it did come on it would shut off when the.

waterproof or non waterproof
waterproof or non waterproof?
Contributor: Girly Girl Girly Girl
no just for women it´s made for women ,, they also have a selection for men here and some of the toys are for both but you just have to see the reviews thanks have a nice day