Honey and oral sex

Honey and oral sex

passionate passionate
Hi all, have anyone used honey during oral sex for deep throating?
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GingerAnn GingerAnn
Constructive discussions on Oral sex enhancers:

Give your man oral sex every time before having sex?
For me no messin around with trying to get him hard when its faster to suck it.

Looking for Oral Sex tips!
What are some tips for oral sex?

Multiple Orgasms!?
Seems pretty self explanatory

Cumming on you?
I hate when my man pulls out and wants to cum somewhere on my body. I hate having to clean it off my skin, hate the texture on my skin, I simply do...

Have you used a masturbator for oral?
Just wondered if anyone else has tried this-thought I'd put it out there for those you that want to try something new My husband has one of those
Ansley Ansley
Interesting...I've heard of desensitizing sprays like Chloroseptic and such to kill the gag reflex but never honey.
edeneve edeneve
no I haven't. doesn't sound very good to me at all.
Rossie Rossie
I haven't tried honey either -- getting sticky honey all over the place -- no thanks!
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