Where to start

Where to start

Pnutbuttatoast Pnutbuttatoast
So secretly I've always wanted to try anal sex but I put it out of my mind when I learned of my girlfriend's view of it, the old "Exit only". Then she surprised me by saying that she was curious about anal sex and was thinking about getting a toy. I don't know much about anal sex besides what I would expect to be common sense: start small, go slow, and when she says stop/ouch you stop that second. Although I have never had anal sex I think I would enjoy it and probably want to do it more. I would like for her to enjoy it to so I would like some tips on how to help her not have a bad first try and maybe want to do it more.
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P'Gell P'Gell
There is a lot of preparation. You can't just "stick it in." It took My Man about a month or two to train me and teach me how to have anal sex with him.

There are dozens of pages on anal sex on the site, you will want to go through them, and read each one, and see if they answer your questions.

Here's a link to those link
Pnutbuttatoast Pnutbuttatoast
Thanks for the link, I've actually started looking at some of these and will continue to read.
AngelvMaynard AngelvMaynard
Lubricant, lubricant, lubricant! Go slow and warm up with a small toy. I use a small glass toy with lots of lubricant to warm up. There are also some desensitizing lubricants on the market, but that may affect your penis in a negative way. Don't rush the process and maybe start with fingers, toys etc... Move your way into insertion. I know for me, we tried it several years ago the wrong way and it took me years to even think about wanting to try again. Caution is always your best bet. Good Luck!!
P'Gell P'Gell
Lubricant is a necessity. But just as much is going slowly. My Man and I played anally with fingers (I didn't care for toys until after we had actually had full on anal intercourse, then I loved them)

I do need to warn people against any kind of numbing agent. Pain should NOT be part of an anal experience. If it hurts, you're doing it wrong, or going to fast or the recipient isn't relaxed enough.

When one dulls the perception of pain, say with a numbing creme, the person may not be able to know when something is wrong, and could get badly hurt without realizing it.

My Man trained me by first doing gentle finger movements on the outside of the anus. Then gentle penetration with lube. It was a month or so before we even tried a penis. We tried a toy, and I didn't like it at first. (But, some people do well with toys, every one is different.)

Take it slow.
Pnutbuttatoast Pnutbuttatoast
I plan on it. I want her to enjoy it as much I me. Starting with fingers is a good idea and we will probably put off getting a toy if/until she/we are used to that first then we will see. We still need to talk about it more I think before we start anything, I just wanted to start a little research myself and ask others that have had experience.
Sunshine14343 Sunshine14343
i was in the same position as your girlfriend at one time, and my boyfriend took the same steps as you are. personally, i didn't like the idea of using a finger to start out, so we purchased a small beginner toy link (product code in case the link doesn't work OR523895). as i got my comfort level higher, we progressed, and then the real deal was able to occur. it took a lot of time and patience on his end and mine, but without that it would not have been possible.
hope this helps =)
jessterinthebed jessterinthebed
I totally agree with p'gell pain is a warning alarm for your body. If it truly hurts don't do it. I started with my husband using one finger then two and then a beginner plug. It only took us 3 weeks to get to anal intercourse, but everybody is different. Don't forget to make sure no anal lube drips onto her girl bits. That makes for infections. Missionary is a good style to help avoid bacterial vaginosis.
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