Guide To Materials

Futurotic Plus

Also Known As
  • Cyberskin
  • New supersoft
  • Ultra realistic 3.0 (UR3)
  • Futurotic™
  • SoftSkins®
  • SoftTouch™
  • Pure skin
  • Realskin
Material safety  
  • Components
    Thermal plastic elastomer (mixture of PVC and silicone)
  • Properties
    Compounded to mimic real skin. The high molecular density of these materials allows them to be flexible and resilient.
  • Hygiene And Maintenance
    These materials are extremely porous, making it difficult to clean and easy for germs and dirt to hide. So protect them with a condom. Skin-like materials are extremely sensitive; they should be cleaned before and after every use with warm water and toy cleaner or antibacterial soap. These toys come dusted in a powdery material to maintain their unique texture, clean the toy thoroughly before first use. After each use, clean again and dust with a little cornstarch (not TALC which has been linked to cervical cancer) before storing to prevent the toy from becoming sticky. They should be stored individually in a dark, cool place. Store each toy separately in a plastic zip bag or thin sock because the porous surface can absorb dyes from other materials. These materials are also very incompatible with many substances. Contact with silicone-based lubricants, oil or petroleum based products will cause damages to the surface of the toy. Use only water based lubricants.
  • Lubricants
    Water based