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Ceramic material is made by heating selected and refined clay in the form of kaolinite to high temperatures. The raw materials for ceramic, when mixed with water, form a plastic body and worked to a required shape before firing in a kiln at temperatures between 1200 and 1400 degrees Celsius.


Properties associated with ceramic include high strength, hardness, high durability, high resistance to thermal shock, so you can warm it or cool it according to your preferences. Ceramic used in the sex toy manufacturing is vitrified to make it non-porous.
Hygiene And Maintenance

Hygiene And Maintenance

Clean your ceramic sex toys with warm soapy water after each use then rinse it thoroughly and dry it. Keep it in the storage pouch. You can apply the same cleaning methods to your ceramic toys as you would to ceramic tableware - however do not apply or use rough, abrasive or metallic scrubbers.


Silicone, water



Ceramic wand

Ceramic wand

In alphabetical order
Acetate Fence net Opulux Senso Plus
Acrylic Fishnet PassionSkin Sil-a-Gel
Agate Foam Patent leather Silicone
Aluminum Food grade PVC Phthalate Free PVC Silk
Aluminum alloy Futurotic Plastic SoftSkins
AquaGel Futurotic Plus PleasureSkin SoftTouch
Aventurine Industrial net Plush Spandex
Better-Than-Real Intramed Polished steel Sponge
Borosilicate glass Jel-Lee Poly-melt Stainless steel
Brocade Jelly Polyamid Sterling silver
Ceramic Lace Polyester Stone
Chiffon Lacquer cote Polyethylene Suede
Chrome alloy Lambskin Polyurethane Superskin
Cotton Latex Private Touch Techno-skin
Crystalessence Leather PU coated plastic Tempered glass
Cyberglass Loveclone RX Pure skin TPE
CyberSilicone Lucite Pvc TPR
Cyberskin Lycra Pyrex glass TPR Silicone
Diamond net Mesh Rabbit fur Trueskin
E-glass Metal Realskin Ultra realistic 3.0 (UR3)
Elaspan Microfiber Rubber Velvet
Elastomed Neoprene Rubber cote Velvet cote
Elastomer New supersoft Sandstone Vinyl
Fake fur Non-Latex Satin Vinyl rubber
Faux fur Non-porous TPR Semi-precious stone VixSkin
Faux-leather Nylon SensaFirm Wood
Feather O2 Senso WTP