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Bachelorette party box review

The Bachelorette Party in a Box is a fantastic deal for the party planner on the go. It’s chock full of decorations and last-minute things you don’t always remember to put on your to-do list.
A big collection of novelty party goods, great for those with limited time to plan or shop.
Not quite everything you need, some of it in questionable taste.
Rating by reviewer:
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The Bachelorette Party in a Box is a fantastic deal for the party planner on the go. It’s chock full of decorations and last-minute things you don’t always remember to put on your to-do list.

When I received my box the night before the party, I was amazed at just how much stuff really is in here. The packaging brags about having over 100 items, and it’s not kidding. That’s not to say all of it is good, or even tasteful, but that’s the point! It’s all about embarrassing the hell out of our bride-to-be and having a fantastic time doing it!

The biggest hit was the “Pin the Macho on the Man” game. Just be ready to spend about forty-five minutes cutting out cartoon dicks. Some of them are funny, others are a little gross and one just pissed me off. It was a tiny naked woman riding a bone, with the poem: “Give this to (insert name) Who’s for women’s lib even though she evolved from a Macho Mans rib”, which reminds me – whoever designed many of the materials in this box had serious issues with apostrophe use. I ended up tearing that little cartoon dick up and refusing to use it. There were plenty of others to play with, most with funny or gross little poems attached.

The only items I decided not to use were the tablecloth, and the treat bags – they were incredibly cheap and looked like they were trapped in the 80s, and not in any sort of a retro way. The ice-cube tray was a fun idea, albeit a short and stubby one. These little guys had no shafts to speak of, and it was hard to tell what they were. I ended up ordering another ice-cube tray that I liked much better. I started making dickie-cubes about three days out, emptying them into a plastic container in the freezer. They were a great, funny addition to our favorite drinks. Most of my drink and game ideas came from The Best Bachelorette Party Book. It’s not included, but it was a life-saver for a first-time bachelorette party host like me, with game ideas, drink recipes and such.

All in all, this is a great option for the party planner with a very busy schedule. I’m not certain if I would buy this for my next bachelorette party – it really depends on your bachelorette, guest list and the type of party you want to go for. We had a variety of gender-preferences at ours, and the girls who like girls luckily found this more funny than off-putting. One of our more conservative guests was a little uncomfortable with all the dicks, and she high-tailed it out of here as soon as we started talking about going to a local male review. With this group in mind, if I had it to do again, I would probably pick and choose which pieces to use, instead of covering the room in dicks like we did.
Follow-up commentary
This was such a huge set that I just couldn't capture it all in one review! We had a great party, and our bachelorette was firmly embarassed! We got her to turn some truly fantastic hues of red with the gifts, and the surprise gag gift included in this set got the best response! The pictures I saw online led me to believe that we would be hanging a dickie whistle around her neck, but it was much, much better!

As I pulled item after item out of the box I heard something sliding around on the bottom. It sounded a little like a dog's chain collar. It was a collar... of a sort! When our bachelorette opened up her package we could see her face quirk with surprise. She lifted her hand from the gift bag, a faux leather strap looped over the very tip. Half the room burst into delighted laughter. The over half cocked their heads in curiousity.

"But I don't have a kitten..." our bachelorette stated cautiously, looking at the laughing faces around her.

"That's not for you... it's to keep him in line!" Her sister exclaimed.

Our bachelorette's mouth fell slack. Her eyes grew wider as her face bloomed. The dangling leash fell from her hand and a short sqeak of surprise escaped her lips.

We pulled that sort of thing on her all night! Poor girl! 
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