Heart's Desire massage game - adult game by Classic Erotica - review by ImaGodiva

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Don't Squeeze Neck Too Tightly!

I think this game is worth buying. It was nice to have something different to look forward to and to get us in the mood. I like that it is all contained in one bottle and is simple to use.
Fun, can be a long or short game
Tasty & smells good
A simple, easy game that's fun and sexy
Not necessarily edible
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Purpose / Audience

This cute little game is good for anyone looking for something different to do as foreplay, for relaxation and/or to "get in the mood." It's not a true massage oil and wouldn't be recommended for just a massage session - there are other much better massage oils out there. For what it's intended for, a sexy playful "date" with your lover, I think it's great!
    • Couples
    • Exploration
    • Good for foreplay

Rules / Content

The "game" consists of a small bottle of pink cotton-candy-flavored fluid, with two small plastic dice inside, and a heart-shaped tag that is attached to the top under the lid by a stretchy string. The bottle is plastic and looks kind of cheap - for the price, it would be nice if it were a pretty glass bottle. It has a black round screw-on lid that doesn't appear to let any leakage out, no matter how hard I squeeze the bottle. It came from Edenfantasys in a plastic bag, and there was no leakage inside nor outside the bag.

The fluid is a like a very light glycerin-based lubricant, not an oil. The ingredients are:

Water [Eau]
Glycerin (a viscous liquid used as a lubricant)
Propanediol (a skin moisturizer)
Carrageenan (a thickening agent derived from seaweed)
Sodium Hyaluronate (another thickener, also helps moisturize skin)
Sodium Saccharin (an artificial sweetener)
Citric Acid (a preservative)
Sodium Benzoate (another preservative)
Potassium Sorbate (another preservative...wow this company sure knows how often parents like me get a chance to spend 3 hours using a massage game! This stuff should last forever!)
Flavor [Aroma],
Red 33 [Cl 17200] (an artificial colorant, FDA approved for use in cosmetics but not in food)
Red 40 (Cl16035) (another artifical colorant, FDA approved for use in food)

Some of these ingredients aren't necessarily approved as safe to use in ingestible products, so if you're concerned about that kind of thing, do some research. And please, don't drink the whole bottle, no matter how much you love cotton candy. The back of the tag says "Should irritation occur, discontinue use. Designed for adult use. Keep out of reach of children. For external use only. Made in USA, Paraben-free, no animal testing." It is interesting that the label says it's not for eating, but the manufacturer's website clearly says in several different ways that this is a lickable, tasty product. So use your best judgment.

There are 4 ounces of fluid inside the jar. It has a very sweet smell, a little bit like cotton candy but with a slightly chemical undertone. When I first smelled it I thought, "Yum!" but that quickly turned to "Ew, what's that in my cotton candy??" When applied to the body, the smell lightens up a lot and becomes a pleasant cotton candy smell. The taste, should you choose to ignore the label's warning, is okay, lightly sweet but has a little bit of a bitter saccharin aftertaste. The only other cotton-candy-flavored product I've tried is the Crazy Girl Oral Sex Gel, and although it is also sweetened with saccharin, the bitter aftertaste doesn't seem as strong and I prefer its flavor over this product's.

The liquid is quite thin, and you can massage with it, but it requires frequent re-application in order to stay slippery. It is not as slippery as a good lube or a massage oil. I think the main selling point for this liquid is that it is flavored and lickable. I found it quite nice for that purpose, and the flavor lasts long after the liquid is dry. As it dries it leaves your skin slightly softer, but not as much as a moisturizer would. It doesn't get sticky, which is nice. It dries to a very thin, slightly shiny, flavored film, not noticeable by sight or touch unless you know it's there. There is a sweet candy smell that stays around for quite awhile after it dries, and I think it's a pleasant smell. It's not so strong that other people would notice it unless you had slathered it over large areas. This is something that you could use to apply to your body after a shower, when you want to taste yummy later for your partner.

It wouldn't be very effective as a lubricant. The liquid isn't very slippery to begin with, and doesn't last very long. Also, those who are glycerin-sensitive will want to keep it out of their vagina.
    • Can make your own rules
    • Comes with clear instructions
    • Easy to play


The dice inside the liquid are about 3/8" in size, and are red with white lettering. It is easy to read them through the bottle and the liquid.

One says:

The other says:

You shake the bottle, then perform what the dice tell you, i.e. "Massage Thigh" or "Kiss Ear". These can make for some interesting combinations to keep you and your partner busy for quite awhile. I think this game is really great as a foreplay/relaxation/get-into-the-mood activity. It's nice that the dice are inside the bottle, so you don't have to go rooting around in your nightstand drawer for that one dice that is missing. The bottle has a little plastic insert in the top, with a very small opening, so the dice can't escape. You squeeze the bottle gently to get the fluid to drip/squirt (depending on your pressure) out.

On the tag are some very simple (somewhat unnecessary) instructions:

It's a fun game, I really enjoyed it and it does get you in the mood for more. I love cotton candy and this tastes close enough that I like it. It's a nice break from weird fruit flavored lubes.

There were a couple of worrisome combinations that came from the dice. For instance:

Massage Lips. Hmmm. Well, get creative, use your tongue or something. Not too disturbing.


!!! Make sure you have a safe word (preferably in sign language) worked out before trying this one! I really can't think of a way that "Squeeze Neck" could be a pleasurable experience, but to each his/her own. When I (or more importantly, my partner) get this one, I consider it "Roll Again" and re-roll.


I guess it's like a Magic-8 ball, and when you ask it what to do after you "Squeeze Neck" too hard or too long, this is what it advises you to do. "??" Hmmm. You're on your own on that one.
    • Fun
    • Messy
Follow-up commentary
It's still fun when we're in the mood for something different. The liquid lasts a long time, probably at least 15 uses, give or take a few depending on how much you use.
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