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Sweet and Sassy

The oil lasts a long time, and this bottle should last you quite a while, even if played for a long amount of time. The good thing about the game is that you don't have to use the massage oil if you don't want to. If you land on Massage, you can just give a massage to your partner without using the oil. You can also make up your own rules like we did. We really like the game where we used a blindfold; it made things so much sexier.
Nice flavor, easy to play, fun.
Maybe just a little more oil to spread better into the skin.
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Purpose / Audience

This massage game is perfect for couples. It provides a nice, tasty treat while having fun with a partner. The use of this massage game is best used with another person unless you just want to use the massage oil for your own body.

It gives a new found pleasure to most sex games. There is no cheating in this game, because once you shake the bottle the dice fall where they may. This massage game is useful for any gender because it is not a gender specific game.

If you are looking for a great item for foreplay and maybe to spice things up with your significant other, this game will delight you.

The massage oil is a very lightweight and thin oil. The consistency is almost identical to water. There is a faint amount of oil, but this product is mainly water so it shouldn't stain up the bed sheets or linens. If you are worried about this happening, put a towel or other older blanket underneath so it doesn't have the potential to ruin anything. It absorbed into the skin great and there was no oily residue left over. Once it was absorbed, it was like there was nothing on the skin. I couldn't tell where the oil was placed. Some people will love this.

When I give a massage, I like to have a bit of an oily feel so my hands slide better around the skin. It also allows me to get deeper into the muscles. This really serves better as an edible massage oil because of how runny it is.

The bottle is 4 fl. oz. It comes very full. None was missing out of my bottle; it was filled to the top.
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Rules / Content

This lickable massage oil is in a clear, plastic bottle. The bottle is 4" tall and 3" in diameter. The total circumference of the bottle is 7.5 ". The massage oil has a pink tint to it. Inside the bottle are the two dice. These dice are not the size of a normal dice that would be with a card game; they look to be just shy of 1/2". These are a lot smaller than regular sized dice.

The top to the bottle is a black, rounded cap that is 4 1/4" in circumference. The bottle top screws on and off. It has a tight fit and is extremely easy to open. I do tighten the bottle a bit more, just so that it won't have the chance to leak if mistakenly knocked over. I did test it out with leaving it tilted over for a long amount of time, and it never leaked.

Under this cap is a safety stopper cap, which is plastic, and it fills the top of the full cap. It has a small circle in the middle which only allows a small amount to escape out when the bottle is turned upside down. This is a nice safety feature that works well so the bottle doesn't get wasted by an accidental spill. Once the bottle is tilted over into the palm of my hand, one perfect drop comes out; to have another, you must tilt the bottle again.

The rules to this game are that you and your partner can take a turn each at shaking the bottle of the cotton candy massage oil. Once you shake the bottle, just place it on a flat surface, or one that is stable where the bottle won't tilt or fall over. You want to keep the dice in the same position as when you placed it down.

Once you shake the bottle and then let the dice settle, you must do what the dice say to do to your partner. The options on the first dice are Kiss, Squeeze, Massage, Tickle, Caress and a ?. The options on the second dice are lips, thigh, ear, breast, neck and ?.

For an example that my partner could do, let's say that he shook the bottle and his dice landed on massage and neck. He would then rub a little of the cotton candy flavored massage oil onto my neck and proceed to give me a neck massage with the flavored massage oil. It's all right if he decides to kiss my neck lightly with the oil, because this is a flavored oil and it's made for tasting and licking.

For another example, let's say that I shake the bottle and I get ? and breast. I would decide what I wanted to do to my lover's breast and then do it. I could decide to pinch, twist, or suck his breast lightly. In his case, it would be his nipples.

This is a fun game, and it could create quite the atmosphere for a great foreplay beginning to a wonderful, sexual night.

This is a game that is not played to win. There is no winner or loser, because you both are winners and you get to enjoy a pleasing night for each of you. You will both be the winner because each individual gets special attention to special parts of the body. This ends up being a win win situation.

Be sure to test this product on skin before use, in a small area, just to be sure that you don't have an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients used.

The taste of this lickable massage oil tastes distinctively like cotton candy. I can't taste anything else when I've licked it. It has a strong sweet taste, if you taste a full drop. If you place a drop on the skin and rub it in and then lick it, it tastes more pleasant. I actually like the taste and so does my partner.

The lickable massage oil does contain glycerin. Be mindful if using this around the vaginal area. Glycerin has some properties that can cause irritation and infections in that area to some individuals.
    • Can make your own rules
    • Easy to play
    • Quick game


I really like the concept of this game. It's super easy to play, and it's a game with a massage oil all in one bottle. You can't lose the dice because they are on the inside, and there is no way for them to come out. This is a wonderful quality when you don't have to worry about going on the hunt for missing game pieces.

You can use the lickable massage oil on its own. If you didn't feel like playing the game but you still wanted a massage, just have your partner place a few drops on the area that you wanted a massage.

The bottle arrives with an elastic string around the neck of the bottle, with an open heart card with lace designs on the top and bottom of the card, and instructions on the inside, ingredients on the other side, and cautions and company information on the back. The bottle has a rounded edge design which reminds me of one of my expensive perfume bottles.

This would be ideal for travel, because the bottle is not heavy and it doesn't leak. I tested this by holding the bottle upside down and shaking it up and down. Nothing came out of the bottle when I did this.

The front of the tag says "Hearts Desire Play Together, Lickable Foreplay Massage Game, Cotton Candy Flavor."

Once you open up the heart card, it has the instruction on how to play the game:

How To Play
Shake the bottle and let the dice reveal....
A sweet spot of the body to stimulate....
and a sexy task to perform!

Take turns massaging & let the dice lead to your Heart's Desire.

The back inside reads:

Add a little play to your massage!
A seductive sweet formula that glides on smooth for a sensual & tasty massage adventure.

It also states the ingredients under this information.

The back reads:
Should irritation occur, discontinue use. Designed for adult use. Keep out of the reach of children. For external use only. Made in USA, Paraben- Free, No Animal Testing.

At the bottom, there is a company address and a bar code.
    • Attractive design
    • Travel friendly

Personal comments

If you are looking for something new and enticing for your love life, or to just have a fun night with your partner, this may be something that brings you two closer. I never would have imagined that it would be as fun as it was. I received kisses, massages, caresses, and tickles among other things. Some had me laughing and some had me really turned on.

For the price of this massage game, you can't go wrong. At 11.99, this price is worth it for me to be able to have a fun experience with a special someone. We played this game on a weeknight in our bedroom. It's a quiet game that you can play without bothering anyone else, and it's very discreet as there is nothing that makes noises, and no dice to roll that can be noisy.


I haven't had this much fun, while playing this game, in years. My partner was never really into sex games, but once I got him into the game, he really liked it. It had him very curious as to what he was going to be able to do to me next.

I actually introduced a blindfold into one of the games that we played, which made it a bit more mysterious. For our game with the blindfold, he began to shake the bottle, and then he placed it down on the table; once he placed it down and read the bottle, I placed the blindfold over my eyes. I didn't know where he was going or what he was going to do to me. It made this game so interesting, and I couldn't stop playing it. The different combinations were so hilarious and sexy at the same time. This massage game brought a new meaning to our foreplay. Who knew that a bottle of massage oil with dice on the inside could make us have such a wonderful time!

I would like to see other games for couples in the future that are similar in style. The function and ease of use make this game one that we can enjoy frequently, and also take on trips and use discreetly in hotel rooms.
Follow-up commentary
This massage oil is very thin, but the game is fun. We have used it several times and have a great time when we play it. It's definitely something for foreplay!
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