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Fun Foreplay!

I think this was a fun game, and I was really happy that both my boyfriend and I enjoyed it! I liked the different cards, and the whole thing felt like drawn out foreplay, so by the end of the game you're dying to rip each others clothes off. There were a few things I thought could be fixed about the game, but nothing important enough to keep me from wanting to play it.
Fun game, enough cards to play a few times without getting bored.
Geared towards heterosexual monogamous couples, some of the cards were similar.
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So without giving too much away, here is how the game works: the board has footprints that go around in a circle and lead to a bed. The footprints are 3 different colors (red, yellow, and orange) which correspond with the color of the cards. The card categories are Yellow=Body Language, Red=Sensuality, and Orange=Romance. Sorry if there isn't enough detail about the cards, for me I felt that part of the most exciting aspect of this game was seeing what else the cards would say, and I wouldn't want to take that away from anyone, so I'll say as much as I can without doing that. Feel free to message me if you need to know more specifics.

The body language cards are all about touching each other and without using words letting your partner know what you want, and trying to be really in tune with how your bodies react to be touched certain places (like where you like to be massaged on your back the best). For sensuality is about kind of setting the mood and kind of expressing to each other how you feel about one another. The romance cards are for the most part telling each other how you feel, remembering the best date you had, stuff like that. Some of the cards in each category say that if you accomplish what the card is telling you, or if your partner enjoyed whatever you were told to do, you get to earn a "Love Making Card." Throughout the game you get to pick up several Love Making Cards, which come in 5 different colors (but stacked together you are unable to see the card color until you pick it). The idea is every time you pick up a Love Making Card, you put it on the bed that is drawn on the board (which works as the "End" space) To finish the game you also need to have a Love Making Card of each color, and if while playing you get 2 of the same color, you and your partner have to chose the one you like best and put the other one back. At the end of the game you get to act out all of the Love Making Cards.

With all that said, I have noticed certain drawbacks about this game. This game is definitely geared towards monogamous heterosexual couples; the "Love Making Cards" all depict a man and a woman, so this unfortunately probably isn't the right game for gay and lesbian couples. Also, a lot of the Romance, Body Language, and Sensuality cards, have some overlapping, so if you get one card, and then another just like it, we would skip the 2nd card because we had just done something similar (although on the other hand, I got several massages as a result of this, so it isn't necessarily a bad thing). A few of the cards also asked for things that weren't available when I played, such as putting on music, or getting a bottle of champagne, but it's easy enough to skip those cards and move on. Lastly, my only other issue with this game was that some of the love making cards required modification to actually achieve. One required being able to use a piece of furniture that I didn't have available, and some of the positions seemed a bit "advanced" (I suppose this would be the right word to use), in the sense that they required a certain level of flexibility (this is only some of the cards, not all), but keep that in mind if that is a concern for anyone, and one of the positions was sex standing up, and if anyone has a problem with a large height difference between you and your partner, that one is a bit tricky to maneuver. Also, the box for the game is not at all subtle, it says "Lust!" in big red letters all over the box, so anyone who needs to keep things tucked away for privacy, keep that in mind as well (although the box isn't very large, so I found plenty of places to hide it).

I hope this explains enough, let me know if you have any other questions I missed and I'll be happy to answer!
This game was a lot of fun, but hard to get through the whole game, simply because after a few turns you want to skip the rest of the game and rip each others clothes off already. Although, when I purchased this game it came without game pawns (to put on the board) and without dice (they seemed to just be missing from this particular set as an accident), the cards were there, and that was the important part. You could actually play without the board entirely if you wanted to and just take turns picking cards.

I really enjoyed this game, and I loved that my boyfriend liked it too (although about midway through the game he started cheating so we could finish the game sooner because I told him we needed to finish playing first). Actually that was the second time we played; the first time I think we only rolled the dice a few times before we skipped to the end. It's a good game, and it's nice that a lot of the cards require the couple to tell each other how they feel because I think in some relationships that isn't said enough. It also has enough cards that you can play a few times before it gets repetitious.
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