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Can I Hold your Face?

Lust! has over 30,000 different end game possibilities! The point of the game is to collect cards along the way and create a fantasy that you and your partner will play out at the end of the game. Some of the cards along the way are a bit cheesy, but there are plenty of other cards to make up for it.
Lots of cards, Well made, Potential to find new fantasys
Some cards are lame, Takes a long time, A lot are similar
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Purpose / Audience

"Lust! is a game for lovers that allows you to romantically explore your sexual fantasies."

This game is no where near as great as my favorite couples game Pleasure Island, but it has a lot of potential to be a favorite for the right audience. While Pleasure Island is better for younger couples, Lust! is probably better for couple who have either been together a long time, are in love, or are older. I say this because a lot of the activities during this game have to do with romance, love, appreciation, and gratitude. That sounds great to express to your partner right? Unfortunately, these are things that shouldn't be forced and in this game they sometimes come off as corny, awkward, or even creepy. You'll see what I mean when you get to my personal comments section.

I can recommend this game to couple who are wanting to spice up their sex life or reconnect on a romantic level. This game has a lot to do with communication, compromise, and exploration. Even with the less than desirable cards, there are still a lot of good cards left over. The best things about this game is that you don't have to follow the rules if you don't want to. You can use the cards to make up your own game.
    • Couples
    • Exploration
    • Good for foreplay

Rules / Content


-Game board
-20 Romance cards
-20 Sensuality cards
-20 Body language cards
-40 Love making cards
-2 game pawns
-A die
-Game instructions

Objective: The object of the game is to build an ultimate sexual fantasy with your lover for the two of you to act out at the end of the game.

Setup: Thankfully, there is not a lot of setup to this game. You have to separate the cards into their four different decks: Romance, Sensuality, Body language, and Love making. Shuffle each of the decks and place them face down around the game board. Pick which pawn each of you will be and place them on the first set of feet at the bottom of the game board.


The first player rolls the dice and moves that many "feet spaces". The feet are colored yellow, orange, and red to match the colors of the Sensuality (red), Body Language (yellow) and Romance (orange) cards. You then pick a corresponding card off the top of its deck pile. have your partner read it to you. Then you perform what is on that card. If the card then states that you earn a love making card (the ones with the hearts on them) you take the top card off that pile too. You and your lover look at the card and decide if it is something you both would like to do at the end of the game. Again, the goal is to create the ultimate sexual fantasy to perform after the game is over. If the card is something you like, you place it on the bed of the game board.

Play continues back and forth. As you collect different love making cards you will notice that they each have different colors around the outsides: red, orange, yellow, white, and blue. The colors correspond to hotness of the action like metal heat does. So red is the "coolest" and white is the "hottest". As you build your fantasy, you can only keep one card from each color. So if you pick a card with the same color as one you have already chosen, you need to decide which you like more and only keep one.

If you land on the Smooch space in front of the fire place, you kiss your partner and play continues

When you finally reach the bed space, it is now time to play out the fantasy you both built together. This can only occur if you have a card from each color. If not, return to start and play until you do have the missing colors.
    • Can make your own rules
    • Comes with clear instructions
    • Takes a long time


While the graphics for this game are sub par, the construction is great. the game board is very sturdy and a good size. The picture I have here is of an end table. You won't need a huge coffee table to have enough room to play this game on. The cards are also good quality, as well as the pawns and dice. It all folds away neatly in the small silver box. The box is half the size of a Monopoly box so it can be stored easily. It might even fit in a bedside table. It is semi-discreet in that it doesn't have graphic images, but it does say LUST! in big red letters. I believe it would make a decent gift for a couple.

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    • Sturdy game board
    • Travel friendly

Personal comments

Here are some examples of what is on each type of card. I included "good" cards and "bad" cards that are a bit awkward or corny:

Red Sensuality cards:
-Think of the naughtiest thing you and your partner have done. Whisper it in their ear and let them know how badly you want to do it again.
-Explore your partners body. Start with kissing their lips and neck and end up at a place you know they wish you gave more attention to.
- (corny!)
-Hold you hand over your partner's heart beat. As you hold them, see if their heartbeat increases (really?).
-Hold your partner's head and explore the facial features you adore so much (Seriously, don't touch my face-my boyfriends reaction!).

Yellow Body Language cards:
-The game is heating up. have your partner give you a sampling of what you can expect later.
-Kiss your lover in a way that you know drives them wild.
-With your eyes closed, explore your partner's facial features, then let them guide your hands elsewhere (Seriously, leave my face alone...)

Orange Romance cards:
-Pretend that you are Romeo and Juliet and act out how you would embrace each other when reunited.
-Explain to your lover why you are with them over anyone else.
-Kiss your lover as sweetly on the lips as you can and then move south to where your lover desires it most.

Making Love Cards:

Red: Costumes, Body Toppings, Light S&M, Shower, Spanking
Orange: Oral in a chair, 69, Hand job, Finger penetration
Yellow: Standing sex, Against a wall
Blue: Woman on top, Doggie style, Sideways straddle
White: Man on top, Kama Sutra style positions

As you can see, the levels are a bit messed up. Why man on top is in the same card category as Kama Sutra, I have no clue. A lot of the cards are sexual positions that have made up names. The Love Making cards are actually much like these Sex Position Cards. You can use these alone to make your own game.


My partner and I love games like this, so I decided to buy this for our x-mas vacation a year and a half ago. We played it a few times when we got it and have not played it since. This is because, compared to our other games, it's not as fun. We found some of the cards to be silly and embarrassing to perform. We just enacted a rule that you could have 3 skips per game. My partner didn't like that you had to wait til the end of the game to perform the parts of the fantasy. I guess you could say that he got a little impatient. I do recommend this game, just not to couple like us. It's better for couple who are older (perhaps 30-40), and have been together a lot longer. We did have fun though, and it was worth the buy for the price.
Follow-up commentary
I can't say this is a game we play often, or have even played in quite a while. It still was worth the money we paid for it to play it the amount of times that we did and we have used the cards for other games that we have made up. I do recommend it, but for a more vanilla, perhaps older couple.
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