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The Gummy Peckers definitely get the point across - they taste like little gummy treats that look obviously like peckers. For a regular snack, I'd skip it, but for a neat addition to a bachlorette party, it's a good idea.
Sugary, look like penises, nice fruity taste
No expiration date listed, a little hard, different than product picture
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I was a bit split on whether to write this review or not. I mean, they're just little gummy treats. However, I guess people write reviews on restaurants and food, so I guess it makes a bit of sense.

The Gummy Peckers are basically little gummy snacks. The boyfriend compares them to Sour Patch Kids without actually being sour. They basically just taste like any gummy snack out there. The little box seems to come with about twenty-five of them (by my estimation.) The box weighs 5.3oz, so whatever that is in "gummy" is how many there are. The manufacturer of this edible treat is Pipedream Products.

The packaging is a little less than what I was expecting. While I wasn't expecting gourmet or anything, this is a box with "Gummy Peckers" written on the outside with cutout of a penis on the box that lets you see the little gummy peckers inside. The gummy peckers are packaged in a plastic bag that has an easy-tear line through the middle. The plastic bag seems to be completely sealed and looks fine. I'm a bit concerned about the fact that this box is lacking in an expiration date though - that just annoys me. I'm totally a weirdo for expiration dates, and I'm afraid of eating anything that doesn't contain one. I checked the package, the outside of the box, everything. No expiration date.

The Nutrition Facts for the Gummy Peckers: Serving Size: 5 Pieces, Servings Per Container:5. Calories 102. Sodium 20 mg. Total Carbs:22g. Sugars:15g. Protein:1g.

Ingredients: Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Modified Corn Starch, Citric Acid, Artificial Flavors, Gelatin, Carnauba Wax, and Artificial Colors (including Blue 1, Red 40, Yellow 5 & 6).

The product itself does differ a bit from the product picture. The product picture shows completely smooth, gummy peckers. Each pecker in the picture shows a bit of texture on the front side that makes it look more like a pecker with a pronounced head and a bit of texture near the balls. It also shows the peckers in green, yellow, and orange. I think Pipedream Products must have changed the formula. Now the peckers come in red, green, and yellow, are completely lacking in any sort of detail on the surface, and while they are gummy, the outer layer of the gummys is all covered in sugar.

So how do they taste - that's what you want to know of course. Well, they were a bit hard. I'm not sure if this is because they were in the warehouse for awhile or because they just start off this way, but they were a bit harder than what I normally expect from my gummy treats. For that reason, I chose to eat just a little bit of each treat at a time.

From there, the boyfriend and I are split. They taste ok - nothing amazing, but they aren't gross either. They are pretty sugary, and honestly, it would take awhile to eat the entire box (I wouldn't eat more than 10 at a time - they're just really sweet.) But the taste really does differ depending on which pecker you end up eating. Some of them are more flexible and soft than others, and some just have an odd taste. It ends up being kinda odd, and they don't taste as "fresh" nor as soft as the little sugar-like gummies you'd pick up at the local grocery store. However, they do taste a bit like fruit, so the red ones are cherry, the green ones are lime-ish, and the yellows taste a bit like lemon. Basically, if you imagine those little fruit slices that are sugary and gummy, that's about what these taste like - just not as soft.

There really is no "storage" with this item. The bag is not resealable, so if you want to keep the gummy peckers for later consumption, you will have to put them in a resealable plastic baggie. (sandwich baggie)

So are they neat? Yeah. Will they get the point across for a party or gathering? Yeah, they will. If these were actual little treats, would I purchase them again? Probably not. There's just other treats that end up tasting a lot better than these do. But for a bachlorette party, they taste good enough that your guests will probably end them all and giggle about it too.
Follow-up commentary
After we did the review of them, we let them sit out for a week. After a couple days, they were unedible due to having gotten hard, so if you want to keep these for later, make sure (like any food) you package them in a plastic baggie or something. I highly recommend just eating them in one sitting. We weren't very fond of the taste of these, so we didn't end up eating the rest of them.
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  • Envy
    I am a sucker for gummies, but if they're hard I think it means they've been sitting a while. And no expiration date? That's really odd. Great review though.
  • namelesschaos
    Good review. No expiration date? I'm a nutrition major so I don't think I could ever serve anything that didn't have an expiration date on it on principle.
  • ToyGeek
    My interest in a product called Gummy Peckers is virtually nil, but they contain glucose syrup instead of high fructose corn syrup? I'm suddenly much more interested. It's impossible to find corn-syrup-free gummy candy these days without driving to Canada.
  • Kayla
    @ToyGeek - I didn't know that. I honestly don't know much about nutrition, but that's neat to know. I have a feeling these would be much more tasty if they weren't so hard - so if they were fresher.
  • evanovca
    interesting, thanks for that tidbit ToyGeek!
  • Red Vinyl Kitty
    Ugh. The hardness and lack of an expiration date squick me out a bit. Very helpful review though.
  • liilii080
    At least they tasted ok! Thanks for the review and follow up!
  • big b
  • bayosgirl
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