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by Jimmyjane

Please Don't Spin Me

The Spin Me game has great presentation, and while it looks like an exciting gift, it doesn't have enough variety to make it a fun game to play more than once - or even through a full game just once.
Gorgeous bottle, great presentation
Only seven chits, chits are R in nature
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The "Spin me" adult game by JimmyJane is an adult version of "Spin the Bottle". It basically puts a really classy twist on the game that you played while you were younger. (Maybe you did. I never played it.) The set comes with a bottle as well as seven different slips of paper that describe what to do (called "chits" by the instructions). The bottle seems to be a ceramic bottle shaped like a nice elongated glass bottle. The game is intended for two players but it can be played with more.

The bottle itself comes in a cardboard tube. The tube shows a picture of the bottle on the outside with the instructions on the inside. Since it's just a cardboard tube (with a lid that easily comes off), it doesn't work well for securing the bottle inside of the tube, but it does work okay to keep the bottle from tipping over accidentally.

Ceramic does end up being heavier than the regular glass that most bottles are made from. This makes it feel much more high-quality than a regular beer bottle. The bottle could be broken if you dropped it on a hard surface, so I'd avoid that. The bottle itself has been painted white (along with the cork for it), so it basically all looks like a classy game.

The chits are a bit disappointing as well. Each little chit (which there are seven) has a title, a short sentences, and of course, the JimmyJane website printed in huge letters on each one. (On the text side no less. Not even on the back.) Each chit is pink on the text side, and on the back it says "Take Me Home" and "JimmyJane". Each one of the chits is about eight inches long and 1/3 of an inch wide. This awkward sizing makes it a bit hard to make your own chits and have them sit out with these. Plus, the chits seem to be made of a thin cardboard that keeps them from falling into the bottle.

The instructions are simple and just like Spin the Bottle. You just sit in a circle and spin the bottle until it lands on someone. Whoever it lands on draws one of the chits. The player then does what is on the chit. There is no way to win or lose and the game ends when the players get bored or want to move onto something else.

Something odd about the game. The other (sole) reviewer of this product, as of last year, said there were ten chits. This year, I only have seven. This severely disappoints me. Ten chits was horrible enough, but to be downgraded more? That's just ridiculous. The chits themselves aren't amazingly creative, but they work. Most are better than stuff I'd come up with myself which is a plus. I'd easily classify all of these chits as barely R. Most of them really go as far as you *want* them to. For example, one says to hang in the closet for 5 minutes. This means you could have a quickie or just talk. Another says to press your body fully into your partner for a full minute. That's it. Another says to start a pillow fight. As a note, the chits that are included required a closet, clothing, and some pillows. Nothing you couldn't find around a house.

Really, the chits, while creative, aren't amazingly adult. Most of these things are things I could see teenagers daring each other - which works great for foreplay or a group game. For this reason, I'd recommend you play this as a group instead of just with the two of you - the two of you will probably expect more from your game, but this is tame enough to be played in a group without a problem.

However, the biggest problem with this is the lack of chits. That's a huge problem. For the price (which equals a six pack of beer for the bottle and enough paper to right over 300 chits), I expect more than 7 chits. I wouldn't even mind more chits of the same variety - but just having seven is too few. Way too few. With just four players, that's less than two rounds. With two players, that's only three rounds. Where is the fun in that? Plus, with only seven chits, there's virtually no replayability since you will remember the seven chits that are included.
So what do I think? It's gorgeous, it has a great presentation, but it unfortunately lacks in replayability and value for your money. If this was fifteen, I'd say splurge on it, but as it stands, I can't recommend anyone who has to watch their spending to purchase this. The bottle is gorgeous and the chits are okay, but there just aren't enough chits to make this a good game worth playing. It's like playing a game of goldfish with only 10 cards between the two of you.
Follow-up commentary
We still don't like the Spin Me set. With the six different included pips, one play-through got through all of the pips. We never have really seen any point to re-playing it since the options for playing are so slim. We keep thinking about making extra pips, but we haven't done that yet to make this worth replaying.
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  • Contributor: Rawr4483
    Good review and video! Thanks!
  • Contributor: tortilla
    sounds disappointing - thanks for the review
  • Contributor: glasskitten
    Wow... sounds like it turned out to be a real piece of "chit". Sorry, couldn't resist! It's a shame though. It was such a gorgeous design... and quite pricey too.
  • Contributor: sweetpea12
    Thanks for the great review!
  • Contributor: Cat Enderly
    Good review.
  • Contributor: kdlt
    Love glasskitten's comment but I'm also pretty disappointed; the bottle display looked gorgeous and I was sad to read this review.
  • Contributor: Rraine
    Thanks for the review!
  • Contributor: Pudyqat
  • Contributor: callsignhusker
    excellent review!
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    Great review, thanks!
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    Thanks for sharing.
  • Contributor: Lickable Lollie
    Thanks for the review...seems weird to play spin the bottle with only 2 people though...might as well just take turns grabbing a "chit" without spinning the bottle...
  • Contributor: chicmichiw
    Wow. Super pass.
  • Contributor: noway
    Thanks for was a cute idea at least, too bad it didn't work out for you
  • Contributor: brevado
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  • Contributor: tunacan75
    Thanks for the video review
  • Contributor: altheasmarnella
    thanks for incredible review
  • Contributor: KinkyKatieJames
    Well, that's a bummer. Thanks for your honesty!
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