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Spin the Bottle

Spin Me lacks variety and presents mild ideas. However, for the right host or hostess, they can create a party game that leaves everyone breathless!
Clean, high quality, ceramic bottle.
Not enough chits. Lacks variety. Some players may become bored.
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Playing "Spin the Bottle" was always a right of passage, it was a preteen's induction into Teenagerdom. For many, this simple game involving a bottle of pop or beer, was the defining moment of when you became cool or when you had your very first kiss. If you happen to have missed out on the antiquated joys of "Spin the Bottle", take heart because JimmyJane introduces an adult spin on this teen classic.

The rules of the game are simple.

Spin: Place the bottle on its side between the players and take turns giving it a whirl.

Read: When it stops, the player that the bottle has chosen picks it up, draws a chit (no peeking!), and reads the instructions aloud.

Obey: The bottle knows best.

Repeat: Until all the chits have been removed from the bottle.... or until you get distracted.

JimmyJane's Spin Me works for a game of 2 or a group of many. The more is the better here but be warned, if this is not a group that is comfortable in their sexuality or has no previous sexual history, there may be some awkward moments.

Most of the chits are mild, there really aren't any blatant sexual orders given. The suggestions presented however, with the right person, could go from mild to wild. The raunchiest chits involve putting body parts of yours in your partner's hands, removing one piece of your clothing (their choice) and then removing the same piece of their clothing, rubbing an ice cube on your partner's body parts that start with their first initial, and having your partner choose two parts of their bodies and then using your tongue to connect the two parts together.

The rest of the chits involve G, PG, and PG-13 ratings; butterfly kisses, leaving the room to make a subtle change in your appearance for your partner to guess, pressing you and your partner's bodies together for a full minute, creating a 5 minute scenario where you've never met your partner (introducing yourselves with new names) and kissing at the 5 minute mark, pillow fights, lying next to your partner whispering a secret in their ear, leaving a suggestive voicemail on your partner's cell while they listen, and whispering in your partner's ear the most memorable sexual experience you've ever had with them.

Unfortunately, there are only 10 chits in all and most aren't that exciting or creative. A majority of them also require the inclusion of other objects. When playing Spin Me make sure to have a blindfold, pillows, ice cubes, a phone, and a room where there are several knickknacks.

As this game lacks variety and isn't as sexual or naughty as some players may hope, keep a few slivers of thick paper and a pen around so that you can write some chits of your own. By having extra homemade chits on hand, you can make the game last longer and customize it for the amount and type of players on hand (whether they're nice or naughty). You can always resort to the classic rules of Spin the Bottle too; kissing the person the bottle stops at!

The bottle used in Spin Me is a white, high quality ceramic. It's thick and while not completely resistant to breakage, it's modern, sleek, and beats using an empty beer bottle that isn't completely dry.

While Spin Me may not be initially exciting, you can make it to be so! If you're a creative host or hostess and plan ahead, this can be an absolute party treat that stays tame or leaves everyone breathless.
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  • Juliettia
    The idea to make your own rules or ideas up sounds wonderful and could add some spice to the game. Though I'm not sure if it's worth the $35.00 just for 10 chits and a bottle.
  • Nashville
    I'm right with you, it's pricey for the lack of variety. If there had been say, 30 chits, it would be a different story.
  • Sammi
    This looks kind of fun, but rather pricey. I would have expected the chits to be a bit naughtier Smile.

    Great review!
  • Naughty Student
    I was thinking the same thing as Julietta. At that price I would create my own kit. Thanks for the review.
  • Nashville
    Thanks Sammi, and I had definitely expected more- especially as far as for the price and what the chits said/how many there were.
  • Nashville
    NS, chances are, you probably could! Winking
  • Mamastoys
    Sleeping dreamer- thanks for a great review. I think we all can come up with our own version of the game- I have bottles around here and can come up with more than 10 chits to write down. Smile
  • Ansley Agnello
    This was one of those things that I was initially interested in.. but now am not so sure because of the price/lack of variety. You've definitely inspired me to create my own game! Thanks for the review!
  • Nashville
    Mamas- thanks for enjoying it! The concept of rediscovering the game is great but the execution could have been so much better and less costly. Oh, and you definitely could, you're a smart cookie!
  • Nashville
    Thanks for reading Ansley! It's an attractive set, don't get me wrong, but it lacks "oomph".
  • Adriana Ravenlust
    I have to say, I've never heard the word "chit" before. Enlighten me?

    They should add some blanks ones so you can make your own - light with dry erase markers or something. Or have a PDF you can print off online.
  • Nashville
    Chit is just a little sliver of paper with something written on it, sometimes meant as a letter, memorandum, note, message, pass, etc.

    And the blank idea is brilliant, they really should have. There just really isn't a whole lot of provided variety.
  • girl next door
    this is a cool idea, but I am not sure I'd pay 35 dollars for it. Thanks for the informative review!
  • ninja250
    Thanks for the review, seems a little expensive for a game you have to make your own rules to keep it interesting
  • tortilla
    a bit pricey for what you get - thanks for the info
  • Lovely Jubblies
    Nice review but this is too expensive for me
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