Butt plug discontinued
by Whipspider rubberworks

Awful Soft for a Screw

The Screw is a gorgeous, hand made piece of silicone of the soft, squeezable variety. Firm enough for insertion it's still very soft and comfortable even for extended wear. The screw-like shape is felt as bulges and is extremely, yet not overly, stimulating. Short and of fairly average girth, this is a great plug for just about anyone but total anal beginners.
Soft, giving, yet firm. Comfortable.
Retains scents
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I went on a small Whipspider spree recently and was absolutely amazed with each of their products. They are all hand crafted from 100% silicone by a small company (of 3 friends) in Maine and are some of the softest, most squeezable silicone I've come across yet. Not plush, like the Couture Collection silicone or Vixskin and 02 silicones but both firm and squeezably soft at the same time.

Odd! And yet quite wonderful.

This silicone has a lot of give so I was nervous that the Screw, being a plug and going into a smaller hole than vaginal toys do, would be difficult to insert. It was not. It had enough give to be comfortable but was plenty strong enough to insert without bending.

And comfortable? Yes! The squeeze factor means that, while you can definitely feel this one at all times, it's also got enough give to move along with you, work with your body, instead of being too firm a presence.

The Screw is 4 inches long (3.5 insertable) so it's a nice, comfy length for me. It has a 1.5 inch diameter at its widest point and a 1 inch neck. The flared base sits between your cheeks comfortably and is also aided by the squeeze and give factor.

The plug itself is black and white and shades of gray from the mixture of the two. It starts at about a one inch tip and the silicone literally screws or spirals down the length of the toy to the neck, getting a bit larger with each spiral. It is a bit too soft to actually "screw" this in, at least for me, so the spirals were felt as bulges and felt amazing upon insertion. (I'd actually love to see this duplicated as a dildo, they felt that good)

During extended use the Screw is definitely felt the entire time you wear it due to it's shape. I've noticed that straight plugs feel quite a bit different and more noticeable during use than curved p-spot type plugs. This one left me utterly aware of the slight stretch and filling of my behind the entire time I had it in. It also worked very well during PIV intercourse as a sort of double penetration tool. It is not so large as to take up too much room and make things uncomfortable but is large enough to really be felt -- and soft enough to make a penis rubbing against it thru the vaginal walls stimulating rather than uncomfortable as firmer materials sometimes can be.

Wash with soap and water if you just want a quick clean, use a mild bleach solution or boil it to sanitize.

This silicone *does* pick up scents quite easily. I cleaned mine and it had ass smell left over, even using my favorite Climax Bursts cleaner with it's antiseptic smell. So I bleached it. Hrrmmm. Still had scent de butt. So I boiled it. Yeah. It still retained the ass smell. So I tucked a sachet made of lavender and vanilla bean in the pouch with it and between that and time, I guess, the scent has pretty much vanished. Just be aware that this may happen and perhaps consider anal douching before using this toy, just to help prevent it.

Use only waterbased or oil based lube with this as silicone lube can react with silicone toys.
Follow-up commentary
I do still like this plug, I just rarely use it. Whipspider silicone really holds on to smells and, while you can eventually get rid of them, every time I look at this one and get ready to use it, I'm deterred by the idea of having to use a condom or deal with airing out the butt smell.

A great plug, super for just about any level of user, soft and squishy and wonderful, yet just not one of my faves...
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