Bendable Two Use?

The Bendable You Too toys can be used for anal or vaginal play. We were thrilled using it through two extended sessions. For us design and durability issues arose that severely impacted our rating on this toy.
Flexible and quite versatile
Multi-function vibrations
Dual motors
Durability concerns
Corded controller
Little noisy
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The Bendable You Too Prostate Massager is a very versatile and unique toy. It is manufactured in China from Evolved Novelties Inc. It is also marketed as the Bendable You Too G-spot and Clitoral Vibrator. The G-spot version is available in pink or purple, while the prostate version comes only in black. Other than the colors available they are the exact same toy. Purchase decisions should be based on your color preference or availability regardless of where you are planning to stick it. I prefer the black one, so when I saw that it was available for review, I jumped at the opportunity.

Since this toy is marketed in both P and G-spot versions, I figured it would be desirable to review its performance for both applications. Fortunately, my wife was willing to assist with our thorough product analysis. We also tested its performance during PIV intercourse. Yep, we’re good like that, willing to go the extra mile.

Material / Texture

As its name implies the Bendable You Too is bendable. This is not a sloppy and floppy bendable, it actually feels fairly firm. The flexible inner core does a pretty good job at retaining any position that it is bent into. Ladies, this allows for simultaneous targeted G-spot stimulation and direct clitoral vibration. Yes, at the same time! This explains why my wife was so willing to help out.

The massager’s thick outer skin is made from non-toxic TPR which is Phthalate and latex free. It has no objectionable odor or taste at all. The waterproof massager is tethered to a handheld controller box with a wire that measures 30” long. The controller box is also used to house the 2-AAA batteries required for use. We both liked the nice feel of the control box. It is contoured to fit comfortably in your palm with your thumb resting naturally on the two flush mounted control buttons. One touch of the power button starts the vibrations at the lowest speed setting. Pressing the 7-function button allows the user to cycle through the multiple speed functions. There are three regular vibration settings, low, med and high, followed by an escalating and three pulsating settings.

Design / Shape / Size

The massager itself measures 9” long when straightened out. In this position it can be used for gentle thrusting or probing. There is a vibrating bullet type motor at both ends. These motors are both controlled simultaneously by the same control box. If one motor is on, they are both on.
The end is contoured for easy vaginal or anal insertion. It measures a modest 1 1/4” at its widest point.
The flexible midsection is only ½” in diameter allowing for easy maneuverability. We found that inserting the massager and then using a finger to bend the inserted end to the desired sweet spot was highly effective. The other end could then simply be bent to apply direct stimulation to either the clitoris or perineum.


The Bendable You Too is quite different from any thing else in our toy box. The flexible shaft allows the user to accurately position both ends for targeted vibrations. We found the vibrations to be very nice and strong. There are two bullets running at the same time, so they are a bit louder than other battery powered toys that we have tried. Not too loud for us, but loud enough to be a concern for those with privacy concerns.

Care and Maintenance

The Bendable should be properly cleaned before and after each use. Evolved recommends using a toy cleaner. If one is not available, use mild soap and warm water. Just be sure to rinse thoroughly to eliminate any soap residue. It is best to store the bendable in its original package or another suitable container. Removing the batteries before storage will prevent them from leaking and damaging the toy.
Since the TPR is somewhat porous, I would highly recommend using a condom for anal play and/or for shared use. The Bendable is compatible with both silicone and water based lubricants.

Personal comments

For us the “Bendable You Too” was only a “Bendable Two Use”.

As I stated earlier, we were quite determined to give this little guy a work out. Being the gentleman that I am, I encouraged my wife to go first. Ladies first! My prostate play could wait. Her results were good. Very good! She was successful using the Bendable in several different shapes with several different techniques.

My wife was able to easily position the Bendable for both simultaneous G-spot and direct clitoral stimulation. This is something no single other toy has ever done for her. (Excluding the Hitachi with a G-spot attachment, but technically that’s two toys.) Once the Bendable was inserted and bent into position we took turns trying different techniques. Wiggling the external portion from side to side against her clitoris created internal movement against her G-spot. She also responded quite favorably to an up and down rocking motion of the massager. Since the Bendable maintains its position so well, when she had it pressed against her clit while the other end was resting against her G-spot I was able to use my index finger and thumb to squeeze the bendable into a tight C, locking it snugly onto her two pleasure points like some kind of freak orgasm-producing vibrating c-clamp. This was mad crazy effective. Once locked on, the O’s were rolling one after another! How could I ever top this? Well, I’ll tell you how… penis in vibrating vagina intercourse! Since the mid-section of the Bendable is so thin, thinner than my pinky finger, I couldn’t resist giving this a try. So with the Bendable clamped on simultaneously buzzing both her clitoris and G-spot, I went for it. This was unbelievable! My prostate play was going to wait.

We repeated this again the following evening. Again, we had the same incredible results, but still no prostate play. We were very pleased with the Bendable. Actually we were quite thrilled with it.

O.K., so I know you're wondering, when is he going to tell us about his experience using the Bendable You Too Prostate Massager…on his prostate? How did the prostate play end up? Well, it didn’t.

So, I was sitting here at my desk working on this glowing review for this wonderful toy, when it happened. I was simply holding the Bendable in my hands bending it so I could describe its flexibilities when ... SNAP! Yes, it broke. The flexible shaft snapped. Two uses, really good uses, but now it's broken. What the hell?

The “bendable” shaft snapped where it was attached to one of the bullets. It is still enclosed in the TPR outer skin, but it is just hanging there now. I acknowledge that we did thoroughly enjoy using the bendable for two really good sessions. But it should not have snapped this easily. We bent it and contorted it in every possible configuration. So maybe I was simply too rough on it. Was I expecting too much from it? Possibly. I was certainly saddened when it snapped. When I told my wife that I broke it, her reply was GET ANOTHER ONE!

Eden was kind enough to send a replacement. I will try to be more careful with this one. But with that said, we use our sex toys. If it can’t do the job, I’ll move on to something else.

When I was finally able to use this toy for solo play, I was quite impressed. Its flexibility allowed me to position it just where I wanted it. With the bendable inserted, I bent the other end up until it was pressing firmly against my perineum. In this position, I found the vibrations to be plenty strong. The combination of the two motors provided deep resonating vibrations. I personally liked the first of the pulsating functions. Very nice. Hopefully, next time I will be able to try this same hands-free set up while I am doing my wife.

Would I recommend this toy? Yes, maybe? I would as long as you know to be careful bending it, especially right at the ends. We had a blast with the Bendable. It is super versatile. It is unlike anything else in our toy box. Hopefully, my previous failure was just a fluke. I will try to be more careful with it, but we will use the hell out of this thing. I would rate this a 5 star product if it had not broken. A broken toy really should get 0 stars. Since we liked the Bendable soooo much, and since we are giving it a second chance, I'll rate it currently as 3 stars. We will see how it goes. I will definitely post a follow up in the future.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

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