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Big Toy = Big Pleasure

The sheer size of this toy makes it perfect for those looking for a toy to push the limits. It meets and exceeds this job, accomplishing so much more! The material, size, and shape of this toy were chosen and designed so well, that there really is nothing wrong with Ringo. It is by far the best anal toy I have ever purchased, and certainly is a requirement whenever it is time for some anal play. If you want to do some serious stretching, you would be crazy to pass Ringo by!
Shape, size, materials
would love a suction cup on it
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This is by far one of the best anal toys I have ever bought and tried. The Ringo is a fairly large toy -ok, who am I kidding, it is a huge toy!- that comes in at a diameter of 2-1/4" and an insertable length of just over 5". The size makes it absolutely amazing for those looking for the feeling of a very full ass. I do not think thrusting with this toy would really be comfortable, because the size towards the base seems to take some time to coax in. Ringo does have a significant amount of weight to it, so I found that it was best used by setting it on the floor and sitting down onto it. The flared base held it up just fine and also made a convenient handle when I switched to laying on my back for some playtime. Using Ringo is just as fun in the shower as it is on the kitchen floor, because honestly, having a toy this big and full of fun is pleasurable anywhere!

Material / Texture

The feel of Ringo is quite amazing. It is soft, supple, and has absolutely no areas of rough texture, which I consider essential when going for anal play. If you try and squeeze Ringo, it does have quite a bit of give, which makes it more forgiving when using it, compared to a glass or steel toy. Because Ringo is so squishy the material itself is not stimulating, but the size definitely makes up for this. This toy is made out of 100% Food-Grade Silicone which is the only material I will go for when choosing anal toys, simply because clean-up and sanitizing is a breeze. With many other toys, and many other materials, I have grown tired of ripping open the package and getting a face-full of chemical odors. 100% silicone toys simply have no smell whatsoever, which is another wonderful benefit of the material.
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all

Design / Shape / Size

The design of this toy was awesome and incredibly enjoyable. Sure, the size is incredibly intimidating when you are holding it in your hand, or even have it sitting on a table and you find yourself just staring at it. There is something quite erotic in the thought of just being able to tame this wild toy with your ass. The flare of Ringo is substantial, and certainly is not for use by a beginning anal player. In fact, I would label this toy as EXPERT USE ONLY due to its gargantuan size. Even with the overall diameter being 2-1/4", the flare starts at well under an inch. This allows the plug to be nursed in quite easily. It does an amazing job of gently stretching an ass without being too abrupt. It has a typical plug appearance, and if you do manage to fit it all in, it seems it would be comfortable to wear because of its base cutout and soft rounded edges. With this being my first sizeable plug that's greater than 1", I found the shape to be very satisfying.
    • Advanced


There is a small lip on the bottom of this toy that gave it a bit of suction in the shower. It stuck to the glass door for a minute or so before I pulled it off. It may have stayed longer, but it would have fallen like a brick. Do not expect this toy to stay attached to a wall by itself. I was really hoping that I could conquer the size of the Ringo on my first attempt. I started with by warming up with the Platinum Silicone Super, and then moved on to Ringo. It was really quite a different feeling between the two toys. Besides the fact that Ringo is super smooth, and Platinum is most certainly not, Ringo offered a different sensation. It was always pushing the envelope, making it feel that your ass was as full as it could get, but with every breath, it seemed to go in just a littler farther. I found myself too worked up and excited with how full I was already to take the time to get it in all the way, but I thoroughly enjoyed cumming to the sensation of at least 2" of pleasure in my ass! I would love to shake the hand (or touch the ass) of anyone who is able to conquer this toy on their first try!

Care and Maintenance

Silicone toys are best used with water based lubes, so steer clear of silicone based! Ringo has found a nice home sitting under the bed in a box open to the air. It will pick up lint and hair, like most other toys, so keep it away from the carpet and such. After use, Ringo can be washed with soap and water, or if you want to sterilize it, throw it on the top rack of the dishwasher, or boil it for about 10 minutes. It is super easy to use, clean, and store, making it one of my favorite toys to go for.
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  • Research
    Great info, thanks for the review!
  • Jimbo Jones
    I see that you have yet to actually conquer this completely, but it sounds like you are very close. Going from 1" diameter to 2-1/4" anally would be quite a feat. Thank you for the great review.
  • Lucky21
    Wow! Sounds like a lot of warm up is required! Thanks for sharing this review.
  • PandJ
    Jimbo Jones, very close indeed! I am determined to conquer this toy!
  • MrWishyWashy
    Thanks for sharing!
  • spineyogurt
    Thanks for reviewing!
  • permitdrab
    Sounds like you are really enjoying this based on your review. Sending good vibes for you to conquer this toy. It's great once you get over the ridge and realize that it doesn't shrink down like other toys. Instead it keeps you opened up to 1 3/4" which is great to clench around when cumming.
  • thisisadeletedaccount
    Thanks for your review!
  • Falsepast
    Eh. I'd prefer more colors than a suction cup
  • PandJ
    More colors actually would be a nice addition. Although I am a bit tired of seeing the somewhat common purple, a nice bright red, green, or yellow would be fun! I was always more about functionality than looks anyways
  • Stingo
    @PandJ, you said, "I do not think thrusting with this toy would really be comfortable, because the size towards the base seems to take some time to coax in."

    I'm uncertain what you mean by the size towards the base seeming to "take some time to coax in," but what are you "coaxing in"? Sure the Ringo is big and needs some "coaxing," but did you ever get the Ringo fully inside your ass?

    Still, I did get the Ringo fully inside my ass. After much effort, and over several sessions, my body tingled and I nearly passed out when it (finally) first went all the way in--so good did it feel! But it only stayed in briefly, as it got "ejected" within 30 seconds. Since then, I've had a good working relation with Ringo.

    Yes, I must warm up to it, but it takes less work to get it all the way in my ass. I love the stretching and fullness it provides, though like other reviewers, I can't walk around with it, as it tends to fall out (I might try a butt plug harness, which eden don't sell, unfortunately).

    One of the greatest pleasures of the Ringo, which you missed, PandJ, is when I thrust it in-out my ass. I don't thrust it when it's fully inserted, but when its greatest width is at the "threshold" of my sphincter, when I could best feel the "good pain" of entry. Thrusting Ringo in-out like this is so intensely pleasurable that it makes me shout, "flick me, flick me, flick me"!

    (I also shout this when I go in-out with my Tantus "Goliath," attached to Tantus' suction cup, a must-have accessory for the Goliath. And even after I "do" the Ringo, I would still enjoy Goliath, because its bulbous head and veins give a different pleasurable flicking. I highly rate both Tantuses and their in-out experiences.)

    Anyhow, if you haven't tried it yet, PandJ, I recommend you thrust Ringo in-out your ass in the way I did. I also recommend every owner or would be owner of Ringo to thrust it in-out your ass. You will not only find it immensely and intensely pleasurable, you'll also be crying "flick me, flick me, flick me." I guarantee it.

    Thanks for reading.

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