Nexus max 5 - prostate massager by LB Trading Ltd - review by Alan & Michele

Nexus max 5

Prostate massager by LB Trading Ltd

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For His Pleasure or Hers

This high quality vibrating sex toy is quiet, hygienic, and designed to provide dual stimulation for either men or women with or without the vibrations. But while the size is easy to handle for vaginal use, it may not be suitable for the inexperienced anal player.
Body safe material that can be sterilized. Can be used by males or females.
May be too big for some people to use for anal play.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


The box says "G-spot massager" and while the instructions are for prostrate massage, the truth is the Nexus Max 5 vibrator works for both. Ladies and gents alike can benefit from this uniquely shaped toy that not only hits that special spot inside, but is also designed to stimulate the balls or clitoris too; whichever the case may be. Additionally, since the toy is pleasurable even without the vibrations, the extra long bullet vibrator can be removed and used to stimulate other areas of the body.
    • Long / extended session

Material / Texture

The Nexus Max 5 is made of medical grade silicone, which is one of the safest and most hygienic sex toy materials available. The matte finish surface texture is completely smooth with a satin-like feel that doesn't create any drag against the skin and is quite slippery when lubed. The removable bullet is made of slick silver ABS plastic that is tough enough that at first touch it might fool you into believing that it's metal. There is no smell or taste to any part of the toy.

Design / Shape / Size

This is a weighty solid toy with a gently angled tip made to press against the G-spot or prostrate, and a smaller neck down at the base so it doesn't stretch the anus overly much during prostrate massaging. Studded silicone nubs cover the inner side of the bullet holder to provide extra stimulation to the testicles or clitoris while the toy is in use.

The Nexus Max 5 isn't really geared toward thrusting as much as for rocking motions or squeezing the muscles down on, particularly in the case of prostrate use. It's slightly bendy at the "U" portion but otherwise a very rigid toy with almost no give when squeezed.

Size-wise the toy isn't huge, but due to the wider bulge at the center it may be better for intermediate level anal use since beginners may find it difficult to relax enough to insert it past that section. If you cannot insert two or three fingers into your anus easily, this toy will be something you will need to work up to.

The Max 5 is built wider from a side view than from the front and back, so the sizes depend on how you're looking at it. The top knob is 1-1/2" wide across the side, but only 1" across the back. The center bulge is also 1-1/2" from the side view, but 1-1/8" from across back, so it does feel somewhat girthy combined. The bottom neck is much smaller, obviously to help the toy stay in place during anal use.

With its narrow width and an overall length of only around 5-1/2", it wouldn't be difficult to toss it into a bag for traveling or to find somewhere to hide it if need be. Even if someone did see it, the unusual shape doesn't exactly scream "sex toy" so it's doubtful that anybody who wasn't familiar with such things would immediately recognize it for what it was.


The vibrating bullet that comes with the Max 5 runs on a single LR1 N-sized battery and fits tightly in the end of the clitoral/testicle stimulator. It's very difficult to remove, but if you apply some lube to it before putting it in place it helps a lot.

The location of said bullet couldn't have been better, because there's a single push button control on the end of it which, due to the shape of the toy, is conveniently aimed up toward you during solo play so there's never a need to fumble to change the vibration speeds.

There are three speeds of vibrations, and they can be felt much more strongly in the clitoral/testicle stimulator and the base of the toy than in the top.

The first speed is very gentle, to the extent that it is barely felt up in the top knob of the toy, and there's only a whispery humming sound that can be heard through the blankets.

The second speed provides medium level vibrations in the top knob that can be felt easily but aren't overwhelming, and fairly strong vibes on the clit/testicle stimulator that would be plenty enough to please the average user. It emits a higher pitched hum that can be heard through the blankets and around the room but not through a closed door.

The third speed gives fairly strong vibrations in the upper knob and positively numbing vibes in the bottom parts of the toy. The humming sound is both higher pitched and louder, to the extent that it may possibly be heard through a closed door.

The vibrations at all levels are the tight "buzzy" variety that create a pleasant tingling sensation if applied for a great length of time.

Care and Maintenance

Since this toy is high-grade silicone, there are many options for cleaning. You can wash it with soap and water or your favorite toy cleaner, wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution, drop it in boiling water for a few minutes, or even put it in your dishwasher on the top rack.

Water based and oil based lubricants are safe to use with the Nexus Max 5, but silicone lubes should be avoided because they might damage it.


The packaging consists of a flexible clear plastic box with an avocado green backdrop that showcases the toy. The words "Nexus Max 5 G-spot Massager are printed boldly on the front, and there are no scantily-clad models or cutesy catch phrases on it, just a simple what-you-see-is-what-you-get package. Inside is a small foldout booklet that gives instructions for prostrate stimulation.

The box could easily be wrapped for gift-giving, but since it is a thinner plastic you may eventually need to find something else for long-term storage.

Personal comments

Though nothing in either the instructions nor on the manufacturer's website suggests that this toy is waterproof, we noticed that the bullet did have a rubber O-ring on the threads that's commonly found on waterproof toys. Naturally we had to test the theory then, and after 15 minutes fully submerged there was still no water in the battery compartment so we consider it ok for shower use. We're not suggesting that everyone try this in case we just got lucky, but it's food for thought.


Michele says:
This is a brilliant G-spotter because not only is that top knob rigid enough and angled perfectly to put just the right amount of pressure where I want it, but the part that the bullet slips into makes an excellent handle for getting some rocking motion going on. The one thing that didn't work for me was the clitoral stimulator though. If I insert the toy far enough for the stimulator to have enough effect, the top part goes past my G-spot. But if I get the toy positioned over my G-spot, the stimulator rides at the edge of my pubic bone and doesn't provide any direct buzzing to the clit (although I can feel a little bit radiating that way). Everyone is shaped differently though, so other peoples' experiences may be different, and just the G-spot action alone is enough to make this toy worth it.

Alan says:
I can sum up my turn with this toy in six words; I'm not experienced enough for it. With the right angle and enough patience I can get the top part in ok, but working past all of that center bulge is just something I can't manage yet. For what it's worth I have no doubt that this toy is going to provide some serious pleasure once I get that far just because of the way it's shaped compared to other toys I have, so it's something I'll continue to work for.
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