Love pacifier X-10 duo - prostate massager by Cal Exotics - review by Oggins

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Fun for all!

The Love Pacifier X-10 Duo is a comfortable anal toy, with many uses for newcomers up to advanced users alike. It can be worn in a variety of ways similar to a butt plug, or used like anal beads to provide that extra stimulation during removal. It's comfortable to wear even under clothes and we had no discomfort when sitting either. Our only problem was that the portion that wasn't being used would sometimes get in the way. Other than that, we had a lot of fun with these!
Silicone, cute and comfortable.
Can't use silicone lube, and sometimes the unused portion is just kind of hanging there in the way.
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The Love Pacifier X-10 Duo is a flexible, pure silicone anal toy that is comfortable to wear and fun to share! That's right! You can share this one because it's pure silicone. Just remember to wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution (followed by a good rinse) or boil it for a few minutes beforehand. It will then be ready for the next user or orifice. If sterilization is not required, you can always just wash it off with antibacterial soap and water or use your favorite toy cleaner according to its directions. Just remember to only use water based lubes with this one though. Also be advised that the anus isn't self lubricating so ALWAYS use plenty of lube!

The Love Pacifier X-10 Duo is best described as a modified set of anal beads with an extra, larger bead attached separately for more advanced users. It also sports a loop handle that I can just barely fit two fingers inside of. This works fabulously when used for retrieval but not so much help during insertion because these beads are quite flexible but that's what makes them comfy too.

The beads themselves are firm and don't "give" much when you squeeze them. They vary in size on the three bead strand and are approximately 1/2" diameter at the tip, 7/8" diameter in the middle and 1" diameter at the base. The larger, final bead is approximately 1 2/5" in diameter.

I really didn't feel like any of them were too large, and anal beads are great if you enjoy the feeling of the sphincter muscles opening and closing to let an item in and/or out. Beads provide the sensation of fullness, without putting pressure on the opening of the anus, and retrieving them can be quite pleasurable. Just remember that all anal toys should have a flared base - NEVER use anything up your butt that doesn't or you risk a trip to the emergency room.

We did use these beads in a variety of ways. I'm not new to the anal realm, so I decided to go with the largest bead first. Insertion wasn't too bad but the best way to go about it is to lube up each bead and push them in individually rather than trying to use the handle because it will just bend.

With the largest bead securely up my ass, we tried to maneuver the bead strand into my vagina. This was successful and provided some light g-spot stimulation but only if I didn't move. Otherwise, the three bead strand would pop out because the angle/curve just wasn't right for me.

We decided to pull them out, boil them and then try them the other way. With the bead strand now up my ass, the angle was just wrong for me once again. I wasn't able to keep the bigger bead inside of my vagina but it did stay near the opening to give me a bit more stimulation and this is now my favorite way to wear them. They are comfortable and stay in place well. I didn't even experience any discomfort when sitting.

I decided that my dear husband should get a chance to try out these beads too so, once again, I pulled them out and boiled them for his turn. He's not as familiar with anal play as I am, so he was only willing to use the three bead strand which was just fine with me. He too found them comfortable to wear and even sat on them, but didn't receive much p-spot stimulation from them. The way he was wearing them, he had the beads pointing away from his p-spot anyway. We did turn them around but he didn't like the way that the bigger bead sat between his butt cheeks in this position. It didn't hurt him, it just felt weird. He did appreciate the extra stimulation they provided when receiving a blow job though, especially when they were removed near his climax.

All in all, we had a lot of fun with these, and they'll probably be used fairly often in our bedroom. The only initial concern we had was a small seam running the length of the toy but neither of us felt it during use. It could pose a problem for those who are very sensitive though. Other than that, they proved to be fun for us. I just wish the end that was not being used, could serve a more useful purpose.
I felt that I should mention that this silicone toy has a glossy finish on it, rather than a matte finish like a lot of other silicone toys I've tried. I'm really not sure what the differences are in these two kinds of silicone other than the finish. It's more of a slick feel rather than a velvety feel though.

There is no scent from this toy because it's pure silicone. Silicone is also non porous as well as phthalate and latex free. Just remember not to use silicone based lubes with this one because silicone adheres to itself and that could damage the toy.
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