Great plug for the money!

Great plug for the money given size and material. I would not recommend for a more advanced user though, given overall girth compared to smaller plugs.
Narrow flared neck, non skid covering, firm yet pliable core.
Base is not covered.
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Being a relative plug newbie, my first experience with a sizable butt plug went rather well I think. I'd been looking for something larger than my (what I have termed) "medium" size plug, and found this one at 1 1/2" diameter for a great price. After looking around and reading the already submitted reviews, I decided to take the plunge so to speak and placed my order. Two days later it arrived in the mail and I kid you not, my eyes bugged out of my head when I first saw it.

I'm a tiny girl. I am 4'10" with only a measly 110 pounds on my frame. I’m an Anal virgin for anything beyond toys. I'm pretty sure my butt clenched just seeing this big plug. I tried it out that night and yes, I was correct. It was massive. I only succeeded in getting about half of it in on the first try, with lots and lots of water-based lube. Okay, deep breath. I put it in the back of my toy drawer after a thorough cleaning and assumed I'd get back to it eventually.

Fast forward two months to working up the courage to try it again. I started off with my other medium plug for about 30 minutes of wear and when it kept slipping out I decided to put on my brave face and bust out this bad boy. Lots of lube and some swearing later, I'd successfully managed to take the entire thing. HOLY MOLEY, when this thing popped in I spontaneously came. No kidding. Granted I also had a bullet on my clit at the time to aid in relaxation of the sphincter muscle, but I'm pretty sure the overall girth of this plug was what did it.

But let me tell you... I was literally sweating it out, feeling this huge plug in my rear. I'd never been stretched like this thing did to me, but whoa yeah it was pretty much brilliant.

The only downside to this plug for me is that the base is not covered. It's harder to push in given that you're directly pushing on the plug's core. I wish it was a solid base. That can be overlooked though given the non slip nature of the surface, and the wonderfully narrow flared neck that I especially look for in plugs.
Follow-up commentary
The non skid material has more of a matte finish, and does essentially what it says it does. It prevents the plug from accidentally popping out from too much lube application. The surface is textured slightly to achieve this design, but the texture is hardly felt when using.

Personally, I clean this with hot water and a good antibacterial soap. I then either pat dry or let it air dry depending on how much of a rush I am in.

This toy would be safe to safe to share when using a condom over it for easy cleaning and swapping or after a thorough cleaning between partners using an antibacterial soap.

I use a water-based lube with all my toys, given that I have some silicone and some not, but this toy is safe to use with a silicone-based lube given that it is rubber.

When I first took the plug out of the package it had a normal rubber smell that wasn't particularly enjoyable, but after letting it air out for a few days the smell is negligible. As far as I can tell it also doesn't retain smells particularly strong. After cleaning I can smell a faint trace of the soap I use to clean it, but so far it hasn't retain any bodily smells.

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  • Contributor: Carrie Ann
    How did the non skid look and feel? How do you clean this? Is it safe to share? What sort of lube can be used? Does it have a smell? Does it retain smells?
  • Contributor: PurpleReign
    Posting the follow-up helps the review a great deal - the points Carrie Ann asked about.

    Thanks for posting the additional comments...and welcome to EF! I've only been here a short-time myself, but it's a great site & community.
  • Contributor: Juliettia
    Before I go off to check for any other colors, nice review. As PurpleReign said, your follow up info really helped the content of your review.
  • Contributor: Mamastoys
    I'm glad I read this review after the follow up was made. It made the review much better. If you'll include all the information in your original review next time, it will be much better.
    Thanks for the additional information.
  • Contributor: mikebooks
    I second Carrie Ann's questions about this.
  • Contributor: spineyogurt
    THanks for your review on this.
  • Contributor: BlooJay
    Thank you for the review!
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  • Contributor: Apirka
    Thanks for sharing!
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