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Holt On, I’m Comin’!

Holt is a good choice for a second or third anal toy. I got the most enjoyment out of it when someone else was in control, and had a good time when going solo, too. Despite its somewhat annoying base, Holt is a good deal for a quality plug that can help you get ready for larger toys.
High quality material, attractive shaft, not too big, nice price.
Awkward base, doesn’t stay in well, attracts dust.
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The Holt is my second specifically-anal toy, and is noticeably longer and wider than my first one. For reference, my first toy is much squishier, 1/2 in. shorter, and >1/4 in. smaller in diameter than Holt. Holt is the biggest thing my ass has accommodated thus far, so I’m gearing this review toward anal beginners and people who haven’t graduated to larger toys yet.

Holt is a slick-looking anal toy that came in a clear plastic bag with a cardboard topper stapled to the bag. The presentation wasn’t beautiful, but at least I could see what I’d ordered. The Holt stands up proudly on its base, like a smooth, small penis with a bulbous head. It’s mounted at a bit of an angle on the base, but the shaft itself is nearly perfectly straight. There are very minor undulations visible on the shaft but my ass couldn’t feel them. The toy is perfectly smooth with no seams or harsh curves on the usable surfaces.

The feel of Holt is pretty stiff – when squeezing the head or shaft, the material doesn’t give much at all. I can bend the toy along the shaft with my hands, but it felt a lot less flexible when it was inside me. No noticeable smell was present, and the Holt lubed up decently with water-based lube.

Since this toy is 100% silicone, you are free to use it without a condom if you like, since it can be sterilized in boiling water or cleaned with soap and water (just make sure to clean it if you want to share or switch orifices). You can also clean it in the dishwasher, but since it is such a smooth toy, cleaning by hand has been quite easy for me so far. I recommend cleaning before and after play because dust really loves sticking to this toy. On a positive note, Holt did not retain any odor-of-ass after cleaning, which was a very nice surprise.

Holt’s head makes insertion a little harder than more tapered toys, but with some lube, patience, and relaxation, I was able to get it in without trouble. It felt good inside me, and I could feel the head moving along until I got to the pinch near the base. The pinch helps the toy stay inside, but not as well as I’d like. For solo play, I felt like I had to keep an eye (or a hand) on Holt while playing with my clit or with another dildo because it wouldn’t stay put inside me. A narrower or longer pinched area would be better for a more solid “hold” on a toy like this.

I’m a sucker for double penetration, and Holt is great for helping me get some of that. Its stiffness helped me feel the pressure on the tissue between my pussy and ass when I had another dildo in at the same time. I didn’t feel like I could handle two toys at once, though, mostly because of Holt’s large base. While one side of the base is smaller than the other, it still got in the way more than I anticipated.

I wish I could recommend Holt for long-term wear, but again its base gave me problems. Maybe it’s my butt, or the way I stand or walk, but the toy just wouldn’t stay in, and the base kept poking me in ways that were not erotic. One thing I’ve noticed the base is good for, however, is sticking to flat surfaces. It’s not a suction cup, but it’s worth trying out if you like pressing down on a table or into a wall. Holt’s stiffness helps with this as well.

Overall, I’m mostly pleased with this toy, but I’d rather have something with more curves going up my butt. Holt is a good stepping stone for me toward larger anal toys, plugs, beads, and maybe someday a real penis! It is a high quality piece with a problematic base, but if you can get past that, it can certainly be a winner for you.
My partner was more than eager to help me out with double penetration via Holt and another dildo. With him working the toys, I could concentrate on the great feelings and focus on my clit, instead of dealing with the toys' bases. Holt definitely made me feel full, but not too full, and worked well as a piston along with the dildo in my pussy. Its shaft moved in and out of me smoothly. Lying on my stomach or being in a “doggy” position made this type of play more enjoyable than lying on my back.

During solo play with just Holt, I really enjoyed the stiffness of the shaft because I could tilt the toy with part of it inside me, and hit areas on the “bottom” wall of my vagina that made me feel all tingly. I also found that the pinched area of the toy is more flexible for rotation, if you like that type of feeling. I could rotate the base, and there would be a delay before the shaft and head made the same rotation. It was a new, different sensation for me, and if you like some torque in your tush, Holt can help you out.
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  • Sammi
    Too bad about the base! This is one I wish came in more color options.
    Good review!
  • Liz2
    Just looking at the pic, the base seems uncomfortable. I like a plug that doesn't need so much attention...pop it in and just enjoy.
  • Rockin'
    @Sammi - I like the color, but options are always nice. Thanks for your comment!

    @Liz2 - Holt isn't the one for you, oh well. Thanks for your comment.
  • PurpleReign
    The review title brings back Sam & Dave wailing out the Isaac Hayes/David Porter tune! (Had to play it after reading this.)

    Nice review. Tantus's stuff is great; the only disappointment with some of their plugs is the base, as you point out, and a neck that doesn't quite allow retention.

    (Maybe summarize the dimensions near the top of the review in your description in your first paragraph, to help people visualize your size step-up with the Holt.)
  • ScottA
    For some reason the bases on the newer Tantus products seem to not be as good as the earlier bases. Too bad that it doesn't stay in, although not completely unexpected - it looks more like a dildo than a plug. Good review.
  • Rockin'
    @PurpleReign - Yay! I'm so glad you got the title reference, great job! I love that song. Thank you for your comment. I like your suggestion and I'll add that as soon as I find the dimensions for each.

    @ScottA - It seems strange that their toys don't "evolve" into better models. I think of it as an anal dildo instead of a plug, too. Thanks for your comment!
  • ToyingCouple
    Rockin' review! You covered all the bases very well for this toy. It does seem like it has an identity crisis. It's not quite a butt plug, nor is it a strap-on type dildo........which is how I'd try it!
  • Rockin'
    Hey Toying Couple! Thanks for your comment. I guess the Holt is more of an anal dildo than a plug, but you've got to keep an eye or hand on it. I don't have strap-on experience (it's on the list of things to try!), so I appreciate your input on that matter. Smile
  • illmakeit2012
    the penis head butt plug is so unique. haha
    great review
  • Red Riding Hood
    Very detailed review! Thanks so much!
  • anonymouse58
    Thank you, great review!!
  • Beck
    Thanks for the review.
  • Bignuf
    Thanks for the good, honest review. I too wish there were more colors available.
  • DreamWolf
    Great review, thank you!
  • Bullfroggy and Rose
    thanks for the review
  • Kirill1171
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