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The Holt Is My Homeboy!

Four words perfectly describe The Holt: slim, slick, comfortable, and orgasmic. Non-intimidating, fun, simple, and sexy smooth, this is one to take home to your butt slut. It performs perfectly well as a plug for beginners who want something small and slim before going for the big boy of anal toys, and works just as well for the conASSseurs like myself who want to go back to the basics and simply have a ball.
Silicone, flexible, smooth, orgasmic, can be sterilized
Easily collects dust, would be nice if it came in different colors
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
I’m one of those girls who love something wide and thick up the butt. Nothing gets me off more than being anally stretched, so when I first laid my eyes on The Holt, I was amused but slightly hoping for something more...filling. However, that’s not to say that Holt butt plug|Butt plug by Tantus isn’t amazing. In fact, it is one really amazing butt plug. It is made of silicon with the look of a penis and the feel of velvet, and is bendable and flexible as well. The base of it is perfectly wide and flat, which ensures that the plug won’t get loss in the anal abyss. The Holt is somewhat unusual compared to other butt plugs in that it doesn’t have a bulb-like shape. It is slim and slender with a nearly life-like bulbous head and a smooth, slightly rippled shaft. It could easily be used or advertised as a dildo (hell, it even looks like one!), and because it can be sterilized, you can use it in either pleasure hole (assuming that you would clean it first before putting it in one hole after another).

After having watched some hot male-to-female/female-to-male transsexual porn, I gave The Holt a blow job and deep throated it a couple of times to make it wet and juicy. As mentioned, The Holt really does seem more like a dildo than a butt plug, which made it quite a blast to blow and throat fuck it as if I was doing it to my real partner. I added a bit more of my favorite bottled lubricant onto it, giving it some slick and shine. Afterwards, I pressed the base of The Holt against the wall with me on all fours, and started arching my back and pushing my asshole into it. Literally, I was bouncing off the walls! The base stayed flat and still as I pounded my asshole up and down the plug, grunting and moaning like a mad raving pussy cat in heat. The glands of the plug felt like the real thing when I first popped it inside of my anal cavity. As the shaft slid fully in and out of my ass, I cooed and moaned from the smooth, relaxing, and orgasmic-shock inducing rush I felt with each grind and pump. When all five inches of The Holt was crammed good and tight inside of me, I tapped the base rapidly, and came in a matter of seconds! The Holt felt so good up there that I had to travel with it.

I was surprised how when walking around in it, first wearing nothing at all, and then in my panties and jeans, it wasn’t tempted to slip or pop out like some of my other butt plugs. It stayed put the entire time, and that’s exactly how I like it, especially since I wear many of my butt plugs for 5-8 hours at a time, sometimes in my sleep. The immediate thing I noticed while walking about was how nicely the base lays snug between the bum cheeks. The plug itself felt comfy and stimulating when walking, jogging, etc. It was filling enough to be noticeable, but yet subtle enough to almost feel as if you aren’t wearing a butt plug at all. Whether fucking or wearing The Holt in public, it feels oh so good, pleasurable, and satisfying, enough to make you moan, quiver, and cum as you enjoy your leisure time.

After my playtime, I washed The Holt with hot water and soap (you can also boil it, bleach it, and place it in the dish washer as well to sanitize it). Because of its velvety texture, The Holt attracts a lot of dust, so make sure to always rinse it before and after you use it, and place it in a plastic bag for storage.

Even if at the end of the day I didn’t feel entirely filled up or stretched when taking The Holt out of my ass, I must say, I absolutely enjoyed this fucker. On days where my ass needs to take a break from something thick and full, The Holt will come right to the rescue to fulfill my greedy ass’s carnal urges and desires. It is a plug that novices, beginners, and conASSseurs can enjoy, and even possibly fall in love with.
I’m a sucker for DP. I’m a DP freak, sometimes even a two-in-one-hole fanatic. The Holt is absolutely perfect for DP because it’s slim and gives more leeway for the penis, fingers, dildo, or any other phallic object to ease right in the pussy without blockage, slight pinching, pain, or soreness. I tried it on in my strap-on harness; truthfully, I’m not sure how well The Holt is really compatible for a harness. I found it to be kind of loose in the O-ring, which means that you might have to hold onto the base while fucking your partner. For some of us, this could be irritating and ruin the flow of strap-on fucking|Girl on girl strap on erotic fantasy. Just for fun, I put The Holt in my pussy (after sterilizing it of course), and it felt amazingly smooth and pleasurable. It doesn't necessarily cause the most orgasmic vaginal pleasure ever, but it sure does feel nice to use it in there as well. Although not my favorite plug of the bunch, I definitely plan on using The Holt more often by myself and with my partner.
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  • Contributor: Jimbo Jones
    Although this doesn't seem to have much of a neck on it, you had no problems with it trying to come out while you were wearing it or during an orgasm? Looks like another awesome plug from Tantus. Thanks for the great review!
  • Contributor: Foxxy Kitty
    I didn't have any problems at all, i was very surprised that it managed to stay in during orgasmic. I'm now a fan of Tantus bum plug products! :)
  • Contributor: Research
    Sounds like a great plug, I'll have to look into it.
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