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HOLT! Who Goes There?

Taking on the Holt butt plug is piece of cake! It makes back door fun comfortable and safe. It's an appetizing first course to bigger and better things to come, if you dare! This is one plug I'll be reaching for regularly!
Small, silicone, easy to clean, durable.
No optional sizes or colors.
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If toying with your ass, or someone else's, is something that appeals to you, and you've never owned a Tantus product, now may just be the time to purchase your very first one! The Holt Butt Plug may have a higher price tag than some of its counterparts, but remember, you aren't just buying a sex toy, you are making an investment in a quality product that will last a long time with proper care. Beginners will love the compact and comfortable design of this toy, which will make their introduction to anal stimulation a breeze!

Tantus uses an environmentally-friendly, green process in manufacturing their silicone toys. Because the ingredients are inert and free of harmful chemicals, they won't pollute the planet, and besides, silicone will last longer, therefore creating less waste, because there's no need to replace it as often, if at all!

Holt is constructed from 100% Ultra-Premium Platinum Silicone, which is non-toxic, phthalate free, hypoallergenic, odorless, tasteless, and can be sterilized in the event you want to share it with a partner, but chances are, you'll want to keep it for yourself. Let him/her get their own!

The texture is incredible! It has a velvety, matte finish, a bit of drag, and is very smooth and seamless. With the exception of a few minimal, widely spaced, and barely noticeable ridges, using this toy will be a smooth and very gentle experience. Not only is it soft when squeezed, but it's erect enough to slide right in, without flopping around.

Holt isn't intimidating at all! In fact, some may wish it was a bit larger. In the future, it would be nice to see multiple sizes of this toy, but for now, users must be content with its 4-1/4 inch insertion (5-1/4 inches total length), 1-1/4 inch diameter, and 4-inch circumference. It's big enough to notice, but not to cause any discomfort.

The design mimics a small penis, so for the most part, it's anatomically correct, with the exception of veins and a scrotum. Its head is well rounded and the lip isn't too pronounced, so it should slide in with ease. The shaft sits upon a flared, rectangular-shaped base for loss-prevention purposes. As of right now, its only available color is pitch black.

This toy will attract lint, so it's best to store it in a plastic bag or in a lint-free cloth. Its packaging is somewhat bulky, but it could equally double as a storage case.

It's 100% waterproof and can be safely and fully sterilized in boiling water or in a 10% bleach solution, without either method compromising the integrity of the silicone. Warm water and antibacterial soap works well for regular cleanings.

Only a water-based lubricant should be used with this toy!

It's also discreet enough to throw in your bag, heck even in your pocket if you have really baggy jeans! Or, if you are really daring, leave it right in your tushie while you go on about your daily activities. It's comfortable enough to sit on too, because the flared base is thin and somewhat flexible.

Holt has my blessing for easy rear-entry play that is not only very comfortable, but also leaves room for other toys to be used in conjunction with it. It's one of the best and safest butt plugs I've used to date.
Because of it's compact size, Holt made it easy for me to do a little DP with my rabbit vibrator pounding away at my pussy. I was so involved in what was going on up front that I almost forgot Holt was in my ass until I got ready to orgasm, clenching my sphincter muscles tightly around that tiny organ.
Follow-up commentary
I still love my HOLT, although I don't really use it that much, because frankly, I have so many other butt toys to play with. I still think it's a good investment and the size and material are just right for a new anal adventurer.
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