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The Icicles Number 14 is a good general purpose, and P-spot, plug that can be used for temperature play if wanted. The glass material feels good and is easy to take care of, and the design is comfortable for long term wear provided you can be careful sitting down. The curved body is comfortable and stimulating, and the handle is easy to snag with a finger, but the round hole makes manipulation difficult.
Shape easy to insert and doesn't poke. Stimulates prostate. Mostly comfortable.
Large ring base gets in the way of sitting down and can be hard to manipulate.
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The Icicles No. 14 butt plug is a dual-use toy. It works as a comfortable full-size glass buttplug for everyone, and if you or your partner have a prostate the toy also does a good job of stimulating that.
    • Anal
    • P-spot

Material / Texture

The Icicles Number 14 is made from Pyrex glass, and therefore has many of glass' wonderful features. The surface is smooth, becoming very slick when lubed, and the hard glass is great for directing stimulation, and can be combined with a vibrator for added stimulation. Due to the stiff, heavy nature of the glass a more powerful vibrator works better than a bullet, but I was able to feel light vibrations at my prostate when a bullet was held against the handle of the Icicles plug.

The surface of the Icicles Number 14 is absolutely smooth, with no bulges or bumps other than the main body of the plug. While smooth, the hard, slick surface is still stimulating, but the stimulation comes predominantly from the volume and shape of the toy rather than the surface.
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all
    • Rigid

Design / Shape / Size

The interior portion of the Icicles Number 14 plug is very well designed. While the plug is full-sized at five and a half inches around (1-5/8" maximum diameter), the tapered head of the plug makes insertion easy and doesn't poke at your insides during use. When designing this plug Pipedream didn't taper the front and call it good, they also made the taper between the neck and body gradual as well so removal is easy and comfortable. The seven-eighths of an inch diameter neck is wide enough to let you know that you're wearing a plug yet small enough to be comfortable and secure. Not only is the neck diameter right, the neck length is just about perfect as well. With an inch and a quarter between the bulge and base this plug feels right at home during use, with just a bit of extra length for play but not so much that you feel the plug is flopping around.

Supplementing these fine qualities is the gentle bend in the neck, which gives a bit more prostate stimulation during use as well as preventing the tip of the plug from poking the side of the rectum when the entire four inches of insertable length is being used.

Now our tour brings us to the exterior handle portion of the Icicles Number 14, the disappointing part of this plug.

The handle is a round ring of two inches outside diameter. It does a great job of keeping the plug from sliding all the way inside and being lost, and it is easy and secure to grab onto for removal. All good attributes so far, but the downside to the round ring is that it's round. The two inches of diameter not only keep the plug from going all the way inside, but they also stick out two inches from the anus, which makes it a bit difficult to comfortably sit down while wearing the plug. The round inner hole of the handle is easy to grab, but it's difficult to hold onto if you want to wiggle the plug or direct pressure towards the prostate. All things considered the Icicles Number 14 would be a much better, almost perfect plug if they modified the handle to be an oval similar to the handle on the Pure Plug series.


The Icicles Number 14 is a nice plug that generally works well. There was good prostate stimulation during use, and the plug was comfortable and secure in general. The curved body pressed against the prostate slightly when it was inserted at all times, and for when I wanted more stimulation I could press the plug more firmly against the prostate or wiggle back and forth. In all of my testing I didn't notice any uncomfortable poking, and insertion was easy for a glass plug of this size - just lubricate, push in gently and wiggle. The large handle allows for easy side to side manipulation and rotation, as well as easy pushing back and forth using the anus as a fulcrum. The only unfortunate things from a performance standpoint related to the circular handle, as it stuck out noticeably from between the buttocks and required some care when figuring out how to sit down.

The circular handle also made it difficult to do a controlled wiggle against the prostate, and also prevented successful use on the G-spot because it was difficult to apply pressure with the round handle.

Except for the handle this would have made a nice long-term wear plug, and indeed it can be used for that purpose as long as you don't need to sit down much or mind the handle being noticeable.
    • Comfortable

Care and Maintenance

As the Icicles Number 14 is made of glass, care is easy and straightforward. After use it can be cleaned with soap and water, toy cleaner or run through a dishwasher, and if you wish it can be sanitized with a 10% bleach solution or by boiling. Since it is glass it is very durable, but could potentially be broken or scratched so you should keep it away from hard objects, possibly by using a cloth bag or old (clean) sock.

Being made of glass this plug can be used with any lube you wish, oil, water, or silicone based.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


The box that the Icicles Number 14 comes in is a black and white motif tastefully decorated with pictures of the plug and a magnetically latched door covering a plastic viewing window. Inside the Number 14 is securely swaddled in a glued and cut foam shipping tray that can be reused for a while to store the plug safely, but you'll probably want to come up with something more permanent. While it isn't exactly discreet, the packaging for the Number 14 is not embarrassing either, with no pictures of people or any specific mention of what the toy is designed to do (though it's likely that people will figure it out).
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