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I Want, I Want, I Want--MORE !

This toy is fantastic for double penetration with a couple. Make sure that you read the follow-up review! That's when I really played with this like I wanted to.
This is one of the most unusual cock rings I've seen!
This is not a beginner toy!
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useful review
(Important Note: When I wrote this review, I had not played with it the way that I really wanted. I have now, and I love it. However, I'm leaving the initial review primarily intact because although I love this, I don't think it's an easy toy for all couples. Please read my follow up review for my real feelings on this toy. I think it's fantastic!)

First, I apologize. This is not the review I wanted to write. Have you ever wanted something badly, and then found that it just wasn't right? I wanted the Bandito. Badly. I absolutely love the idea of a dildo attached to a cock ring. That's just hot. I'm immediately seeing visions of double penetration with one person. Instant desire. Yet only days after I received it, my sex life went into major upheaval. Double penetration is often considered an extreme sexual act. When I wrote the initial review I needed to move on, and come back with revisions.

The Bandito is an incredibly cool toy, but it is not a beginner toy. It's 100% silicone, so it's safe and easy to clean. It's one of the safest materials! It's a combination of cock ring and dildo. Not every male is comfortable with a cock ring, and not everybody is interested in anal play (easier to learn). However, I can see some men being uncomfortable with a different aspect of the Bandito. Managing the location of two cocks (one real, one silicone) during sex when one is attached to your cock is bound to be a bit awkward for a number of people. Not for beginners! It's going to require a certain amount of flexibility and playfulness. The Bandito is about the diameter of most cocks and about as rigid. In other words it's stiff, but bouncy.

(Although as I write this I'm wondering how females used to strap-ons could make it work! That might be incredibly hot.)

Jimbo Jones did a review on this. He said the cock ring portion is too small for him. Well, it's not too small for my husband, and I'm going to say that Jimbo is "large" not average! I measured it. The inside diameter is 1 3/4 inches. Then it has a bit of stretch to it. I know that Jimbo used it as a more traditional cock ring0 around both the cock and the balls.

I've played with this alone. As long as you make sure it's clean, you could play with it anywhere. It didn't appeal to me vaginally. I think that makes sense because I think it's meant to be used more as a butt plug while fucking. As a butt toy, it's great. (Have to love silicone then!) It's soft enough not to be uncomfortable, large enough to make a difference. It's long enough that when playing alone, I only wanted the first two beads. That's about four and a half inches.

It feels like it would work great for double penetration. Long, flexible, easily cleaned. One day, I hope that it will.
Follow-up commentary
I finally had the opportunity to play with this the way it was meant to... With a partner. It is a cock ring after all. AAG did a review of this on Jane's and Jimbo has done one as well on Eden. AAG's wasn't in favor of it. Jimbo liked it, but he had some issues. This Bandito is absolutely fabulous and I loved it. My partner, who doesn't usually like toys loved this one as well!

I've played with toys in my ass before, and a couple of times I've played with anal toys while fucking. I always loved it. This was different, and better. This day it started out as a butt plug before it ended up as a cock ring. The Bandito is large, and needs a bit of your favorite lube! In moments, I was on my back being fucked by both a silicone and real cock at the same time thinking that I wanted nothing but more. It was fantastic.

The Bandito is better than a regular butt plug as there was a slight movement of the toy as my partner moved. Unlike several butt toys, there was never any concern about if was staying in place or not. If it didn't, not my concern this time. I was able to relax completely with it.

My partner had the ring around his cock only. It was loose enough to move slightly, but not fall off. It was also easily and quickly removed when he wanted to do move on! The cock ring portion does not function as traditional cock rings, but similar to a harness. I suspect you could wear this with a traditional cock ring at the same time, but that didn't happen for us.

I recommend this toy for all couples that are comfortable with their sexuality, have had some anal experience and willing to explore. All I can say is that I want more, more more of it!
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  • Cock Wrangler
    Why not try it on a dildo on your own? Could make for an interesting solo DP experience. I always wonder about material interactions when talking about putting cock rings on dildos, though...I suppose a condom in between would take care of it, or I'm being overly protective of my silicone.
  • Bulma
    I think Jimbo Jones was wearing it cock and balls style so as to not smash his balls. My husband is 1.5 inches in girth but takes a 2 inch cock ring, so I can see how this would be small for an average size.
    I agree with CW on trying it on a dildo, it should work nearly as well that way as it would on a real cock. Yeah, I think this would indeed be a very hot toy for strap on sex too.
    Glad it is working well as a solo butt toy for you, and I hope things turn around for you so I can read the follow up review! Selfish I know :P Seriously, I'm going through some crap relationship wise myself right now, so my heart goes out to you and I wish you the best and a speedy heal :)
  • Dragon
    Hi CockWrangler and Bulma.

    I forgot to mention that. (MY Bad!) I did try it on a glass dildo. My favorite in fact... It didn't work. The diameter of the dildo was smaller and it kept slipping. I got frustrated with it, and played with them separate at the time.

    That's part of what makes me think this is not an easy toy to manage. I think it's worth the effort though, and I haven't given up hope. It's just not the right toy for me at this point in time.
  • Jimbo Jones
    Devilbluedress - first off let me say that I'm sorry to hear you are having relationship issues, and I hope things improve for you soon.
    I do like to use it behind my testicles because I think it holds better for me and is easier to manage that way. We were able to do a little more playing with it last night, so I need to write a follow up review on it. I did make the alteration cut that helps it fit a little bit better. I also keep it wrapped around the base of an old shampoo bottle to help stretch it out. Those both seem to work to provide a better fit. If my partner were to try to use it with a dildo for DP on herself (which I don't imagine her wanting to do) I would probably suggest she use a big dildo with testicles like Vixen Creations' Johnny.
    Good job working around the issues that stood in your way. I'll be looking forward to a follow-up review based on new experiences.
  • Dragon
    Thanks Jimbo. I appreciate it.

    Jimbo uses the Bandito on his cock and balls both. I can see that being a bit tight for most people that way. However, I can see the Bandito actually fitting on most men when just being worn on a cock. One day we'll try it.
  • Victoria
    Thanks for the follow up.
  • Ice Ice Baby
    Your experience in the follow up is similar to mine. My boyfriend uses the bandito around his cock only and it fits well. We've mainly used it doggy style and then my boyfriend prefers to control it with his hand, but it's good for DP during missionary if you want the dildo to move.
  • Dragon
    Ice Ice Baby- hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! We actually started out doggy style with it for insertion, but then I got "flipped." That's when it ended up on his cock.
  • Bignuf
    Thanks for the great review. I am definitely ordering one.
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