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Please Don’t Steal My Little Bandito

The Bandito is a unique toy for men from Jollies. It is essentially a cock ring with a 10” dildo attached. It is designed to be used in one of two ways. First, it can be used for masturbation enhancement if he is not opposed to anal play. Second, it could fulfill his (or her) fantasy of double penetration by being inserted in the same or other orifice on his female bodied partner. It has the length necessary to stay in while the various movements of sex take place.
Made of silicone, useful for double penetration or enhancement of masturbation.
Cock ring loop is too small, even for me.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review
I have never had the pleasure of owning a toy made by the company Jollies. They are a company that produces high quality silicone products similar to Tantus, Vixen Creations, Happy Valley and others. The thing that makes Jollies different is that many of their toys are very unique. The Bandito is no exception. I have never seen a toy quite like this. Jollies states that the Bandito is their first in a series of planned “Jack Key” toys. I guess that means that they are essentially cock rings with a dildo attached. To me it is a very interesting attempt to make something to fit a niche.

Jollies designed the Bandito|Probe by Jollies LLC to be used by a man in one of two ways. In either case you are inserting your penis and testicles through the loop on the end of the Bandito like a cock ring and then putting the dildo end somewhere else. In the case of solo play, you put the dildo into your own ass then masturbate as usual and enjoy the transmissions of your cock movement back into your anal cavity. When using the Bandito for partner play, the dildo end goes into your partner – either in the same hole as your penis or into the other hole. This opportunity for use with a partner really intrigued me as it provides me with a way to fulfill my fantasy of double penetration|Double penetration fantasy on my partner without involving another person.

So, the question on the lips of every reader out there is: Does it work? My answer to that question is: YES. I was able to successfully use it for both solo and partner play and enjoyed both experiences very much.

The first time we used the Bandito, I first made sure that I could actually put it in place successfully. With considerable effort I was able to get it home around the base of my penis. I then removed it and spent some time on my wife until she had a nice orgasm. Then she went to work on me. After she had me semi-hard, I stopped her (so hard to do) and put the Bandito back in place. She continued to work on me and noticed the difference in my penis because of the cock ring. It wasn’t as pleasant for me as it normally is because the Bandito did not allow my testicles to rest where they normally do and since it was pretty tight, I didn’t want to leave it on too long. Once we both felt like I was ready, she positioned herself to be entered from behind. She didn’t want to try anal penetration that night, so I put both the toy and my penis into her vagina. It was a little uncomfortable for her because she said she could feel it pushing on her cervix, and it didn’t really do much for me either. I pulled out and wrapped the toy around my penis to re-enter her so that the Bandito was on top. She said that this felt better as it was not penetrating as far, but it still wasn’t that great. Next, she flipped on to her back and lifted her legs up and I allowed the Bandito to be back underneath my penis and entered her this way. This technique hit the nail on the head, so to speak, and she had an orgasm in short order which I gladly joined her in. It seems that from this position the Bandito pushed my penis up to make good contact with her g-spot and allow for a powerful orgasm.

In my opinion, however, the Bandito is not perfect. My main complaint? The ring portion is too small. Don’t get me wrong, I got my junk in there, but it was a tight fit and required some real force and discomfort on my part. Ladies, if you are buying this for your male partner, realize that he is really going to have to buy into this thing in order to make it work. There is no way that my partner would have been able to put this on me. She would have been too afraid of causing serious pain to my nether regions. I should also mention that girth-wise, I consider myself to be pretty average sized, so I think a lot of guys will probably have difficulty putting the Bandito in place. So, what’s the first thing I did after using the Bandito a couple of times? I cut a half inch slit at the bottom of the ring down the shaft of the toy and it seems to fit more comfortably now. So, in conclusion, if you can make it work for you the Bandito can be a unique and amazing toy.
After having some time with the Bandito, I really like the concept and am looking forward to more “Jack Key” toys from Jollies. When I had some alone time in the shower, I took the Bandito in for a little solo play. I first tested the toy with System Jo Anal Lubricant|Anal lubes: System JO personal anal lubricant since it is water-based and this is a silicone toy. I observed no reaction, so I got myself semi-hard and put the Bandito on backward so the shaft was facing toward my ass. I then lubed up that end of the toy as well as my ass and inserted it. It was easy enough to get in because it isn’t too big and is a little pointed which makes insertion easier. I then played with myself some more and noted the sensations. It wasn’t all that spectacular when I wasn’t doing anything extra with it. When I pushed on the exterior portion though, I could really feel it against my prostate. I continued to do that while I masturbated and had a terrific orgasm in short order. Following that experience, I made the alteration I mentioned earlier and tried it on again to find that I liked the size of the ring much better.
Follow-up commentary
Well, as promised I am providing a follow up review on the Bandito. We have been able to spend more time with it and although we seem to have found the most enjoyable things on the first go around, we are still very pleased with it as a new and different toy.
As mentioned before, I had already modified it a little to help it not be as tight, but before using it the next time I wrapped the cock ring portion around the base of a large shampoo bottle to loosen it up a little. The next time I put it on, I found it to be much easier to put on and more comfortable, so I would have to say that exercise was successful. It did not have as much impact on my erection or time to ejaculation because it was looser, and maybe the bottle is a little too big, so I may continue to experiment with this technique.
We also used the Bandito in a more traditional dildo application in my partner's vagina. She said that the stimulation was okay with the end being a touch "pokey" and I found it wasn't quite as firm as I would like for really good g-spot stimulation. The cock ring portion makes for a good handle, but it still doesn't match the G-Force in tried-and-true dildo applications.
Finally, we used the Bandito in a more traditional double penetration application] by first putting it on me and then sliding the Bandito into my partner's ass and then I penetrated her vagina with my cock. This did not provide as much internal stimulation as we were hoping for and she is still a tad uncomfortable with anal play, so we did this until I finished but it wasn't really going any where with her. She like both the Bandito and my cock in her vagina at the same time and although that seems like a lot to take in, the full feeling and the Bandito pushing my cock toward her g-spot drive her crazy.
Hope that takes care of all the questions out there. The Bandito is a great toy and well worth the cost of admission in my opinion. It would be perfect if the cock ring were available in different diameters.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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  • Jimbo Jones
    Thanks for the comment Ice. Due to the size of the ring, you might be right, but the Jollies website says "the Jack Key toys are designed to be worn either around the testicles, or the base of the penis." I generally take the base of the penis to be behind the testicles, but maybe they mean in front of the testicles as you say. I think at that position it would tend to penetrate too far as you netion. I'm working on getting the ring to stay at a larger diameter. This really all returns to my original point which is that it would be nice if the ring came in larger sizes. Keep working with it, I'm sure you'll have loads of fun with it!
  • Dragon
    I just reread this. Did I understand that you actually had sex with your wife with your cock and the bandito in her cunt at the same time? That actually sound like a bit much for most women... (Not all... and a song is playing called "wildest dreams! LOL)
  • Jimbo Jones
    @Devilbluedress - I got you to re-read this after you wrote your review? Yes, we did put them both in her cunt at the same time. It actually worked pretty well. I told you I wasn't very big. In fact, we played some more with DP last night and I will write some more about it in a follow up review. She had to be VERY warmed up, but she really enjoyed the very full feeling she had with both insider her cunt at the same time.
  • Dragon
    Yummy, Yummy, Yummy. Started a forum on this. I need to go back to my review.
  • Jimbo Jones
    DBD - the Bandito can be quite the treat, so I am glad you are having so much fun with yours. The DP can be amazing and I hope you and your partner enjoy it for everything it's worth. Thanks for the comment.
  • Jimbo Jones
    For those that may still be interested, I need to update on the storage of loop end of the Bandito wrapped around a shampoo bottle. Maybe the shampoo bottle I was using was too big, but eventually it did break the loop and now my Bandito is pretty useless. I may just have to pick up another one for myself. Just a warning for any body out there who might be trying to use that technique.
  • Dragon
    I still love the Bandito. We never tried it around the balls, but used it as a cock ring around the shaft only. This is still not a beginner toy, and not for everyone, but I do think it's well worth it for those that are willing and playful.
  • Jimbo Jones
    I think the Bandito is an awesome concept no matter how it is used. I hope that Jollies continues to explore their "Jack Key" toys idea. I have since broken my Bandito by leaving it wrapped around a shampoo bottle that was too large and am hoping to replace it soon. Thanks for the comment DBD.
  • Cream in the Cupcake
    yep, on the back is best for double vag. I was looking for something like this because we get so tired reaching around with a dildo (we currently use the cybercock). I agree to that it is better to have the penis on the top side too, the pubic bone area. I love double vaginal too so I cannot wait to try this toy. Its ganna be tough to get my man to put it on but Ill probably have to stretch it to make it more comfy. Thanks for the awesome review!!!
  • Jimbo Jones
    You are welcome, Cream in the Cupcake. This is a pretty awesome toy for double penetration. My one complaint is that the ring is too small to go behind the testicles. I cut mine and then let it stretch, but I guess I did too much as it did eventually break, so I hope you have better luck.
  • Eucaly
    Great review!
  • Jimbo Jones
    Thank you for the compliment, Eucaly!
  • I'll Miss You EF :(
    I want this one so bad, shame I'll probably never get to have it!
  • MR Chickhabit
    shame its too small, thats one of the cardinal sins for cock rings

    excellent review regardless
  • Jimbo Jones
    SGCris, it is too bad that it seems like Jollies has stopped making this. Even if I didn't think it was perfect, its uniqueness means it will be missed.
    I never really thought of there being a set of cardinal sins for cock rings, MR Chickhabit, but now that you mention it, being too small should definitely be on the list. Thank you for your compliment.
  • Bignuf
    Thanks for the great review. I am definitely ordering one.
  • Jimbo Jones
    You are welcome, Bignuf and thank you for the compliment. If you can find one, then make sure to snatch it up because I think they are no longer being made.
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