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Probe by Jollies LLC

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The Bandito sneaks right in- and you'll notice!

There's no toy on the market like the Bandito. This combination cock ring + dildo carries the movement of a male's thrusts, allowing two phalluses to move together for an unparalleled monogamous double penetration sensation. Effective for traditional double penetration and for "double stuffing," the silicone Bandito will be a prized possession for DP aficionados.
Absolutely revolutionary; body-safe monogamous double thrusting, double penetration.
Seam (visible, not felt). Most potential for heterosexual couples. Limited supply.
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review


The Bandito is conceptually brilliant. Whether one or both partners has a double penetration fantasy, or you simply crave the feeling of being stuffed full, the Bandito allows a monogamous heterosexual couple to have two functioning phalluses moving synchronously.

Double penetration, double thrusting, just one partner---the Bandito is revolutionary. It works both for standard DP (with one penis and one toy in each orifice) in either configuration, and for "double stuffing." No matter how the Bandito sneaks in, the male's movements will be transferred through the silicone, and the female will feel two cocks moving in concert. The male+Bandito is far superior to a male+a stationary toy combination because of this.

The revolutionary ideas which catch on best are those which keep things simple; the Bandito definitely does. Slip the cock ring around the cock (but not behind the balls) and hey presto, your man's got two cocks!

The Bandito is also designed for self-contained male use, with the ring around the cock and the dildo in the anus. My partner's predilections prevent us from testing this capacity, so this use will not be part of the review. Jimbo Jones sums it up, if you're curious.
    • Couples
    • Double penetration
    • Heterosexual couples

Material / Texture

My Bandito is handmade of a beautiful swirled blue 100% medical grade silicone resin. It is quite firm when squeezed, but because of its length, it can be folded into a circle with a little bit of force. It holds its upward curve when held by the ring alone. Its resistance to compression is part of its appeal in double penetration---but more on that later. It is shiny, but still has a bit of drag when inserted. The cock ring portion is quite stretchy, and should fit over most members. I can fit all five fingers in up to the first knuckles, and my fingers are big.

I was surprised, given that Jollies LLC was usually grouped with Tantus and other giants in the world of silicone, to find that my Bandito has a visible, touchable seam. It even has a small flap.

Luckily, the seam is very thin, so it is not felt when inserted vaginally or anally.

This silicone, unlike most other silicone toys I've encountered, is not completely odorless. Its scent is not rubbery or off-putting, though---it smells faintly like a blueberry Mr. Sketch scented marker. Surprisingly, this smell has not washed off yet.
    • Light odor
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

Stock photos do not accurately convey the Bandito's size. All told, it is nearly a foot long. Not even close to the full length is insertable, of course, much of the length is taken up by a shaft which serves as a spring to convey movement. Still, if your sex toy storage won't accommodate a footlong item, be forewarned.

The Bandito can be thought of in three sections. The shaft section, as long as my palm+fingers (15 cm), connects the cock ring (3.5 cm inside dia unstretched) with the dildo (15 cm), as long as my palm+fingers again. The widest insertable diameter (3.7 cm, or just under 1.5 in) occurs three times along the waved dildo, which slips comfortably into vagina or anus. For my body, the Bandito walks the size limit line for a double penetration toy (and I don't bother to insert past the second bulge, so I have only 10 cm engaged during use). If it were much larger, I could not accommodate both my partner and his new swirled blueberry appendage---but it's not much larger, it's Goldilocks-perfect. I can experience the pleasure of being stuffed as fully as possible without stretching.

As the Bandito was only the first toy in a planned series (called Jack Keys) by Jollies Pleasure Toys, some of its features might be experimental. In my opinion, the shaft connecting the ring and the dildo is thicker than necessary, which adds to the Bandito's weight. At the same time, the heft of the shaft means the Bandito is firm enough to really carry your partner's motions into the dildo, so at the end of the day I'll gladly let my partner carry a little weight in exchange for such amazing function.

For scale, the Bandito ringing the Gold Laced G:
    • Ergonomic


Because the Bandito can be used in so many different ways, some experimentation may be necessary for you to discover your favorite configurations.

Before busting the Bandito out with my boyfriend, I gave it two test runs with dildos so I'd have some experience to go by. I used the Gold Laced G anally while the Bandito was in my vagina, and then I used Tantus' Techno vaginally and the Bandito anally. My shrinking violet of a vagina doesn't allow for double stuffing without discomfort, though Red's review can give some guidance if that's your prime interest. In both of the configurations I tried, the Bandito snuck right in, though some force was required to push the shaft back far enough to get the right angle when putting the Bandito in second. Thanks to the triple-bulge design, the Bandito will stay in place (whichever place you choose) once in. The Techno-vaginally/Bandito-anally combination worked best simply because of the size and base, and in both configurations I found the Bandito worked best "under" the dildo. That is, I was on my knees when the Bandito fit best vaginally, and on my back when the Bandito fit best anally. Thrusting with two dildos like this felt really wonderful. By placing my palm across the base of the dildo and the curved shaft of the Bandito, I was able to enjoy the sensation of simultaneous movement.

Armed with this knowledge, I lubed up my boyfriend, and we tested it out. There was a bit of an insertion learning curve, and he said it felt a bit weighty. After insertion (anal appendage first was our eventual decision), most of the weight was shared by my body. And then, the motion. Goodness. Double penetration with a partner and a dildo is a home run experience. Double penetration with a partner and the Bandito knocks it out of the park. Each thrust of my partner is felt in two places at once. Especially anally, with my muscles feeling the waves of the Bandito's shape moving in and out, combined with my partner's vigorous vaginal thrusting, I had an orgasm so powerful that I'm almost not sure if my circulation has returned to normal, two days later.

Luckily, the Bandito's firm silicone construction and its intelligent design mean that when I orgasm, my muscles clamp down to hold it in place, rather than force it out. I'm very thankful for this. Honestly, I couldn't have asked for a more well-designed toy.
    • Perfect

Care and Maintenance

Caring for pure silicone is simple. Before and after personal use, rinse with warm water and antibacterial soap. When switching from partner to partner, or from anus to vagina, sterilize it by boiling for 3 minutes or rinsing with a 10% bleach solution.

Lint-free storage will make your life easier, so let your Bandito rest between uses in a Ziploc or similar bag. I keep mine diagonally in a 1.5 gallon freezer bag. If you're restricted to locking cases, please check that the Bandito will fit before you buy it---again, this toy is nearly 12 inches long, and its design can't be explained as anything other than a sex toy.

To avoid interactions with silicone lubes, spot-testing in an inconspicuous area of a new silicone toy is advised. Because every inch of the Bandito matters, though, and because Jollies toys are limited commodities, I suggest using only water-based lubes.
    • Difficult to store
    • Easy to clean


The Bandito arrived in a clear unlabeled plastic box barely long enough to contain it. The lack of storable packaging is a shame, because the Bandito is definitely not a standard size. I will likely keep it in a 1.5 gallon freezer bag in my closet to avoid lint and prying eyes.
    • Minimal

Personal comments

It would be wonderful if Jollies Pleasure Toys was still with us, designing new and improved additions to the Jack Key line, and everyone would be able to decide which iteration was most up his/her alley. Unfortunately, Jollies is no more. It's hard for a layperson to know who will come to possess the patents for the brilliant double penetrator that is the Bandito, so even if this Bandito isn't your favorite color, snatch it up.

If you have ever had an interest in double penetration, seize your opportunity. If you enjoy double penetration but suspect that monogamy might be in your future, make sure there's a Bandito in your closet, now, while you still can.
Follow-up commentary
I'm still head-over-heels with the Bandito---this one never leaves the headboard. It is the ideal double penetration tool, with its perfect bulges that help keep it inside on orgasm.

We've started to branch into double vaginal penetration with Bandito as well (we go through bleach pretty darn quickly in my house...), and its shape is ideally designed to complement my partner's penis without interfering.

I have to admit---a lot of times, we won't even bother to loop this over him (if he's unshorn, the ring can pull hair unless you use lube), but the length of the handle still makes a great grip, and the design of the insertable part is just ideal for my body. Having the loop is still nice for the extra-coupled thrusting on a special occasion, though.

I really wish these were still being produced. It's honestly hard to imagine my sex life without the Bandito.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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