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These plugs are both great values! They're beautifully simple and easy to use. Because of their shapes they can be difficult to hold inside. The retrieval cord is very handy as well. These plugs were both wonderful additions to my collection!
inexpensive, feels great, attractive, and has a handy little cord
can be hard to hold inside
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There I was, looking for something inexpensive and fun. Since I hadn't played much with anal plugs|Anal vibrators - Vibrating butt plugs I felt it was due time to broaden my collection. I had a hard time decide which one I should buy, the 1.5" or the 2". Thankfully they only cost $13.99 and $16.99 so I bought them both. For the money these plugs are hard to beat. The Jelly material is nice and soft. They don't have an unpleasant smell. They're both attractive and well designed. They have a flared base that keeps them from getting lost but it's not so big that it gets in the way. They also have a cord attached for easy retrieval. In the past jelly toys have irritated my skin, but so far these haven't. For safety reasons I strongly recommend using a condom when using jelly toys. If your skin is sensitive to jelly products a condom will also prevent that.

The smaller toy is perfect for anyone new to the world of anal stimulation. It isn't the kind of butt plug|Anal Beads, Plugs & Probes you would leave in during sex. Most people would probably have a difficult time holding it inside because of how narrow and straight it is. It is best used as part of foreplay where one partner would use it on the other to get things loosened up and relaxed. It feels very nice and shouldn't intimidate anyone, not even an anal virgin.

The larger of the two butt plugs feels very good as well. You will definitely feel this one. Unlike the smaller one the body of the plug is nice and wide. It gives a very nice filling sensation. It flairs out in the middle much more than the smaller one so its easier to hold inside and can be used during sex. It might take a degree of concentration. Therefore, my only complaint of the toy is that I wish the neck were skinnier to make it easier to hold it in while playing around.

I'm very happy I bought them and I recommend them to first timers or anyone just looking for a good simple plug|Anal retriever - Butt plug by California Exotic.
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  • Oggins
    These do seem like an inexpensive option for the anal beginner to try out before moving up to a more expensive toy like silicone. Thanks for the review!
  • MaxD
    These look like fun. My only problem is that they are jelly. Thanks for the review!
  • Enigma
    Oggins: Silicone is not always better. When used anally, because of the density of some silicone toys such as the feeldoe it doesn't have any squish to it so it can be painful especially to anal tissue. Sometimes having a nice soft jelly butt plug is just what the doctor ordered. They are great for the anal beginner but they are also great for anal pros.

    MaxD: Some peoples' skin reacts badly to jelly. If that is your problem with the jelly then cover it with a latex condom. I do that with my other larger jelly toys and it makes a wonderful difference! Besides you should always use a condom on any jelly toy used anally, especially if you share your butt toys with a special person. As for lube I recommend ID Millenium.

    These really are great little toys, and for what they cost you just can't go wrong... unless you don't buy them. Just stay safe and use a condom when you play with jelly toys!
  • Actually, when warmed up properly and used with lube, silicone is usually much better. You mentioned the jelly health concern- and it's true, condoms can (and should!) be used to handle those. However, any fluid/lube/etc. that ever comes into contact with that jelly toy will be absorbed. You don't have the option to sterilize or clean properly, even with precautions, if you ever find yourself needing to.

    Also, the Feeldoe uses very firm silicone (and isn't meant for anal penetration, though of course it can be used that way if it works). Not all silicone is that hard.

    Lastly, these toys may be less expensive initially, but jelly breaks down fast (pretty much any other material it comes into contact with will aid in the process, including latex), while silicone can easily last your entire lifetime. Things to consider.
  • Jimbo Jones
    I agree, these are inexpensive alternatives to explore the world of anal play and see if one wants to invest in something better. I'll also agree with CW that some silicones are softer than others, so it is worth shopping around and reading reviews before one selects a more expensive toy to graduate to. Thanks for the review.
  • Nashville
    I don't know... I'd be wary of an anal toy with a small looking base and a retrieval cord.
  • Enigma
    The base is not small in person, nor does it feel small when being used. The cord is handy but superfluous. You won't lose it.
  • Naughty Student
    It must feel wonderful to have someone tug the cord lightly from time to time, yummy :)
  • maebey
    thanks for the review!
  • Jon S
    ty for the review
  • Bignuf
    Thanks for the great review of this little plug on a rope!
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