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The Master Tool #1 by Doc Johnson is essentially a large butt plug with a curve to allow for prostate stimulation. It is made of Sil-a-Gel which is a non-latex, phthalate-free, antibacterial material. It has about the same stiffness as most silicone toys. This is not a toy for an anal beginner, but if you are a more advanced anal player, then this might be a good, inexpensive toy to add to your arsenal.
Good size and shape for experienced anal players.
Not silicone, base is too big for long term wear.
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Maybe it’s just me, but it seems that Doc Johnson has become very confident recently in how they name their anal toys. I mean I reviewed|Pro-pal for men review the Pro Pal a while back, and now I have the Titanmen Master Tool #1|TitanMen master tool 1 in my hand (ass?) for review. The similarities between these two toys are:

1. They are both anal toys but not well suited for anal novices (due to size)

2. They are both black

3. Neither of them is made from my favorite sex toy material (silicone)

Other than that, the two toys are fairly dissimilar. The Master Tool #1 is made from an interesting material called Sil-a-Gel. Depending on who you talk to, Sil-a-Gel is either a PVC product (similar to jelly), or it is a thermoplastic rubber (TPR) compound. Some sites even say that it contains silicone, but I doubt that since it comes with a sample of silicone-based lubricant and neither the free lube nor my System Jo|System JO personal anal lubricant silicone-based lubricant reacted adversely with the toy. There does seem to be some agreement that it does not contain latex or phthalates. It is supposed to be antibacterial, but no one says it is free of pores, so there may be conditions where it could harbor bacteria. One last thing before I leave the material discussion, I do not like how Sil-a-Gel smells. It seems like they put an awful perfume on the Master Tool to cover the smell of the material. If you put it close to your nose, you can get past the perfume and smell the material. This makes me think that it may be releasing chemicals, but maybe that smell is the anti-bacterial additive. I just don’t know. All of this leaves the problem of whether or not you can safely share it (either with your partner or between orifices) in question. To be on the safe side, I wrapped the toy in a condom for my penetrative testing.

I already mentioned that Master Tool #1 is a big toy; how big you ask? Well, it has a circumference of 5.25” which means a diameter of about 1.67”, which is in the upper range of things this intermediate anal player has tried to put inside his ass. It has a nice bend in it for purposes of prostate stimulation. The top half has a glossy finish and the bottom half has a matte finish, so I think it looks pretty good. It has a substantial base which makes it very suitable for anal play because there should be no chance of it getting taken all the way in unless someone decides to get extremely aggressive. Since I brought the base up, this is a feature that I feel causes this toy to fall into the realm of butt plugs. Doc Johnson may have intended for it to be considered a prostate massager or something like that, but I really think I would call it a plug instead. From this standpoint, I would say that the base is a little too big to allow for comfortable long term wear as a plug.
After receiving the Master Tool #1 and removing it from its packaging, I tried to ignore the smell as I admired the simple yet elegant appearance of it. I washed it thoroughly to try to get off as much smell as I could and put it in the shower with a condom and several lubrication options for some wet and wild solo fun. I also made sure to bring a warmup toy with me, because I could tell by the size that I would probably have to work up to the Master Tool. I was surprised that after a little warmup it did not take me much effort to get the Master Tool seated inside. I felt decent pressure against my prostate as I moved it around. Its design is not well-suited to thrusting or a lot of rocking, but the base is definitely big enough to push it around pretty well. After some time spent exploring the sensations, I found myself pretty aroused and took cock in hand for a little self-love. It wasn’t long before I was on the edge and relaxed enough that I felt the Master Tool making its way out of me (maybe too much lube – if that’s possible with anal toys). The large head popped out just as I reached orgasm and it was an extremely pleasurable experience.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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