New Meaning to the Term 'Woody'

The Treeze Bubble Plug is a delightfully different spin on the classic butt plug. The smooth finish makes for easy, yet filling, insertion and the bubble design makes for some thrusting possibilities. Compatible with all lubricants and easy to clean this toy will become a staple in your collection.
Smooth, non-porous, perfect size for most users.
Very light, base could be better shaped.
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extremely useful review
The Don Wands line of wood composite toys has had our eye for some time and thankfully we finally got our greedy paws on the Treeze Large Bubble Plug. Could it mean that we are embracing the new 'green' thinking by going with a renewable material like wood? Will the environmentalists be encouraged to know that chemical products like silicone, jelly, and rubber may be falling to the wayside? Finally, will our back doors be able to enjoy this more natural type of insertable? All good questions that took our testing program to its limits!

For starters, we really must quell any thoughts about this butt plug being environmentally friendly in any way other than to the rectal regions. Sure it's made from some wood, but that's more than offset by laminating it with gobs and gobs of urethane. The urethane is what makes for the super smooth, glossy, and hygienically superior properties of this Don Wands plug. Splinters will not happen with this toy, which has to allay concerns for anyone shoving wood where the sun doesn't shine. Urethane is also inert when fully cured, so there's no issue with icky phthalates and porosity to allow nasty bacteria to enter. The real drawback of the construction material is that it's very light (weighs about 1/4 pound) and both myself and my partner do prefer a hefty anal toy to make its presence known.

Color wise, the design initially seemed very 70's to us. It was reminiscent of our parents wallpaper choices from that time period and first thoughts were that the red, black, and beige stripes were tacky. The artwork has grown on us and if you look at this toy from other sides a bulls-eye is visible. Target practice with a butt plug just seems too fitting! It should also be mentioned that a lovely padded storage bag comes with this product and we actually do use it.

The bubble on the shaft has proven to be quite enjoyable and gives the wearer another ridge to look forward to during insertion. Just as the anus starts to clamp closed another delightful bulge stretches things back open before coming to rest around the neck at the base. The base is an excellent size to prevent loss of the plug internally and still is reasonably comfortable for long term wear without chaffing the cheeks. A more oval base would likely be more pleasing but neither of us have had complaints even after wearing for upwards of 2 hours. Total depth of insertion is about 4 1/2" and the maximum diameter is 1 1/2" so users of most ability should be able to take the Treeze Bubble Plug without many difficulties. We also did not have issues with the toy popping out on its own accord which is probably because of the 1/2' diameter difference between the last bubble and the neck.

The construction allows for use of silicone, oil, and water-based lubricants, so grab whatever is handy without worrying about ingredients. A definite plus! Cleaning is also fairly simple. We have wiped the toy down with bleach solutions and so far have not had any issues with the finish fading, cracking, or peeling. Boiling and dishwashers should probably be avoided as, although the plug is waterproof, the intense heat could degrade the finish.
We've had a full two weeks to experiment with the Bubble Plug and both of us have enjoyed it to the point of it becoming a staple in our adventures together. From my perspective it's fills me up just perfectly without being overly large and causing discomfort. I like to have it used more conventionally as a plug. Once it's in, it stays in while I please myself with other vibrating clitoral toys or have vaginal intercourse. I've enjoyed long-term wear around the house while doing chores like vacuuming without it slipping out and have also enjoyed it while sitting at the computer (maybe even while typing reviews!)

My husband, while enjoying it as a conventional plug, also finds it pleasurable to have it stroked in and out over the last bubble. Personally, I think the larger bubble is rubbing his prostate making my work even easier! We have shared obviously, but have disinfected the toy with a bleach solution before ally-ooping. As far as long-term wear, out of the house, it probably won't happen as the base seems of protrude just a little bit too much and could make it noticeable. Something I'd definitely prefer not to explain!
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  • Contributor: Sir
    Great review, Toying Couple. I agree about the design, though - I'm much more attracted to Hardwood and Nobessence's wood products.
  • Contributor: ToyingCouple
    Thanks Sir, for the kind compliment. While I am also intrigued by the products you mention as alternatives, they are pricey!
  • Contributor: Sammi
    There's something about the color pattern on these that I really love.
    Good review!
  • Contributor: Maiden
    Great review!
  • Contributor: ToyingCouple
    Thanks Sammi and Maiden, the pleasure was really ours!
  • Contributor: Kcito
    youre better off with the same design but made of silicon or glass, this toy is more expensive and can't be sterilized by boiling.

  • Contributor: Blooddragon
    Thank you!
  • Contributor: Cookie Monster Mike
    Thank you, not only a good review but a good looking toy.
  • Contributor: zracer
    Great review
  • Contributor: angel142stx
    Good review
  • Contributor: kinksters
  • Contributor: evecat
  • Contributor: Entropy
    Thanks for your review, very informative, I was hoping the base would be more comfy.
  • Contributor: bayosgirl
  • Contributor: spineyogurt
    Thanks for your review
  • Contributor: hatman
    thanks for the interview kudos!
  • Contributor: Bullfroggy and Rose
    thank you
  • Contributor: FHeemz
    Thanks for reviewing. Wood had me worried at first, but I'm starting to warm up to the idea!
  • Contributor: Nirelan
    Thanks for the review
  • Contributor: Alex Time
    Thanks for the review, looks really interesting. Pity it's been discontinued
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