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This is still one of the best crafted warm-up toys for beginners and intermediates to effectively seduce a reluctant asshole, allowing it to relax and open up.
100% silicone, very easy to clean & care for. Design allows for slow and gentle opening of the anus.
Lacks a well defined bottom neck so the plug will easily pop out; very much a ‘hands on’ toy.
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extremely useful review
The Flirt butt-plug is an excellent and safe device that can pretty much match the slow digital stimulation and stretch provided by one, then two and gradually three fingers.

Tantus introduced the Flirt as one of its first toys in its rise as an important maker of 100% pure medical or platinum grade silicone toys. This highest grade of silicone (a 10 on the EF product safety scale), means that a thorough clean-up - SO important when anal play is on the menu - is absolutely easy. Silicone can be well-washed with soap & water, and can be sterilized by boiling in water for 3 minutes, cleaning with a 10% bleach solution, or even popped into the dishwasher top rack (without soap) if you find you have that kind of toy traffic and volume to merit the water and electricity.

The Flirt is pretty simple. It looks like a bowling pin sitting on a pedestal. The tip is just a bit wider than a finger, and slopes to a neck 1/4” thinner about an inch from the tip, before it gradually widens again over the next 3 1/2” to get to the widest diameter of about 1 1/2”. Overall the Flirt has a comfortable insertable length of 4 3/4”.

The silicone of the Flirt is softer and has more give than the current Tantus butt-plugs like the Ace and Infinity. The non-porous material really gets the most out of lubes. Water-based lubes are the best choice (Maximus is a great example for anal play), though Tantus states that its silicone is compatible with silicone lubes. (I’ve used the Flirt with Pjur.) Test the toy with a small dab of your silicone lube on its base to see if it reacts with the silicone and becomes gummy or tacky; if so, then use a water-based product instead.

With plenty of lube on the toy, on and within the first and second anal sphincter (even inside the rectum, as it doesn’t self-lubricate, and protecting these sensitive tissues is a MUST for full enjoyment and safety) the small end of this toy is placed against the anus and gently, slowly inserted. The softer silicone in the Flirt (compared to more recent Tantus toys) may cause it to wiggle a bit before it gets seated, but once it does, the small size allows easy penetration.

Pay attention to your body, or your partner’s guidance. Very slowly more of the tip should be introduced. After reaching the small neck, the next stage will be even slower, and require patience. I find that a little, tiny forward progress can be comfortably made on slow exhales, if you or your partner are relaxed and paying attention to breathing. A little pull-back and teasing with the Flirt can be done, but this is not the time for abandoned thrusting. If there is any pain or burning STOP. Either go slower, or put things off for another time.

If done slowly and gently (and well-lubed), the widest part of the Flirt will slip into the anus very easily. There won’t be the sort of pleasant ‘pop’ many plugs provide as it slips from a marked width to a narrowness; the Flirt’s older design doesn’t have as well-designed a neck as more recent plugs. There is a diameter drop-off, and the base is well-designed to keep the Flirt from ever being completely eaten by a hungry anus, but you’re not going to get that nifty little feeling.

Once the Flirt is in, it can be easily pulled out or back a bit, due to the smooth curve. Re-inserting it will go much easier the second time; in a few minutes doing this a few more time, as the anus is now stretched comfortably to the 1 1/2” maximum diameter on the toy, the only problem with the Flirt shows itself: it’s almost impossible to keep in, once it’s effectively opened up the receiving asshole.

This is not a toy that performs well tucked inside a tush as you go onto other sexual diversions. It’ll pop out, due to that same gradual slope that made the initial stretching and insertion so easy. If you squeeze your PC muscles, chances are you’re going to launch a little missile. Keeping the Flirt inside means keeping a hand (yours or a partner’s) on the base, and pushing gently to keep it from propelling out.

On the very bright side, what it means is the Flirt has done its prime job - getting the anus open for play. The best metaphor, to borrow an image from EF reviewer ScottA is a pop-up turkey thermometer: when you can’t keep the Flirt in, you’re ready for something else - a bigger toy, a dildo...whatever’s on the agenda.
The Flirt always works like a charm whenever I want to start off a session involving anal play. Personally, though the silicone is so damned easy to care for and clean, I prefer to put a condom over the Flirt, which makes clean-up even easier. Also I would recommend a bit of internal lubrication in the rectum. There are products like the Astroglide Shooter, but I prefer an oral or topical syringe with a soft tip adapter, filled with your lube of choice and squirted just behind the sphincters. [ ] They are inexpensive, easy to clean, and very effective. And they are very easy to find. [ ]

The Flirt is sort of a one-note butt-plug, and it does the job of teasing open the ass so well that it’s hard not to admire the design. The only reason I don’t give it a perfect rating is because it isn’t really useful once it’s done its primary job, and some may find that annoying.

EF doesn’t always have the Flirt in stock, but carries two very similarly designed products here - the Luxotiq Stainless Steel and the Luxotiq glass. Both fix the one short-coming of the Flirt - the tendency to pop-out - but are much more expensive. However, the Flirt’s design is so wonderful for the purpose, that upgrading to these more deluxe versions is definitely worth considering if you are convinced the Flirt is just the thing you need but don’t find it...or like the Flirt, but just wish it would hang in there.
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  • Contributor: Sammi
    I have one of these, and it's great for a warm-up.

    Great review!
  • Contributor: ToyingCouple
    We also own a Big Flirt, never have been disappointed! Wonderful thorough review and it's great to see some fellow Canucks here!
  • Contributor: Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Great review Big smile
  • Contributor: reversecowgirl
    Great review. This sounds like a great warm up toy. I would love to know how the Luxotiq stainless steel and glass plugs compare with the Flirt.
  • Contributor: sixfootsex
    Thanks for the review! I like the analogy with a turkey thermometer...haha.
  • Contributor: kinksters
    love it! thank you!
  • Contributor: emilia
  • Contributor: pinkzombie
    Nice review!
  • Contributor: deleted54
    Great review. I lol'd at the "missile launch" comment.
  • Contributor: evecat
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