Plush intermediate sex toy review

This toy does everything it is intended for, and earns a shining review from me. Recommended for beginners and all interested in anal play.
Great for beginners, good material, and very effective.
Perhaps not intense enough for some.
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It's funny that when one looks forward to something, one pictures a mental image of what it will be like when his or her item arrives. In my case, I was looking forward to having this toy arrive, and built up a bit of a mental picture of what it would be like. Shortly after arrival, this toy blew all of my expectations out of the water.

Its size is a little intimidating at first, but the material is very soft and reassuring. Sure enough, this toy is sufficiently wide enough to be quite pleasurable without being very troublesome. Plus, the material lubricates very well, feeling almost like a soft rubber, which makes for rather easy insertion.

The only downside to its great lubricative quality is that the last bulge on the shaft of this plug is quite close to the suction-cup end of it, without very much "narrow room" in between, in comparison to the other two bulges. This causes a little bit of a problem when this toy is used anally, because those of us with slightly bigger butts find ourselves losing that last bulge, when our butt cheeks contract around the wider end of this toy, causing that last bulge to pop out.  This is rather uncomfortable, and tough to fix, especially in the middle of intercourse. This problem can usually be negated by using this toy vaginally, as having the legs in the proper position allows for the toy to remain in place for as long as needed. However, the amount of pleasure gained from using this toy vaginally is very low.

From a male standpoint, this toy feels amazing when inserted during intercourse. The bulges are wide enough to be felt through the vaginal wall, and it creates a heightened sense of pleasure for both participants, as long as the female is comfortable with anal play.

One other quick note is that this toy does a superb job of widening the anus in preparation for anal sex, causing less pain during the act of anal intercourse itself. If this toy is inserted, and left inside the anus for approximately 2-4 hours, the anus will remain stretched when the toy is removed, allowing for anal penetration with minimal pain immediately after removal. [Editor's note: Pain during any type of sex is not normal.  While discomfort is ok, if you are feeling PAIN, please stop that activity!]

In short, the Plush intermediate plug|Plush™ intermediate butt plug works very well for everything it is intended for, which earns it 4 stars from me. A recommended buy for everyone who is interested in anal play, especially beginners, as this is a very good plug to start out with.
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    For a little more sensation, try the Plush advanced... I wish they had a "Plush Expert"
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