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Rinse, rinse, repeat.

The Titanmen Anal Douche does what it is meant to do and does it quite well, especially for the price. It should be a good fit for most users, being ergonomically designed, though it cannot be shared safely between users due to its porosity. If you want an effective and economical means to a clean "end," this product can certainly work.
Ergonomic, Good water capacity, Easily-gripped bulb.
Indiscreet, Rubbery smell.
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The Titanmen Anal Douche, like any anal douche system, is used for cleansing of the rectum, generally prior to penetrative activity with a partner and/or a sex toy or as a standalone practice. A word of caution, however, anal douching shouldn't be an everyday activity as frequent use can disrupt the mucous lining of the rectum and can interfere with colon flora and bowel regularity. Don't be overzealous with this sort of thing! It's really meant for when you want to feel very clean (though a diet rich in fibre and water should allow for that naturally).

Your first use of this accessory should begin with a thorough cleaning of the inside and outside of the bulb; this will be covered in further detail later in the review. To use this anal douche, one should run water that is comfortably warm (but never hot) to the touch; I recommend using the underside of your wrist to test the water as our hands tend to be more accustomed to high temperatures. You don't want to use hot water as it can burn and irritate your sensitive rectal tissue. Similarly, cold water might be unpleasant feeling and can potentially ruin the moment.

After filling the bulb (which can be done easily as the spout detaches), you can easily screw the spout back on. The spout is slightly flexible but still pretty hard, so be sure to relax before inserting it, possibly using a finger to coax your anal opening to loosen. Ensure that you are using plenty of lubricant, water- or silicone-based are your best choices here, and oil is completely out since it will degrade the bulb as it is a petroleum product.

Choose a position that is comfortable for you and allows you to insert the nozzle easily. Some suggestions include lying on one's back with knees flexed or sitting on the toilet seat and leaning to one side (though it may be uncomfortable or difficult to aim the nozzle). Relaxing, slowly insert the nozzle, directing it with one hand as you gently hold the bulb with the other. Once the nozzle is securely in place (inserting it as far as is comfortable for you), gently squeeze the bulb to push out the water. It may not be possible to get all of the water out, and this is okay; the bulb is quite large and you are better off removing it and trying again as you don't want to suck water back into the bulb.

Once you are satisfied with the amount of water inside of you, hold it in for as long as you desire. A few minutes will usually suffice. When you are ready, bear down (preferably over a toilet!) to expel the water. Don't expect it all to come out in one go as some may remain. Remain seated for a few minutes, occasionally bearing down again to see if any water remains.

Continue this process as often as you feel is necessary, though be warned that overuse of any rectally-administered enema or douche system may cause dependence in the future. It is also advisable to wait a while after using a douche, as your rectal tissue will need to replenish some of its natural mucous coating.
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    • Group situations
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    • Bathroom
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    • Anal

Material / Texture

The two components of this douche are made of separate materials: the bulb is rubber (and definitely smells of it), and the nozzle is thermoplastic rubber, or TPR for short. While this toy does not receive a perfect safety rating from Eden like silicone or stainless steel, it is a cut above a number of other materials like PVC. It is porous, so sharing is not recommended, and cleaning must be thorough as you cannot boil it like silicone.

Moving right along to texture... The bulb is the softer half of the toy, being firm enough to stand on its flat end but soft enough to allow for squeezing out of the water held within. It has thin horizontal ridges along its body which are helpful for gripping the douche bulb. Like I said before, the bulb has quite a strong smell, akin to that of a warehouse of vehicle tires. It's a little less strong now that I've washed it a few times, but it's definitely still there.

The nozzle is the harder half of the douche, being softer than hard plastic but harder than typical silicone. It is curved to allow for targeted "spraying" of water inside of the rectum and is smooth save for four vertically-aligned, gentle ridges. Whether the ridges are there to ease insertion or to add texture for those who like it, I am unsure, but they made little difference to me during use. I found the spout to be smooth enough to warrant using minimal lube, but your mileage may vary.
    • Light ridges
    • Somewhat porous
    • Strong odor

Design / Shape / Size

I thought the design of this douche was pretty nice; the bulb is easy to grip with the surface ridges, and the curved nozzle makes for targeted (and even pleasurable) use. The nozzle ends in a single hole that is under half a centimeter in diameter (which is good, as multiple holes may be clogged by debris).

The design is fairly ergonomic, having a long enough nozzle (5" insertable) for most users' preferences, though the size of the bulb may be a bit large for a hand on the smaller end of the spectrum as it is roughly 3 inches in diameter (I can't wrap my fingers all the way around it). The nozzle's diameter is quite forgiving, though, being only 5/8", so anal beginners should have little problem with it if they take things slowly. I found the smoothness, along with the several long indentations through the length of the shaft, made insertion very easy, though I am quite used to anal penetration. Furthermore, because of the flange found just above the nozzle's point of attachment to the bulb, it shouldn't be lost in the rectum with judicious use.

The bulb itself can hold up to eight ounces/one cup of fluid. The bulb screws onto the end of the nozzle with a threaded lock (much like a screw into a nut). I find it to be very secure, and it did not come apart during use. It only came apart during cleaning when I purposely unscrewed it. Furthermore, I noticed no leaking during use.

This toy does lack discretion, though a discreet anal douche would be a bit difficult to make. What would that even look like? A desktop water bird? Regardless, in spite of its non-discreet appearance, it does disassemble into its two parts, making it easier to pack in a bag. Just make sure your travel partners (if any) are either aware and accepting of it, or that you hide it very, very well.
    • Ergonomic


In terms of its function, this anal douche performs quite well. While you cannot eject all of the water from the bulb, it does serve its purpose. I liked how the nozzle detached from the bulb, and the nozzle itself is mostly pretty comfortable, save for the slight sharpness around the opening at the tip. Because the bulb holds a good deal of water, you may not even have to refill it, depending on how much water you wish to use.
    • Comfortable
    • Easy to use

Care and Maintenance

When I saw the materials that this product is made from, I first felt that clean-up would be difficult. However, I feel it is satisfactory and cleans surprisingly well. I like to clean mine by filling the bulb with hot water and liquid soap (such as Dial antibacterial) and shaking it about while the nozzle is attached, and then flushing it out through the nozzle. I would imagine that toy cleaners should work nicely as well. I repeat this several times and also wash the exterior portion of the nozzle. I pat it dry and let it finish drying by air with the bulb standing on its opening on a hand towel/paper towel. I haven't noticed any lingering smells, which may be due to the limited contact time between the toy's components and the anal/rectal region.

Storage is fairly easy for me; I keep it in the same box as everything else, though not in direct contact with other toys. Since it stands on the bulb's bottom, it can be kept upright and stored safely so. The original packaging is not perfectly ideal, but may work. If you wish, a medium plastic food container can suffice as well.

In terms of lube, as I said before, use water- or silicone-based lubricants as oil will degrade the bulb. While silicone lube does make for super-smooth insertion, I don't recommend using it if you are soon going to use silicone toys. Because this douche will be used for only a short time, water-based lubes might be best.
    • Easy to clean


The Titanmen Anal Douche comes in a fairly minimal blue cardboard box which is then followed by a crinkly plastic wrapping around the douche itself. Also inside of the box is a single-use packet of silicone lubricant. There are no user instructions on the box, as it assumes the nature of a novelty instead of a proper medical/hygienic device.

The box is not discreet at all, stating exactly what it is in visible lettering. It's not ideal for storage either, though it could be used if you were really pressed for a place to keep it (Perhaps for keeping it separated from other toys?). In any case, if you're giving this as a gift, give it in private.
    • Not discreet

Personal comments

While anal douching is rarely part of my routine as I have few cleanliness issues "up there," it is something that can occasionally be a good addition to one's anal regimen. While I found this product satisfactory for the price and overall very comfortable, it is not something I would use regularly. My biggest issue (with anal douching, not the douche itself) is that water often manages to find its way higher up into the bowel, and somehow manages to make an appearance later, when I really don't want it to. It just goes to show the importance of taking your time during the expulsion stage of use.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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