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Ryder reviews

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78 reviews

I'd pick this same butt plug over and over. It fits the body well, and feels good whether it's being inserted, kept in place, or removed. Every bit of it is worth the hype, except for the high maintenance on caring for it. But if you can look past that, this toy is for you!

If I had to recommend a butt plug to an intermediate/advanced user, this would be it. It's hard for me to choose between this plug and my Njoy Pure Plug Medium because they are both so different. Overall the Ryder is better for going out and moving around because it's softer. It is truly the perfect butt plug for me.

Ryder is the most comfortable plug that I've come across. It's great for long term or short term wear, and it works well with slim dildos to achieve double penetration. It's the ultimate stepping stone for larger toys and a fabulous warm-up for the real thing.

The Ryder is popular with intermediate and advanced users for good reason--it has a medium girth that should be accessible to most with some practice, although the shape is a little challenging. It stays in place very well and is certainly filling. However, for us, it was too filling to allow for vaginal penetration in addition to the butt plug.

Tantus has done it again: the Ryder is a great intermediate plug that is body-safe, durable, and functional. This is a toy that I reach for when I desire the satisfying experience of having my muscles stretched out a bit without putting in an enormous amount of time and effort to safely take it, and it’s a great experience at that.

The Ryder is soon to be a staple in your sex toy chest. It is definitely worth the money, even if it isn't super large, and it's very good for warming up. Ultimate anal comfort.

I love the Ryder! The fit is perfect for me and is incredibly filling. While I don't recommend it for a beginner to use, it is perfect for extended wear for any occasion.

I adore the Ryder from Tantus. It's become my favorite anal plug and has allowed me to be more comfortable during anal sex. Having this in our sex life has added that little bit of extra spice in my marriage. It stays put and leaves me feeling full and excited.

This toy simply must be in your collection if you want a quality butt plug. Personally, I'm glad I bought the Ryder even if it will ever be on a great sale. It is that good! I'm incredibly satisfied with this toy!

The Ryder is an excellent product with great quality and design. We found it worked well as a but plug, and made her feel tighter, which we both loved.

The Tantus Ryder is a fantastic and well behaved plug that never attempts to exit the theater while the show is in progress. It can sit quietly for hours without fidgeting, although the same might not be true for the lucky user as playtime grows near.

I can already tell that Ryder will be one of my most used anal toys. The size, feel, and the ability to wear this anywhere definitely contribute to that. Although the blunt head is an issue, some simple warming up will solve that problem. The only real issue is that the base is slightly uncomfortable, but that just comes with every butt plug. Overall, Ryder is definitely for all anal fans and is a 5/5.

Overall, the Ryder is a great toy. It provides a feeling of fullness and will stay in. If you like fullness and don't need thrusting in an anal toy, this is the one for you.

No other toy I can think of gives a full feeling like the Tantus Ryder. I have finally found my mate as far as anal plugs are concerned and I'm never giving it up! Totally safe to use, couldn't be easier to care for, feels amazing and is so easy to use. All I can say is AMAZING!

The Ryder is perfect for intermediate players in the world of anal play. If you’re looking for a plug that will actually stay in, look no further. I love the purple color and not having to worry that it will fall out. It’s currently my favorite plug. The silicone feels great and is comfortable for long term wear. I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a new plug!

The Ryder has deservingly attained cult status as a comfortable, intermediate-sized butt plug that looks and feels great. Your butt will thank you for this one!

The Tantus Ryder is a perfect plug for someone who is wanting to go from being a beginner anal player to intermediate. I would definitely recommend this for anyone who wants to start using larger butt plugs or is working their way up to anal sex! Also, it should be noted that Tantus recently re-designed the base of the Ryder plug! It is now a bit less wide, and also thicker, to make it more comfortable during wear.

OMG..this plug feels soo good. The Ryder has filled my ass with pleasure, thereby compelling me to do somthing I would not ordinairly do by writing a review on a product which has already been so thoroughly covered. This plug feels so good that I just can't stop myself.

The Ryder is the buttplug of my dreams. It is the perfect size, with a comfortable neck and narrow base to keep it out of your way. It had a bad habit of retaining butt-sex smells, however, even after soap and boiling.

This is an incredible toy, and totally worth the price! It's comfortable, and can be used during intercourse, masturbation, or even while going about your daily tasks. The Ryder increases stimulation and makes everything feel tighter, especially when worn during vaginal penetration. It even makes orgasms more intense! This toy will definitely be staying close to the top of our toybox!

If you're a beginner like I was and are looking to get a first plug or even go up a size if you started small, I would recommend this plug. It's the kind of toy you'll keep around even after you've moved on to bigger and better things- a great stable for any collection!

The size and shape are great. This is my go to plug, but it retains smells and the edges on the flared base can feel sharp when it is in.

The Ryder is a masterpiece and I love it. It is very comfortable, and I am so happy with the performance of the product. Being a guy, although it does not provide direct prostate stimulation, I can definitely feel it. What feels best for me is to sit down on a chair and rock back and forth every once in a while, provides an amazing feeling! I am sure the Ryder would feel pretty nice for the females out there as well!

This is one toy, especially for women, that will end up being a keeper for your toy box because of the size, the comfort, and the high quality of the Ryder butt plug. It is worth the money. The only problem I could find is that it doesn't have a pointed tip for easier insertion.

This is definitely worth the money. Tantus makes many great products and the quality of this is no exception. The toy didn't peel like some inferior silicone does and the color was solid throughout.

The Ryder is very compact, so you can really take it anywhere. It would be great to have on a honeymoon or take to a kink/play party. The colors are beautiful too, I bought the purple version and it looks all shiny like a marble. My boyfriend loves that!

The Ryder is one of those butt plugs that seems to have it all. If you like that stretched, full feeling you just might fall in love with this plug! If you want to take the next step in anal play, I highly suggest the Ryder. I love almost every aspect of this plug. I cannot imagine a better plug to further my anal education. I do not know why it has taken me so long to try an anal toy from Tantus, but I do know that this one is not my last.

This is a great toy. It is large, but not TOO large. It gives a full feeling and its design maximizes it. Once in, it will stay in and the base will prevent it from going inside. It is quite comfortable to wear.

The Tantus Ryder lived-up to all the hype of its best reviews for me. As a relative-newbie to anal play, I didn't find it difficult or uncomfortable to wear for extended periods, and it has withstood the test of time.

Tantus makes top quality toys; almost all of our other toys are made by them. The material, texture and shape are all top notch; the base needs to be significantly stronger.

Ryder is an excellent little butt plug that is, in my opinion, suitable even for anal beginners. Its subtle curves and ergonomic base make extended wear very comfortable, and in spite of its smaller size it provides great sensations. His excellent materials make him very hygienic and comfortable, and he is affordable to boot. Anyone interested in trying out butt plugs would be well served by Ryder.

If you're looking for a good, high-quality butt plug that's super comfortable, you're in the right place. The Ryder may look a little different that most plugs out there, but it's very charming in its own right. It stays where you put it, and it can be worn for extended periods without becoming uncomfortable. The shape may not be suitable for some beginners, but if you're confident, you should be able to ride the Ryder.

Ryder is a pretty basic butt plug. It doesn't have any texture or vibrations for extra stimulation, but it does what it is supposed to do: plug your butt. It is filling, comfortable, safe, attractive, and affordable. It stays in place, and does it's job well. You wouldn't think those things would be very difficult to accomplish, but there are surprisingly few plugs available that are able to meet my criteria.

Pleasure aplenty makes it worth Regular Ryding. However, be careful of the risky too-flexible base which can threaten to get drawn inside.

Didn't enjoy this toy much at all. Was really just more work than play. Plus, it felt so weird that it was in no way enjoyable. It was really similar to the time I had a ben wa ball get stuck up my ass. This is a FAIL for me. Sorry to say it...

The Ryder is an anal plug that does exactly what it's meant to, whether you want it for extra stimulation during sex or for extended wear. It doesn't have any bells and whistles; it doesn't vibrate, it doesn't have any texture and it's not very long... but it's a nice, solid presence inside you that won’t let you forget it’s there for even a moment.

If you are looking for a plug which will prepare you for everyday anal sex, this is the one. It is soft, comfortable, and easy-to-clean. I liked the non-sexist packaging, and I plan to get years of use out of this one. But I will also be looking for something a little thicker to prepare myself for more serious, ambitious play.

If you think you can stand the base by all means go for it. 400+ other people really like this toy on this site alone, but I hardly ever use it due to the uncomfortable base.

The Tantus Ryder is by far the most comfortable plug I own and by far the best for extended wear. If you are looking for a great, durable and easy to clean plug for wearing out or for any length of time, I really think the Ryder is the one for you!

If you're after a plug that's great quality, easy to wear for extended periods of time including publicly under clothing, not too challenging to slip in, but still a fun little toy to have in your toy box, this is what you want.

The Ryder lives up to the hype. It's large enough to stay in place during use, but still remains reasonably comfortable.

In summation, I would only say, that for me, with the exception of the length, this is the perfect plug.

If you're thinking about the Ryder, buy it now - you will not be disappointed. In fact, one of the most common remarks from reviewers is expressing regret they waited so long to try the toy! Its unique shape makes insertion and removal a breeze, and it is amazingly comfortable for long-term wear.

This is a beautiful plug that's comfortable, is made of easy-to-love silicone, hypo-allergenic, and non-porous. It's also quite ergonomic and easy to use. However, it does attract a gross smell, and it's hard to get the smell off. I have to scrub with soap and water, and let it get really foamy as well as add toy cleaner after each use. Bah! We have to keep it in a plastic bag to keep the particles off. Because it's so comfortable, I'm going to have to give it four stars.

Ryder's shape takes a little more effort to insert considering it's not that large. I would suggest beginners start with an anal plug that has a tapered base. This one is difficult to use and may not be encouraging for people new to anal plugs. For more experienced individuals it's a comfortable plug for longer play.

The Tantus Ryder plug should have entered my butt a long time ago! It is near perfection. The Ryder is great for the intermediate user and can be used by the advanced user as warm up. It is comfortable to insert and wear for longer periods of time. I absolutely love this plug! I wish I had tried its unique rounded shape sooner!

Why did I hesitate for so long! The Ryder was the best purchase I have ever made. This plug is perfect for preparing for anal sex, it is super comfortable and it doesn't pop out. Essentially it is the "does it all" plug. Now if only I could get my man to try it!

Ryder is a beautifully crafted silicone plug that fits like a glove. It really doesn't get much better than this.

This is the best feeling plug bar none, IMO. Super smooth silicone makes for easy insert-ability and makes for a very comfortable Ryde. The colors are just awesome and you will love the base for long term wear. If all the reviews do not convince you I do not know what will.

This is an amazing toy for a amazing price. Everyone that likes anal play or would like to try anal play should try this plug.

What caught my eye about this toy was "Tantus 01" engraved on the base of it. To me this meant that someone had taken care to make this toy of real quality. This plug is flexible, beautiful, hypoallergenic, and won't cause infections. It's guaranteed to last a lifetime. It's painlessly insertable, easy to clean, and 100% ultra premium platinum silicone, the safest material for adult toys on the market.

Ryder is a great plug made from 100% body safe, medical grade silicone. It's easily sanitized and with the right amount of lube will remain comfortable inside you for hours. The narrow neck and flared base makes it safe and easy to wear. Ryder is quite possibly the perfect plug.

At $30 currently, Ryder should be in just about everyone's toy box. While you may not be blown away by this toy, you won't be disappointed either as you're almost guaranteed to find some use for it that you'll like. With it being a silicone toy, it should last virtually forever with proper care which in my mind makes it worth the higher price versus a jelly or rubber toy. I've had mine for over four years and it still looks brand new.

Because of its smooth surface and devilish good looks, some beginners might be tempted to try this toy for their first experience with anal play. However, the blunted tip and moderate size of this toy make it more suited to an intermediate player, while an advanced one may find the Ryder experience to be somewhat dull. Nonetheless, this is an incredibly versatile, durable, and enjoyable plug. It's an excellent addition to any collection and is the PERFECT, tried-and-true, go-to anal plug.

If you are looking for a medium-sized plug and have a bit of experience with anal toys - excellent choice. It may even be a decent choice if you are just starting out, but I'd recommend you also pick up a smaller toy. Might be a bit difficult otherwise. It's just barely wide enough that I would not put it in a beginner-friendly category. The purple is really pretty, the silicone is safe, soft and smooth. Pictures really don't do it justice.

This toy is great, we'd buy a second or third in an instant, but this one is holding up quite well for the amount of use it gets. We are now looking for something bigger but just as excellent.

The Ryder is a torpedo shaped silicone butt plug. The torpedo shape provides easy insertion/removal and a nice feeling of fullness. My favorite feature of this plug is its base that is super comfortable making this my favorite plug for extended wear. The only cons to this plug are that it may be too simple or small for some users and that the base is a bit flimsy which may be an issue for some. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a mid-sized plug especially one for extended wear.

Beginners may want to shy away from this until they have a trained sphincter. But, if you're adventuresome with a "can do" attitude you won't go wrong with this plug. New to the game or an experienced "Ryder", this is a great toy.

Ryder is a butt plug that knows what it's doing and does it well. It is made of an amazing material, is practically perfect in terms of its shape, and is unbelievably comfortable while being very stimulating at the same time. Ryder is easy to insert, easy to remove and stays in place almost impossibly well, making it very discreet. It also comes at an amazing price for such high quality; I absolutely recommend buying this product, whether you're a novice or an expert at anal play.

This plug is easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to store. It's a great basic plug, that I'm sure will get the most use of my collection.

The Ryder is a fairly basic butt plug, but offers the benefits of a silicone toy in terms of feel and material safety. Small enough for beginners but big enough to satisfy more advanced users and can be used as a warm up toy. A good standby by Tantus and a must for any user considering or who enjoys anal pleasure.

The Tantus Ryder is a medium-sized butt plug that will stay put comfortably but still give that feeling of fullness. It works well for extended wear, as well as increases pleasure for both people during intercourse, and is made of a body-safe, sterilizable silicone. This is truly an amazing butt plug!

There's not much more I can say about the Ryder that hasn't already been said, so I'll just say this: If you're reading this and even slightly thinking about buying the Ryder, do it. It's fabulous and you won't regret you decision.

The Ryder has enriched my anal sex life. It's of excellent quality, extremely versatile, unisex and moderately sized. Changed the way I was thinking about plugs. Must-have!

Ryder will fast become a regular player in your anal toy rotation. Although not big or textured enough to carry the entire show, it is supremely comfortable and easy to care for. This makes Ryder the perfect plug for those who like, love, or are simply testing the water of backdoor endeavors.

I'd been looking for a long-term use plug, and the Ryder does the trick! I love that it can be sterilized, and it's great to wear for a couple hours at a time. It would have been nice if it added more stimulation during sex, but I'm pleased.

The Ryder is a great butt plug designed well for the intermediate user. Great material and shape make it a must have for everyone's tool box. Just like every tool each one has a specific purpose, the Ryder adds that little bit of Zing to every Ride!

This plug has a fantastic unique design that has made it one of my favorite toys, and it is made of high quality materials, so I will be enjoying it for many years to come!

This is a durable, high quality silicone butt plug with a thoughtful, comfortable and filling design. Since it was the first of my many butt plugs, I have no qualms recommending it to almost anyone looking for a comfortable, moderately sized butt plug.

Great for extended wear out and about town, stays put and feels very secure, and is a pretty pleasurable toy in all orifices, but may be too small for experienced players.

I consider this a specialty butt plug. It's a great toy if you use it passively such as inserted while doing household chores or shopping. This can be a dangerous toy if you apply pressure on it (intentionally or unintentionally). Use it for extended passive play, but not masturbation or sex. If you put pressure on it, you risk getting it sucked in. Use a butt plug with a larger, more rigid base if you want to use one for masturbation or sex.

A practically perfect plug, whether you like to wear short-term or long-term. While it's probably not the best choice for an anal virgin, it's great for everyone else.

For an intermediate player, this is a great selection. Ryder stays in place and is very comfortable for extended wear. It fulfilled all my wishes for a butt plug, though it could stand to be a hair larger. Some might find the size is just right.

This is a toy all anal players should have. Easy to clean, stays in place and just feels good. If it was bigger it would be my favorite toy.

Smooth and comfy enough for a first plug, but substantial enough to satisfy. The best silicone butt plug you're likely to find for the price.

I would recommend this plug to anyone looking for something that actually stays where it is supposed to, and feels amazing too. No matter what we did, there was never any fear of this slipping out. I enjoy it, my husband enjoys it, we're buying a second one!

Great toy for extended play, It may not be satisfying for more advance players, but its still proves value for warming up for bigger things. I still use it on a regular basis because its easy to start with for me, and really easy to clean.

The Ryder represents what may be the perfect plug in my mind. The head is big enough to open me up somewhat while the neck is narrow enough and long enough to allow the Ryder to stay in place well. The base is formed well to sit comfortably between the cheeks. It may not be as big or as curvy as some, but its beauty is in its simplicity.

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