The long term plug I was looking for!

I'd been looking for a long-term use plug, and the Ryder does the trick! I love that it can be sterilized, and it's great to wear for a couple hours at a time. It would have been nice if it added more stimulation during sex, but I'm pleased.
Body safe, hypo-allergenic, pretty, great for extended wear.
Doesn't add much during sex.
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The Tantus Ryder is the second plug I've bought in a search for a really good long-term use plug. It is flared a little, but it's not very wide. It would be good for someone with some anal experience.

Material / Texture

This plug is silicone, and doesn't have a very strong smell to it. The smell it does have is subtle - you've got to get close to notice it. It's rubbery, but not unpleasant. The base is pretty flexible, and the top part is stiffer but bends slightly. I chose the copper color, and like the penny color of it.

Design / Shape / Size

This toy almost seems to be made for thrusting, it's so straight. What I like best about it is that the base is so small. This makes it pretty comfortable for wearing for longer periods of time. After a little while, even this small base can be a little uncomfortable, but I assume anything would. I was afraid it may be too wide to be comfortable, but the width is just right. For anyone that has had some anal experience, a little lube and some patience, and this plug will slip right in.


While the Ryder is a great plug for extended wear, it does not add much in the bedroom. The shape is too straight to push your partner into your g-spot, and I can't imagine it would stimulate the p-spot much either. While moving around, it provides enough stimulation to keep you feeling horny and naughty, but that's it's purpose. It's simply not a sex enhancer.

Care and Maintenance

Silicone toys are amazing, as far as maintenance goes. They can be totally disinfected in boiling water, or run through the dishwasher. Because I do not plan on sharing my plug, I normally wash it with antibacterial soap. Please note that the Ryder can only be used with water-based lube.

For storing, I've found that keeping it wrapped in a piece of cloth is less of a hassle than a plastic bag. The surface is almost sticky feeling, and around a plastic bag, it's like trying to get a cat into a bucket of water; it just clings to the edges and gets all difficult.


Something that is always a plus for me is recyclable packaging. The Ryder comes in a clear plastic case, and can be recycled. It was actually a bit difficult to get it open, but the packaging isn't bad. It would make for a nice gift.

Personal comments

I'm pleased with the Ryder plug. I had been looking for a good plug to wear for a few hours at a time, and the Tristan I bought had too wide of a base. It would have been nice if there had been more color options, but the copper is a nice choice.

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Follow-up commentary
Today, the Ryder is still one of my favorite plugs. It's filling, and the base is small but feels very secure. Unfortunately I don't wear is as often as I'd like, but it is still a very good plug to wear when out and about. Two thumbs up!
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  • Contributor: Sammi
    Glad you like it - this is one I've contemplated.

    Nice review!
  • Contributor: Valyn
    Thank you! I'm pleased I found what I was looking for. I'm not so sure I'd want it in all day, but I'm not sure any plug could be good all day..
  • Contributor: imp
    I've looked at this one but I think want the bootie v's this. Looks like a good option for "day wear" hehe. Great review Big smile
  • Contributor: Valyn
    Thanks! Let me know if you get and review the bootie- that was my next choice!
  • Contributor: Adriana Ravenlust
    What sort of shape do you think might make a plug better for enhancing sex?
  • Contributor: Valyn
    Something slightly curved helps. Or a plug that tapers more. The Tristan is okay, and so far the most stimulation is from the Raging Hard Ons plug I have, because it curves more. It pushes him closer to my g-spot.
  • Contributor: Colossus
    Very informative. Would you advise against this for someone new to the anal scene?
  • Contributor: Valyn
    Maybe. My first plug was maybe half an inch wide, and from there I moved up with slim dildos and such. It would really depend on how comfortable the person is with anal play, because they would have to really relax and be patient getting this toy in.
  • Contributor: Naughty Student
    I've had this one on my wishlist for ever, I think it's time I ordered it!
  • Contributor: Nashville
    Is this still a favorite? Have you tried wearing it out of the house more often? If so, how comfortable is it for a truly extended play session (more than just a few hours)?
  • Contributor: Maiden
    I just got this one and wore it all night at a Christmas party. It was comfy and stayed put!
  • Contributor: BlooJay
    Thx for the review!

    P.S. ^Hahaha Maiden! You wore it at a X-Mas party?! Awesome!
  • Contributor: eri86
    Thank your sharing.
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