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stay with me, ryder

For an intermediate player, this is a great selection. Ryder stays in place and is very comfortable for extended wear. It fulfilled all my wishes for a butt plug, though it could stand to be a hair larger. Some might find the size is just right.
Size, shape, texture; there is nothing I didn't love about this toy.
While the size is good, Ryder would be the end-all of butt plugs if it were just a bit bigger.
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What can I say about Ryder that hasn't already been said? This is a wonderful product that lived up to all of my expectations, and I highly recommend it to anyone shopping for a good--not just decent, but a really good butt plug. Though all the colors of Ryder are inciting, I opted for the metallic dark purple--which is even more attractive in person, and is definitely pleasing to the eye for both sexes (my boyfriend chose the color). The smooth silicone (yes, pure silicone--able to be 100% sterilized, boilable, bleachable, and non-toxic) feels absolutely amazing and has no odor whatsoever. The great thing about Tantus their genuine commitment to sex toys. If you're tired of seeing "for novelty use only" on your sex toy packaging, then you will be thrilled by Tantus' statement that "A toy from Tantus is meant to be used, and with minimal care can last a lifetime."

After my very dissatisfying experience with Silicone Passion Flower, I was excited to try out something which I already believed to be a more substantial piece of silicone. The Ryder is shaped very well. The bullet is long and wide, and the tapered end comes down to the perfect size. Even the base is fairly lean, so when it rests between your butt cheeks it's not bothersome in any way. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Because this silicone was so smooth, I wanted to put it to the test. I rubbed the tiniest drop of lube (water-based only with silicone toys) around the end, to see how difficult insertion would be. To my surprise, it glided in effortlessly.

I didn't experience any discomfort during this process, and only a slight painful pressure as I pushed the toy in to make sure it was as far as it wanted to go. Once situated, this toy feels great. You definitely can't ignore its presence, and contracting your muscles while it's in produces a strong sensation. I was more curious than anything when I inserted it, but as soon as it was in, I was instantly turned on, and I had to bring myself to orgasm. A little clitoral stimulation combined with this toy is a recipe for one thrilling climax. Later, I tried gentle thrusting with the toy and the shape practically does this for you--you pull out slightly, and it pulls back in. The sensation is amazing.

The size of this toy is about perfect if you're looking for something you can feel without stepping out of your comfort zone. It never became uncomfortable for me. I would probably be comfortable with something even larger, but the Ryder didn't leave me unsatisfied in any way.

The greatest thing about this plug is that it stays in place. And I really put it to the test. Vigorous motion, walking all around, this toy does not get jostled out. Even when I tried to push the toy out, it clung to me as if it had found a new home. At the same time, it slid out relatively easily when I pulled on the end to retrieve it. The first time I used it I left it in for about a half an hour, and when I took it out there was some tenderness. The second time I wore it for much longer, and when I removed it there was no soreness at all. I know it works the other way around, but it seems like this toy molds to fit you. It really grew on me, the little devil. (Author's Note: the Ryder actually maintains its shape very solidly, and only the base is flexible.)

So another thing that is obviously nice about this toy is that it can endure extended wear marvelously. I kept worrying that something I did would cause it to loosen up and come out, but a close check proved it was staying with me, and hadn't come out one bit. I feel so comfortable with the Ryder in, I could even fall asleep with it still inside me. There is something about this toy, and anal stimulation in general, that just makes you feel sexy.

For me, I haven't run into any trouble with cleaning Ryder. A quick boiling has done the trick, and will come especially in handy if I ever think about sharing this toy.
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  • Cock Wrangler
    Great review. There's never really a perfect size for butt plugs...that's why there are so many good ones!
  • Syntax
    I suppose the perfect size is actually the perfect collection, eh? ;D
  • Liz2
    Enjoyed your review. The Ryder was my first butt plug which I continue to use as a warm-up for anal sex and as a prelude to more intensive and larger butt plugs. Always does his job.
    B/f is also a Ryder fan.
    Size? Use as a warm-up and move up! Ryder avoids ass discomfort by an easy ride first.
    Start collecting!
  • Snappy
    It looks like it would be easier to insert if the size graduated toward a narrower tip.
  • Syntax
    I had no difficulty with insertion, and no trouble with the shape. I can see why that might make it easier, but I've been able to insert the Ryder without any lubrication - so it passes my tests.
  • BlooJay
    Sounds like an awesome toy. Thx!
  • roskat
    Thanks for the review.
  • spiced
    Thanks for a great review! I share your admiration for Tantus's commitment to quality. The Ryder is an excellent toy, well-designed and made.
  • eri86
    Thank your sharing.
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