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Ryder - a practically perfect plug

A practically perfect plug, whether you like to wear short-term or long-term. While it's probably not the best choice for an anal virgin, it's great for everyone else.
The Ryder, a great plug - easy insertion, phenomenal staying power,easy out, and comfortable.
The base is a little flimsier than I like.
You can't easily thrust with the Ryder.
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Along with the other reviewers, I love my Ryder. It was the second plug I purchased, and it still finds its way inside me regularly. Why do I love this plug? The reasons are many.

Once lubed (with your favorite non-silicone lube), the Ryder goes in easily. While I would hesitate to recommend it to an anal virgin, since it doesn't start out small, the smoothly rounded tip pops smoothly inside the same way that the Silk dildos|Tantus Large Silk Dildo do. It's not necessary to be able to insert the plug to have fun with it either - the round tip can be wiggled to massage and relax a tight (or scared) anus without penetrating. If you can take more than a finger, you can take the Ryder.

Once in, the Ryder stays put. I have never had reason to worry that my Ryder might come out at a time that I wouldn't want it to. Once it's in, it's in. While it's in, the Ryder is among the top plugs I have for comfort, as the base fits nicely between the buttocks without rubbing or poking, and the soft body of the Ryder gently lets you know it's where it belongs without any uncomfortable moments, even when working around the house. It's so gentle that you could almost forget it was there - until it presses on some inner recess in response to one of your movements.

The Ryder is easy to remove, too, popping out comfortably with a gentle tug on the base when you want it to, leaving you ready for whatever happens next. Once you're done with it, cleanup is a breeze thanks to the inert, safe, and esy-to-sterilize silicone (boil, bleach, dishwasher, the options are many).

The one type of butt-plug play that the Ryder is not good for is thrusting. The compact body and narrow neck make it difficult to control for thrusting, popping out too easily. The base is a bit flimsy, so if you like a plug base you can grab and give a good wiggle to you may want to look elsewhere. Neither of these are major failings, the Ryder is built to stay put, not for crossover (plug/semi-dildo) use.

The soft base may cause another issue for more extreme players. While I have never had the Ryder work its way inside, even partially, during normal use, moderate pressure on the already inserted plug once pushed it inside enough that one of the base "wings" entered my anal canal. While this only happened while I was specifically testing the base, it may be something to pay attention to if your play involves pressing on an inserted plug. Since the plug is soft silicone, it is highly unlikely that any damage would happen even if it did enter the rectum. Once again, this was not a normal occurrence and will not be an issue for most people - I've used my Ryder for many years and never had it do that on its own. It's also possible that this is a manufacturing issue with my particular example.

While this is a mid-sized plug (and I wouldn't mind seeing a "Ryder Royal" that's a bit bigger), it's the kind of plug that is so delightful you'll keep using it even if you move up to something bigger.
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  • Beautiful Dreamer
    Thanks for the review! I've never personally had that problem with the "wing", but it's good to know!
  • ScottA
    Again, the only reason I had trouble is because I went looking for it, so to speak. Chances are it will never be an issue for anyone (and you'll probably notice if it starts to become one), but if you play in a way that would cause it to be pushed farther up following insertion (such as pressing on the base with moderate/firm pressure or trying to team the Ryder up with a second toy) you might want to keep the possibility in mind. The risk doesn't keep me from using the Ryder with confidence, though.
  • Epiphora
    Thanks for adding that detail; it's something other reviewers have not mentioned.
  • Kissaki
    Nice review. Sounds exactly like what I'm looking for. Definately going on the wish list.
  • mikebooks
    Nice short review. Have a question: Does it transfer vibrations well or not?
  • BlooJay
    Great review. Thx!
  • eri86
    Thank your sharing.
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