Ryder should be used for passive pleasure

I consider this a specialty butt plug. It's a great toy if you use it passively such as inserted while doing household chores or shopping. This can be a dangerous toy if you apply pressure on it (intentionally or unintentionally). Use it for extended passive play, but not masturbation or sex. If you put pressure on it, you risk getting it sucked in. Use a butt plug with a larger, more rigid base if you want to use one for masturbation or sex.
Silicone. Good for long term use. Won't make you cum.
CAN be sucked into your anal canal. No fullness feeling. Needs a better base.
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useful review
This was my first pure silicone toy. Before I bought from Edenfantasys, I didn't pay attention to the materials because many packages don't even say what type of material it is. After learning about silicone on Edenfantasys, I was interested in trying this material. Unfortunately, a lot of the silicone toys are quite expensive when you don't know how it will work out. I felt this was a good starter toy for silicone because it's cheap but good quality.

When I received the package, I was surprised at how small it is. It's smaller than my first toy and every other one since. It's so thin that you may be put off by it. I know I was thinking this was a mistake at first. I read reviews where people said novices through intermediate players would enjoy this. Once I opened the package, I felt how smooth the toy is. Once you wet it with a little water, it's very slick. I certainly don't recommend using that as a lubricant, but I washed it off before using it.

It was very easy to insert due to the size. If you're relaxed, I don't think even complete novices will have trouble with this. It's very slick once you put lubricant on it. I use the water-based Maximus lubricant. It's safe for any toy so you don't have to worry about it even if it's not as long lasting as other materials. Once inserted, it felt nice. I definitely didn't get a full feeling from it. However, it is much more comfortable than a normal butt plug with a typical square base. With the typical square bases, it sticks out and catches on your butt cheeks. This makes it less comfortable when you're walking. The Ryder has a thin strip so you can place it vertically and your cheeks will close properly. Due to the flexibility in the base, it will conform to your body so you barely notice it on the outside even while walking.

This is a toy for extended play where you don't want to get too worked up but you also want to have some sensation. It feels great but it's not going to help you orgasm. It's a pleasant feeling so you can make doing the laundry or whatever much more enjoyable. Since it's smaller than all my other toys, I thought it might fall out easy. It stays in place quite well when you don't put any pressure on it. You can squat or pull your cheeks and it doesn't move. You can certainly push it out because of its size. If you couldn't push this out, you would have trouble using the bathroom normally.

There are so many reviews for this toy, I wasn't going to bother writing a long one. However, I think there is an aspect of this toy that people should be aware of. I only saw one review even mention this. This toy is very comfortable because of the base. It would be just as comfortable for me if it had a larger girth (which I would enjoy) but the real selling point is the material and base. This base is also the reason why you should use it with caution. Unlike some other reviews, I do NOT recommend using this while masturbating or for sex if you squeeze your ass during either. This butt plug will enter your anal canal if you do that sufficiently strong. I would only use this for other times when I want passive pleasure.
As you may guess from the above description, it did get sucked into me. I was hesitant about using this toy because it appeared to be so flexible but no one complained about it other than one review where the person put additional pressure on it.

I like to squeeze a butt plug while masturbating because it puts more pressure on everything and allows me to erupt when cumming. Unfortunately, this one actually entered me. I had been using a larger toy a little before using this one but I didn't think it would have mattered that much. The first time you put the Ryder in, you can feel it conforming to your ass. The plug fits in nicely and then the base contours to your ass. However, if you apply a lot of pressure such as squeezing, it will bend the two ends and may slide in.

I was using plenty of lubrication which is probably why it came out so easily. It was quite shocking to have it sucked in. I went over to the toilet and felt around to see if I could get a hold of the base. It didn't get sucked in very far so I was able to pull it a little with two fingers and then push. It popped out after a few tries. It's important to note that this would have been much harder if I didn't use a lot of lubrication. Please don't interpret this as a reason not to use lubrication. It's true that it probably wouldn't have entered me if I skipped the lube. However, it probably also would have been much more difficult to extract without lubrication.

I never had any experiences close to this with other butt plugs. I'll keep using the square based ones that are placed outside your cheeks. With those, you can squeeze all you want and nothing bad happens. In one experience, I found out two things about the Ryder: 1) This can completely enter you, and 2) you can push it out when properly lubricated even if the base is inside you.

While it is unnerving to have something sucked into you, I probably will use this in the future. I'm never going to use it again for masturbation or sex. It's still the best toy I have found for passive action because of the comfort.
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  • Contributor: ZenaidaMacroura
    Wow. That's kinda scary. I've been thinking about getting this one, but I would primarily use it for masturbation/sex. And if there's even a chance of that happening, I'm not risking it. Good review. :)
  • Contributor: Liz2
    The Ryder is one of my favorite butt plugs, I use it as a warm up prior to larger plugs and for solo play. My b/f has used it during masturbation as well as during intercourse. No problems but we both have commented on the uncomfortable base for extended ware.but a comfortable base between the cheeks is great such as the NJoy Pure Plugs.
    We use Maximus lube and do recall it flying out once.
  • Contributor: Victoria
    It looks like a good beginner plug to me. Thanks for the review - I appreciate your perspective!
  • Contributor: SomewhatSomewhere
    You totally just turned me against this toy. I don't want anything sucked into my body. No thank you. Great review! You totally just turned me against this toy. I don't want anything sucked into my body. No thank you. Great review!
  • Contributor: mikebooks
    Scarrryyy . Thanks for the review!
  • Contributor: BlooJay
    It got sucked in?! Yikes...I think I'll stay away from this one. Thx for the review!
  • Contributor: eri86
    Thanks for taking the time to write and share your review.
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