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A Smooth Ryde

Ryder is a pretty basic butt plug. It doesn't have any texture or vibrations for extra stimulation, but it does what it is supposed to do: plug your butt. It is filling, comfortable, safe, attractive, and affordable. It stays in place, and does it's job well. You wouldn't think those things would be very difficult to accomplish, but there are surprisingly few plugs available that are able to meet my criteria.
Silicone, filling but not too large, comfortable base, stays in during orgasm, pretty colour.
Not as much fun to insert as my textured anal toys.
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Ryder is a butt plug. It's meant to hang out in your butt and provide hands-free anal stimulation during sex, masturbation, or while you go about your day.

I wouldn't recommend it to someone who has never tried any anal play, but if you've already explored with a couple of fingers or a small toy, this could be a great next step.

Using Ryder is a good way to prepare for anal sex, since it's about the same width as an average penis. I also find that it works well for double penetration with a partner, or along with a vaginal toy.

The base is safe and pretty comfortable, so Ryder can be used for long-term wear.

Material / Texture

Ryder is made from silicone. It's a great material for anal toys since it's safe, non-porous and can be disinfected to avoid spreading bacteria.

When the toy arrives, there is no scent to the silicone. After use, it can tend to hold onto a butt smell temporarily. Since it is non-porous, any odours will be on the outside of the toy, not absorbed into the material. If you let it air out for a couple of hours, the smell should fade away. You can also clean it with a scented soap, so that it will hold onto a good smell instead. Right now, my Ryder smells like Irresistable Apple.

Ryder's silicone has a smooth, shiny surface. I actually prefer matte silicone. I find it tends to pick up less dust and hair, and holds onto lube better so that it doesn't drip when I apply it. The smooth material does feel nice during use, though.

The silicone isn't super squishy, but has a decent amount of give to it. The neck can be bent to a 90 degree angle, but it isn't floppy and doesn't make insertion difficult by bending away when pressure is applied. The base is nice and flexible, which helps to make it comfortable.

Normally, I prefer bulbed textures for anal toys. I like the way they feel during insertion and removal. Ryder is actually the first smooth anal toy I've purchased. The smooth texture isn't quite as stimulating as my other toys, but it is a bit easier to insert than a textured toy of the same size would be.

Ryder is available in my two favourite toy colours; purple and black. I chose purple, and I am very happy with how it looks in person. It is a dark, shimmery plum colour, with swirls of an even darker eggplant purple.

Design / Shape / Size

Ryder is 4 1/4" long, and the main body of the toy is about 3" long, and 4 3/4" circumference or 1 1/2" in diameter. This is around my limit in girth for anal toys. It isn't painful for me to insert, but it feels quite filling.

The neck is about 1" long and 3/4" wide. I find that the neck is a good size to lock the Ryder into place, and prevent it from popping out during orgasm. The neck isn't very thick, so it won't open up the anus as much as some other toys would, but it is more comfortable to wear.

The base is shaped like a rounded off rectangle, and is 2 1/2" long and just over 1" wide. It fits very comfortably between my cheeks; I can feel that it is there, but it doesn't bother me at all. Although the base is flexible and not extremely large, I have no concerns about it's safety. It's never felt like it could slip inside, whether during sex, walking around, or even when I pushed directly on the base to test it. I have to take my time and use lots of lube just to get the plug in, so I don't think the base could fit inside me. Those who can take very large anal toys might need something with a larger base.

Ryder is shaped like an elongated egg. It only has a very slightly tapered tip, as opposed to the traditional butt plug shape that has a pointed tip. More of a taper would make it easier to insert, especially for beginners. If you have experience with dildos or penises anally, you should be able to handle Ryder's shape just fine. If you would like to work your way up to those things, then Ryder might be a good way to get used to a blunter, more rounded shape. It does take me some time to get Ryder inserted, but I like the way it feels when the tip pops inside me.


I have used Ryder during sex, during masturbation with other toys, and for longer term wear (around the house for fun, or to help prepare me for anal sex).

The base doesn't get in the way of my vaginal opening. During sex, or when used with a vaginal toy, Ryder puts pressure on my vagina and makes everything feel tighter and more intense. I seem to get more g-spot stimulation because Ryder helps press the toy or penis up into the top wall of my vagina.

I'm not someone who likes to wear a butt plug all day, but I have worn Ryder for up to about 4 hours. That included walking several blocks, the bus ride to my boyfriend's house, the time it took me to jump him (not long!), and the length of our sex session. I have also worn it for an hour or 2 when I'm hanging around the house, which usually ended up turning into a masturbation session. Ryder has never become uncomfortable during wear. It can be slightly difficult to remove after longer uses, but that's because the lube starts to absorb, not because of a problem with Ryder.

Care and Maintenance

As I mentioned, I usually wash my Ryder with antibacterial hand soap under hot water. I have also used toy cleaner. Since there's no texture, it rinses clean easily. Ryder can also be sterilized by bleaching it, boiling it, or running it through the dishwasher.

Silicone lubes can damage silicone toys, so either avoid them, or do a spot test on the base first.


Ryder came packaged in a clear plastic box. It isn't discreet or sturdy, and I wouldn't recommend it for storage or gifting. It includes some general information, but no detailed instructions.
Follow-up commentary
Ryder is still one of my favourites. I have a couple of plugs that I slightly prefer to use during sex, but if I know I will be wearing a plug for a longer period, Ryder is my go-to. It has the most comfortable base that I have found thus far. Unlike most plugs, it doesn't bother me if I sit for a while or walk around a lot. Ryder was a great investment, since it should last a lifetime, and I'm sure it will get lots of use in the future.
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