The Ryder plug definitely stays put!

I would recommend this plug to anyone looking for something that actually stays where it is supposed to, and feels amazing too. No matter what we did, there was never any fear of this slipping out. I enjoy it, my husband enjoys it, we're buying a second one!
High quality silicone, stays put, great base design, comfortable
Holds onto slight smell even after boiling
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extremely useful review
I have no idea where to start! Maybe I could just say WOW! This plug can not have enough good things said about it, but I am going to try anyway.

This toy is made by Tantus, and is 100% silicone. It is always nice to be able to sterilize a toy, but this is essential if you plan on sharing. Because this is an anal toy, I like to clean it before use with my Before and After toy cleaner|Before and after toy cleaner, then again after use then boil it for 3 minutes to sterilize. You can also wipe this down with a 10% bleach solution or pop it into the dishwasher (top rack, no soap). Being silicone, use water based lubricant only. Silicone lube will melt your silicone toys, so always be careful which bottle you grab during play time. My personal favorite water based lube for anal play is Maximus|Maximus. Silicone has no smell or taste, and the toy is quite pretty without being girly. The metallic purple is actually quite sexy.

This is an intermediate sized plug that can be worn during masturbation, partner sex, or just for the fun of it. This plug is a great choice for extended wear as well, as the base design is thin and super comfortable between butt checks. With a little lube, I found this easy to insert and very comfortable. My husband doesn’t have as much experience with anal play, and for him it was more difficult to insert but was still comfortable for him.

My experience-The Ryder plug|Ryder Butt plug by Tantus really enhanced sex for me. It made my tight vagina extremely tight, to the point I couldn’t comfortably use a large or moderate sized toy vaginally while using the plug. My husband’s finger felt like it was two inches in diameter, and when he used his penis it felt huge as well. It was very tight for him, and the plug rubbed on the underside of his penis. Thrusting provided great stimulation for me as well because it moved the plug just enough to simulate double penetration. Talk about a sex enhancer!

Hubby’s experience-The plug provided nice pressure for his prostate and enhanced sex for him. It wasn’t super stimulating during fellatio unless I also massaged his perineum which made it very pleasurable for him. The most effective position we found for him while using this was during cowgirl when I would reach back and place some gentle pressure on his perineum. Because of the internal prostate stimulation combined with the external stimulation, he finished in short order. I thought his head was going to explode with the amount of color that rushed into his face. He told me that this was by far the most intense orgasm he had ever experienced.

The only problem we’ve found with this toy is that we both want to use it! I will be ordering a second one so we don’t have to fight over whose turn it is to use the Ryder.
The Ryder stays in place so well; it can actually be difficult to remove. I had an interesting experience with my first use of this toy. I had thoroughly enjoyed using the plug and after two orgasms was finally ready to go to bed. Usually I can just push a little and the plug flies out, but not with this one. It didn’t matter how hard I pushed; nothing happened! I couldn’t pull it out either! I tried to relax and pull at the same time, and I still couldn’t get it out! Finally I ended up having my husband pull on it while I worked on bearing down. When we finally got it out, I was thoroughly convinced that this plug wouldn’t fall out during use!
Follow-up commentary
I still love my Ryder plug, and it sees frequent use, although not daily anymore. In order to completely get rid of the smell, I have to boil it for 10 minutes and let it air out for a couple days (it seems to vary, with 2 being the least and 5 being the most depending on how long I boil it). I've found that it's just easier to cover it with a condom before use. It doesn't diminish the experience much for me, and makes clean up faster too. While the newness has worn off, this is still our favorite butt toy for use during intercourse. I have a feeling that the Ryder will remain a favorite for a very long time.
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  • Contributor: ~LaUr3n~
    Hmmm....thats sucks about the smell. Maybe next time use a condom if you love it that much, but want to prevent the smell. Great review!
  • Contributor: Sera
    Yes, buy the second one!
    Mine smells, too. I use the Before and After sex toy cleanser sold here on Eden. Try it, it really works.
    Does yours collect particles? Mine does.
  • Contributor: helenamontoya18
    very stimulating toy but not comfy for long term wear
  • Contributor: BlooJay
    Thx! Nice review!
  • Contributor: roskat
    Great review. Too bad about the scent issue.
  • Contributor: eri86
    Thank your sharing.
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