Ryder - sex toy by Tantus - review by Clandestine

Comfy, cushy, cute... And effective!

Ryder is an excellent little butt plug that is, in my opinion, suitable even for anal beginners. Its subtle curves and ergonomic base make extended wear very comfortable, and in spite of its smaller size it provides great sensations. His excellent materials make him very hygienic and comfortable, and he is affordable to boot. Anyone interested in trying out butt plugs would be well served by Ryder.
Good for beginners, Comfortable, Super hygienic, Excellent design, Good price
A bit small, Acquired a smell over time
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The Tantus Ryder is a butt plug which should be friendly for most anal users. Newcomers to anal play may require more warm-up, but his non-threatening rounded design and gentle taper make him user-friendly. Ryder's primary use is the traditional butt plug method; it is what he excels at. Furthermore, this toy is nice and egg-shaped, and may be useful for providing a sensation of fullness in the vaginal region. (Be sure to sterilize Ryder if he has been used anally before doing so, however!)

Some general instructions for use as a butt plug:

1. Acquire your Ryder plug and ensure it is clean; detailed cleaning instructions will be displayed later in the review. If you wish, allow him to soak in some warm water for a warming sensation upon insertion. You may chill him in cold water, but the cool temperature doesn't last as long from my experience.

2. Apply adequate lubrication to yourself and to the Ryder; water-based is recommended, unless you are certain your silicone lube does not cause a reaction with this toy. If you require some warm-up, do so, whether it involves smaller toys, manual stimulation, or what have you.

3. Gently proceed by placing Ryder's tip against your anal sphincter, with the T-shaped handle aligned with the cheeks (that is, not sideways). Allow yourself to relax; breathe deeply, relax your lower abdomen and legs. Use gentle pressure for insertion, stopping when resistance is felt. Discomfort is a sign that you should back up a little and try again when it subsides. If you feel you cannot accommodate the toy, don't be discouraged. Try again another time.

4. Once inserted, you will probably feel the lovable trademark "pop" that is common with butt plug use. As Ryder is a symmetrical toy, the alignment of the head does not depend on how it is inserted. Ensure you feel comfortable with the placement, adjust if necessary, and enjoy how you like; have a quick solo session or wear Ryder for an extended period of time. Don't go outside of your comfort zone with extended wear; discomfort is your body trying to tell you it's had enough... for now.

5. If you're wearing this toy for an extended period, removal and reapplication of lubricant may be necessary. To remove Ryder, get into a comfortable position and grasp the T-shaped base with a hand. Don't pull, but rather bear down and try to encourage it to come out naturally. Some manual encouragement may be necessary, but like with insertion, don't use enough force to cause discomfort. If you are planning to reinsert Ryder (who should feel lovely and warm at this time), apply lubrication as necessary and reinsert as in step 3.

6. If you are finished with Ryder for the time being, wash it with warm soapy water and allow to air dry if possible. If you wish to give your plug a more thorough cleaning, refer to the cleaning methods highlighted later in the review.

7. Store your Ryder as you normally would, away from light and lint. Some storage methods will be mentioned later in the review.

Perhaps I'm being redundant, but I would like to mention this again: Anytime you feel discomfort, stop what you're doing and back up. Humans feel pain for a reason, and it is important to listen to your body.
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Material / Texture

If you are at all familiar with Tantus, then you already know about Ryder's material. Like all Tantus toys, he is made of premium platinum silicone of high quality. This makes him body-safe, phthalates-free, hygienic and all of that good stuff. He doesn't have a smell (or taste) like lower-quality toys made of jellies and mutant plastic, and won't harbour bacterial growth. Silicone is one of the best materials for a reason!

Ryder is a sleek and shiny plug, which makes for easy insertion with lubrication. Unlike matte toys, though, you will find that thinner lubes bead on the surface of the toy. This hasn't been a problem for me, though some people have mentioned that it causes one to use more lubrication. There is a mild dragging sensation when in use, but I like how that feels. This toy is firm enough to be easily inserted (without flopping around), but cushy enough to be comfortable in use. Furthermore, Ryder has no ribs, ridges, nubbly bits or threatening spikes; he is all smooth and friendly. This makes him suitable for beginners/novices, though texture fiends might prefer a lumpier butt plug for added internal stimulation.
    • Flexible
    • No odor
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

Ryder's design has always reminded me of a little torpedo. A butt torpedo!
Seriously, though, he is well designed. Made for easy insertion with his slender but rounded shape, he is also good for long-term wear as he has a comfortably narrow and long neck. The T-shaped base prevents Ryder from being sucked into the rectum and feels quite comfortable between the buttocks.

As for Ryder's size... Yes, he is a bit small in my eyes (and in my butt) but he still delivers. While he may not provide that feeling of weight or fullness that many people look for, he does offer a nice sensation of presence while inserted. His shape is different from many of the cone-shaped plugs, and the gentle taper makes for very comfortable wearing. Average users should have no problems with Ryder. Advanced users, as I have said, may want more, but he still has his own perks to offer.

This toy is, of course, not terribly realistic, which I like. He comes in several colors which are all nice; I bought the dark purple which had nice swirls of color in it. There have been some limited edition colors released as well.

As for the ever-important discretion... Ryder is small and shouldn't pose problems for travel if stored securely. Keep him in your suitcase, of course, and somewhere that travel partners (such as small children or nosy friends) won't look.
    • Beginner
    • Ergonomic


Ohh, Ryder. You go in nicely. You feel nice. You come out nicely. What's not to like?
As I've mentioned, Ryder is quite user-friendly and provides interesting sensations when inserted. I liked wearing Ryder for hours on end, and found him comfortable throughout. I didn't need a lot of lubrication for insertion, and only found that he dried out after a number of hours. The gentle tapers make Ryder an excellent toy, though I would have preferred a bigger presence personally. Still, he delivers and doesn't become entirely obsolete with experience.

If you want a comfortable plug for extended wear, Ryder's a good bet. While I prefer my large Njoy Pure Plug nowadays, I still like Ryder. He can also be worn discreetly under clothing... Ryder can be your secret little pleasure during mundane activities. (Especially if you work your sphincter muscles during use. It's a very nice feeling.)
    • Comfortable
    • Easy to use

Care and Maintenance

Once you have brought your new Ryder home, there are a few simple instructions to be followed on care and feeding.

Most importantly: Do not use silicone lubricant, as they are incompatible (or perhaps too compatible) with the material and will break it down. This does depend on the formulation and quality of the lubricant and of the toy, so if you must use silicone lube, perform a test swatch by dabbing a tiny blob of lube on the bottom of the flanged base. If there is a reaction, it should be immediately noticeable as the toy will become tacky on the spot. This can be scraped off with a fingernail, generally speaking. Really, I don't like to risk it, so I stick with water-based lubricant.
If you're going to cover Ryder with a condom before use, ensure that the condom is lubricated with water-based lube and not silicone. It is more common than you think, so exercise caution!

Now that we've covered lubricant, let's move on to cleaning. Ryder is made of premium silicone, which provides a number of effective cleaning methods. For typical between-use cleanings, simple warm water and soap (antibacterial if you wish) is adequate. Silicone also offers various means of sterilizing; boiling for about five to ten minutes is effective (just be careful when handling your toy as it absorbs quite a bit of heat). The dishwasher is another option; top rack, no soap... And preferably no dishes either, as silicone can be cut by sharp objects. A 10% bleach solution can also be used. Be sure to rinse your toys after doing so. (Personally I can't stand bleach, so I avoid this, but it is effective nonetheless.)

Storage of Ryder shouldn't be too difficult. While the clear plastic packaging is both impractical and indiscreet, any number of storage methods will work, whether it's a dedicated toy box, a zipper-lock baggie in a sock drawer or a plastic food container under your bed. The reason I suggest a container is that silicone loves to attract lint. And hair. You'll probably end up washing it again once you remove it from its container anyhow. Also, store it away from direct sources of heat or light; although silicone is tough, you want to take good care of it. Tantus always says that their toys can last a lifetime with minimal care, and it's true... So take care of your Ryder and he'll take care of you.

I did notice that Ryder did take on a butt smell with repeated use... "Ass"imilation if you will. Ahaha... Sorry, that wasn't funny at all.
This tends to happen with a number of silicone toys I've had, which is concerning at first. The smell can be reduced with a good washing and soaking, but it's still there. It's not terribly unpleasant, which might sound odd, but a good airing out can take care of most of it if the previous methods don't help.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


Ryder comes in typical Tantus packaging, a clear, thin plastic display box with colorful accents, the toy's name, some various information and the like. Inside of this box is a bivalve mold which suspends the toy. This is very good for displaying the toy in a store, but not so great for storage since it is difficult to reassemble (and chances are, you won't want to bother once you're finished with what you were doing.) As it is clear, it is not terribly discreet either.

As a gift box, however, the packaging is certainly good. It's visually appealing, displays the toy well and does provide some information (though as far as I remember, no instructions for use). When wrapped, it is certainly less suspicious than a torpedo-shaped lump of wrapping paper.
    • Not discreet

Personal comments

Ryder has been good company for my butt. It's fun to wear him for hours on end, under clothing, where nobody can see him. The sensations are subtle but definitely there, though I would prefer a larger version. The feeling of inserting Ryder is lovely, and he's certainly easy to care for. I would recommend him for beginners and novice users; advanced users may feel like he is not adequate in terms of filling or stretching. Regardless, he's an all-around good toy to have around.


My first use of the Ryder went very well; he was my first butt plug and in retrospect, a very good starting point... Plus, it's a really cute toy. The feeling when he popped smoothly inside of me was nothing short of divine; I remember the first time I felt it rather clearly. There was no discomfort or pain, and he fit snugly in place. Removal was easy, and I felt encouraged by the ease of use. I feel like having Ryder inserted intensified ordinary orgasms as the involuntary contractions caused me to squeeze my sphincters around his neck.

He has since delivered pleasure a number of times. I do wish he were a bit larger, like I said. No toy is perfect, however, so he's still a great purchase... And the price is excellent as well.
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    Keep up the good work!
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