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The Cadillac of Anal Plugs

Because of its smooth surface and devilish good looks, some beginners might be tempted to try this toy for their first experience with anal play. However, the blunted tip and moderate size of this toy make it more suited to an intermediate player, while an advanced one may find the Ryder experience to be somewhat dull. Nonetheless, this is an incredibly versatile, durable, and enjoyable plug. It's an excellent addition to any collection and is the PERFECT, tried-and-true, go-to anal plug.
Well-made with a myriad of safety benefits, incredibly comfortable, delightfully filling.
May be better suited to intermediate anal players, rather than beginners.
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extremely useful review
Well, I sat down to write this review thinking that I would have very little to bring to the table. After about 75 reviews and comments, what more can be said? I'm hoping to cover all the details and give you, dear readers, an overview of my personal opinion of and experience with this delightful little plug.

The packaging for this toy is minimalist and tasteful, as is the toy itself. I ordered the purple version, but all the color varieties are beautiful, with a shiny, swirled metallic pattern. The attractively designed box has a variety of information printed on it, including a run-down of Tantus's goals for all of their toys, as well as a detailed list of "What makes Tantus toys the best" (Safety, Quality, and Pleasure). Although the box claims that the item is odorless, I found that it had a very pleasant, clean, scent of silicone which has faded with time and has indeed become odorless.

Click here to see the packaging.

Upon first glance, this appears to be a somewhat dull, straightforward little toy. Come to think of it, it is! It's just a standard, smooth butt plug. But it's THE standard, smooth butt plug. This is the Cadillac of intermediate anal plugs, with its slightly wider, blunt-tipped shape.

The Ryder's 3.75" length is precisely the size and shape of my index and middle fingers when held up side by side, tapering ever so slightly from its widest point to a gently blunted tip. It narrows from a girth of about 1.5" to 0.75" at the neck, leading to a narrow, flared, rectangular base that nestles undetectably into the crack of your ass.

Click here to see a picture of the Ryder itself. Note the similar size in comparison to that of my index and middle fingers.

While this toy is not enough to give me the sensation of being stretched that I deeply enjoy, it is absolutely the perfect size to afford a delicious feeling of being filled. It is comfortable, but not too comfortable. That is to say, there is still a noticeable sensation of fullness, constantly reminding you of its presence. Every time I remember that it's there, I can feel my muscles tighten and give it a squeeze. The high level of comfort make this an ideal plug for extended wear. I have worn it out shopping, walking around, sitting and studying, and during play with other toys. The addition of a vibrator in my cunt while the Ryder is inside me gives such an intense feeling of fullness that I have absolutely out of this world orgasms.

The base and neck of this toy are slightly flexible, yet they are stiff enough that I am easily able to take hold of the bottom and slide it in and out of myself if I so choose. This is an excellent feature, which also immensely eases insertion, despite the more rounded tip. Inserting a plug with a floppy base is damn near impossible!

Speaking of difficulty inserting, be sure to use plenty of lubrication (I recommend ID Glide). Be absolutely certain that the lubricant you use is water-based. Oil- and silicone-based lubricants can have a reaction with the toy and result in damage to its surface. I would also suggest that you warm up a bit with your fingers prior to inserting this plug. Since it is about the width of two of my fingers, I usually make certain that I'm able to comfortably play with one or two before adding the plug to the mix.

This pure, medical-grade silicone toy is firm with a tiny bit of give to it when you squeeze. Material of this type and quality has a range of safety features, including that it is non-porous, hypoallergenic, and phthalates and latex free. Silicone also has the advantage of being fully sterilizable. You can boil it (for about 3 minutes), wash it in the dishwasher, or bleach it in a 10% solution. Silicone is a terrific conductor of both temperature and vibrations. Try warming up or cooling down your toy by running it under the faucet before inserting it. Once it's inside of you, try placing a vibrator against the base. It will send the vibrations up through the toy very easily. It also has a great reputation for being durable and holding up well to friction.

Overall, this toy is beautiful, functional, and versatile. It is moderate in size, smooth, and easy to insert despite its more blunted tip. It has a perfectly designed base and is comfortable to wear for extended periods of time or during intercourse or solo play. The Ryder is my stand-by plug and my absolute favorite anal toy.
Follow-up commentary
The Ryder is still my go-to plug. Having since purchased a number of other anal toys, including other items from Tantus, I can say that the design of the Ryder is even more excellent by comparison. It has held up beautifully, showing no signs of wear or damage. Its light silicone odor has faded completely and it now smells blissfully of...absolutely nothing. :) Keeping this toy clean and sanitary is a breeze. While other anal toys have fallen by the wayside, Ryder is still my absolute favorite.
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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