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The cutesy torpedo of happiness?

Ryder is a butt plug that knows what it's doing and does it well. It is made of an amazing material, is practically perfect in terms of its shape, and is unbelievably comfortable while being very stimulating at the same time. Ryder is easy to insert, easy to remove and stays in place almost impossibly well, making it very discreet. It also comes at an amazing price for such high quality; I absolutely recommend buying this product, whether you're a novice or an expert at anal play.
Superior material; very comfortable; easy insertion and removal; stays in place; easy-to-clean.
May be too small for some; packaging used too much plastic.
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This toy is a butt plug. In my personal opinion, it should be used as a butt plug and nothing else. This is not a drawback, however, as it does its job so very well that it needn't be a jack of all trades.

This toy is very easy to use. Lubricate the whole of the bulb and neck and do some preparation if you need to. Then it's just a matter of giving it a little encouragement; it almost seems to know where to go, and it isn't terribly difficult to insert, given its small size. Once it's in, you can just sit back and enjoy yourself... or go for a walk, tidy the house a bit, get some shopping done... Whatever works for you.

Given its ability to be used discreetly, there are many applications for the Ryder. Whether you want to slip it in and work towards a quick climax, or leave it in for hours at a time for some subtle, secretive stimulation, Ryder can do it for you.

The base of the Ryder is built so that it can prevent accidental loss into the body, while being comfortable enough to wear for extended periods of time. It may seem flimsy, but I've never had any worries of losing it up there. It also stays in place extremely well, so you needn't worry about it falling out, either!
    • Long / extended session
    • Relaxation/alone time

Material / Texture

The Ryder, like all Tantus products (minus the Alumina range) is made of 100% silicone... And it shows. It's orderless, tasteless and, judging by its easy cleaning, non-porous. It's a gorgeously smooth, shiny material.

The material, being quite slick when properly lubricated, facilitates easy entry and comfortable retention. I would say that it's pretty beginner-friendly as a result.
Ryder is made of firm yet flexible and squeezable silicone. The firmness is one of the many selling points, as it exerts just the right amount of pressure and emits presence without being uncomfortable in the least.

Design / Shape / Size

Ryder's design is a true winner. The shape is truly amazing, allowing for subtle stimulation and comfortable retention all at the same time. The gradual narrowing between bulb and neck is very pleasing and allows Ryder to stay put; it also aids in removal. The narrow T-shaped base allows for comfortable extended wear, and the neck is the perfect size, being comfy yet noticeable. I believe Ryder has lived up to its expectations and then some!

The size is perfect for me, but as I don't like the concept of huge toys, I might be biased. Beginners may find it to be a little difficult to insert the first few times, while more advanced users may still want a little extra girth in the bulb portion. However, I am confident that it can satisfy people on both ends of the spectrum.

The toy does not have a realistic look, unless you're comparing it to an unusually-proportioned dirigible.

While it isn't discreet enough to leave lying around, it is extremely discreet while being worn; Ryder stays in place and is very low-maintenance, so it's unlikely that anyone without X-ray vision would know you were wearing it. Furthermore, given its compact size, it is a great travel companion!


Ryder is amazing in that it is subtle yet stimulating. Its design is perfect for its purpose, being comfortable, safe for the body and of a non-threatening yet effective size. Ryder allows easy insertion and removal, providing that the user takes their time and uses enough lubrication. It really is just a matter of preparation for yourself and the toy, and slowly easing it in; Ryder will find its way home with relative ease.

I don't think there is much, if anything, I would change about this toy. I am curious as to what a slightly bigger one would feel like, but I'm honestly content enough with Ryder as it is.

Care and Maintenance

Ryder is very easy to care for, being made of non-porous silicone. Simply wash well with soap and warm water. Ryder can also be cleaned with a 10% bleach solution, left on just for a few moments, boiled in water for a few minutes or placed in the top rack of the dishwasher with no soap.

I store Ryder with my other toys, in a box. I wrap it in a lint-free cloth to help prevent dust and the like from gathering on its surface; this still happens, though. It's easily fixed by rinsing with water, however.

I would avoid using silicone lubes on Ryder, as the material may degrade. Water-based lubes are safe, but if you must use silicone lubricant, do a test patch on the bottom of the toy's base. If it becomes gummy and cannot be removed easily, the lubricant is incompatible. Be sure to test each time before you use a different kind of silicone lube, as the chemical composition may vary.


Ryder came to me in rectangular plastic packaging which displayed its contents quite well. The packaging itself was attractive, but I wasn't exactly happy with the amount of plastic needed to house a small object. It seemed wasteful, but I have heard that Tantus will be changing its packaging to better represent their environmentally-friendly side, which is reassuring.

The packaging isn't exactly great for storage, as the toy fits in a molded plastic shell, which must then be put in the outer package. It would keep the toy safe and be great for organization, but it's a little troublesome to open, especially if you're feeling particularly impatient.

However, if you plan to give the toy as a gift, feel free to keep it in the box. While there really aren't any instructions (to the best of my memory), it's a great display of the product itself.

Personal comments

I personally think that Ryder is an extremely well-rounded butt plug that is a step above most; the material is body-safe, phthalates-free silicone, and the structure is comfortable, stimulating and safe.


I've had the Ryder for a good while now, and it hasn't disappointed once. The feeling it evokes when being worn is very pleasurable, and it can be worn for hours at a time. It intensifies the feelings of an orgasm by providing extra stimulus for the associated contractile muscles, and it applies a pleasant amount of pressure to the prostate as well. It's easy going in and coming out, but despite this, stays in place better than almost anything! It's very impressive.

In fact, I decided to put the Ryder in place before writing this review. It's been well worth it, too!
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  • Britni TheVadgeWig
    I absolutely love this plug. It's my favorite one, to the point that I don't ever want to wear any others!

    Great review.
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    Good review Smile
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    thank you for your review Smile
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    Very nice review, thanks!
  • Serafina Brightside
    What an excellent review!
  • Sera
    The packaging did use a lot of plastic, and it wasn't very informative for me when I got mine. It didn't tell me everything I needed to know. What I know about the Ryder I know from experience.

    By the way, great job on the review. It was truly worth reading.
  • Kcito
    this is a good toy for a full sensation, if the base were as soft as bootie from funfactory this would be a perfect anal plug.
  • BlooJay
    Sounds like a nice plug! Thx for the review!
  • eri86
    Thank you.
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