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To Infinity...And Behind!

The Infinity plug is another wonderful offering for booty pleasures by Tantus, recommended for intermediate to advanced anal players. With gentle but noticeable curves and plenty of supportive density, this plug is discreet but hard to ignore. Easy to clean and share and care for, the Infinity is nearly perfect except for a few small design flaws.
Easy to clean, non-porous, firm and smooth material, great curves.
Sharp edges on base can be uncomfortable, neck a little too thick, no taper.
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The Infinity Butt Plug is a superior quality anal stimulator featuring two sleek bulbs in its shaft. Its gorgeous, curvy design (somewhat resembling the infinity symbol, hence the name?) makes for a wonderful full feeling used on its own or in combination with vaginal penetration or simultaneous genital stimulation. Vaginal penetration with anything too large in combination with this plug might be a little bit too much given the considerable size and firm silicone material. In my experience some light vaginal stimulation, a finger or two, for example, does add to the fun without being overly filling or even painful. I was not able to use another dildo in conjunction with this plug. As with any anal toy though, be sure to take your time inserting and to regard any pain as a sign to slow down or stop. The design of this toy, which I further describe below, does make this toy a little challenging to dive right into. For this reason I would highly recommend a little water or oil-based lubricant to ease entry.

The Infinity Plug features a narrow neck and broad base that make it perfect for extended wear in addition to use in the bedroom, so you can pop this fella in and add a little sexiness to your daily routine. Plugs are typically intended to be inserted and left in place and not really for thrusting. However, the gradual and slight changes in width in the Infinity make it quite safe for thrusting if your heart desires. While not quite long enough to reach the prostate and not thick enough to firmly stimulate the G-spot on its own, this plug provides protracted mild, teasing sensation to the sensitive anal tissues which is great for foreplay. I love having my boyfriend wear this to a party under tight boxer briefs (to make sure everything stays in place!) and watching him become more aroused as the party comes to a close.
    • Advanced anal players
    • Intermediate anal players
    • Club/public

Material / Texture

Made from 100% medical grade silicone, this stiff and smooth plug passes every test for hygiene and comfort. The Infinity is safe to share due to its complete lack of porosity, meaning no harboring of nasty microbes. It is also completely smooth with no nubs or niches for waste or lube to get stuck in. This is an incredibly easy plug to care for and maintain.

The Infinity has none of the stickiness of other materials like jelly and is completely odorless. While silicone is non-porous and cannot absorb anything, sometimes a smell from use will linger on the surface even after cleaning. Seeing as this is an anal toy you may experience this, and in the event that you do simply leave the toy out in a well ventilated area for a day or two and the smell should fade.

Truly the best aspect of this material, besides all the practical cleanliness-related stuff, is the way it FEELS! Tantus uses a stiff silicone that, given the size of this toy as well, makes it again better suited for experienced anal players. It does not have a lot of give to it, although this is also what makes it so fantastic for this purpose. This plug firmly caresses your insides, making its presence well known each time you shift in your seat. Its density also makes it easier for it to stay put when it use, which is good news especially if you plan on wearing yours out and about.

Design / Shape / Size

I really do love this plug, or at least, I find absolutely no fault with the body of the plug itself. The body is about 4.25" inches long, with about 3.75" of that being insertable and at its widest point is a little over an inch in diameter. sleek, plump bulges provide excellent stimulation without any problem. Due to the width, beginners should probably look to thinner plugs like the Little Flirt or Pleasure #1 (see "similar products" below for links). However those that are looking to step their anal game up a bit should find the size of the Infinity pretty comfortable. The only possible downside with the body of this plug is that there is no "easing" into the maximum width of this toy with a tapered tip; you pretty much begin with the widest point. For this reason you may want to warm up with fingers or a smaller plug before sliding this one in. Other than that, the insertable portion of this plug is brilliant.

The neck and the base, on the other hand, are a bit of a different story. The neck is roughly about .75" wide which does not provide a lot of width variance between itself and the body. For this reason the plug is more likely to ease out and then pop out entirely when the height of orgasm is reached. This does not consistently happen, and is more likely in some positions than others depending on your anatomy, but it did happen in my experience more often than not. You can, of course, simply hold it in place when the time comes but it is slightly inconvenient, especially if your hands are needed for something else! The base also presented a problem in that its edges came to sharp, pointed corners which dig into the butt cheeks uncomfortably. It wasn't enough to ruin the experience of wearing altogether but it definitely took away from it.


Overall my partner and I were impressed with the performance of this toy in spite of the design issues mentioned above. I feel that it really shines when used in a sedentary position in combination with genital stimulation, but was also pleased with the way it performed for extended wear. While it did have the tendency to slip a bit because of the issues with the neck, it was not so heavy that it was hell bent on escape. The weight was just enough to provide a pleasant tug. Even with the edges of the base being a bit uncomfortable, we were able to get past that and enjoy wearing this for quite a bit of time.

Care and Maintenance

As mentioned earlier, this toy is made from 100% medical grade silicone which is great news in the care and maintenance department. No condom is necessary for personal use or for sharing as the plug is completely sterilizable; wipe down with a 10% bleach solution, boil in bubbling water for 3-4 minutes or toss in the top rack of your dishwasher (no soap, please!) for a complete sanitization. Please remember that antibacterial soap and warm water will clean your toy but will not guarantee that it is entirely free of bacteria. Once cleaned off I would highly recommend storing this in a lint-free pouch or a Ziploc bag as silicone has the bad habit off collecting dust, lint and hair.

Additionally, if you have other toys made from materials such as jelly or rubber, do not store this toy with it WITHOUT a Ziploc bag or something to prevent them from making contact. Silicone can melt or otherwise compromise lesser materials, so for the safety of other toys remember to keep them separated. Finally, remember that silicone and silicone do not typically mix; silicone based lubricants will often "bond" to a silicone toy creating a gummy mess. To prevent this, simply use a water or oil based lubricant.


The Infinity Plug comes in a transparent, sheet-plastic box contained in another sheet plastic box. A little redundant, sure, and definitely not reusable, but the packaging can easily be tossed in with your plastics for recycling which is always a plus. Tantus also provides a clear look at the product before you buy it -- and from pretty much all angles as well. There are no "instructions" but the box lists the material the product is made out of and all of the health benefits of using silicone toys, which is again something I love about Tantus.
Follow-up commentary
Okay, it's not that I don't like this anymore at all. I do still like it and sometimes when I'm warming my partner up for more intense anal play, I'll pop this in him and have him sit upright and masturbate a bit to get his anus relaxed. But I think since I reviewed this item I've become more discriminating with plugs and have come to expect more from them simply because I've tried some great ones.

I never used to mind that my partner (too big for me without a taper!) would have to sit up or hold this in during wear. He wore it out a few times, and in very tight briefs and some of his more snug fitting jeans; he still had to clench intensely when he wasn't sitting down. None of this bothered him, either, because we were so thrilled by how pretty and hygienic and good-felling this plug was. Now? My partner asks for other plugs by name way before he asks for this, just because it's such a nuisance.

This is by no means a bad plug at all, and if you're hanging out stationary and are not simultaneously masturbating (the straining and clenching of muscles pops this out rather quickly) it stays put decently. But one of the most important things a plug should do know, plug you up, so to speak. These days, if a plug can't do that, its use is very limited in my bedroom.
This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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