Universal water works system - anal kit by Cal Exotics - review by Foxxy Kitty

Universal water works system sex toy review

Warning: Don't waste your money on this product! You will have more fun using a funnel or a turkey baster. Plus, you might have to come up with a story or two to explain why the hell this thing is in your shower, which is sadly more fun than using the enema itself. Stay away!
Unique idea, can attach to the shower permanently, has different probes to have fun with.
Complicated and frustrating, doesn't work on any sinks, cramps thumb, weak stream of water.
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Boy, I really wanted to love this product. Seriously, I really did. Before this product arrived at my doorstep, my partner and I planned a medical play scene event, using the Universal Water Works system|Universal water works system as part of our “anal therapy” session. Upon testing this out, not only did I decide to NOT include this product in the “therapy,” but I wouldn’t even use it again on myself, never again. Frankly, this toy, for all of its remarkable potential to be one unique and amazing enema, is just not worth the money, and definitely not worth the time and effort in using it.

There are six parts to this kit: three anal probes, a six-foot flexible metal hose, a valve, and an “on/off” switch. Conceptually, and even visually, it all seems so great---you can attach this baby to the shower, even permanently if you choose, test out the waters with three probes, and press a little button to start or stop the water flow, how fun, right?

I was wrong. It wasn’t fun. If anything, this entire kit was just annoying. I didn’t have problem screwing in the parts together, but when it came in time for me to attach the valve to the sink, well, hell, it wouldn’t attach to the sink like the package said it would. It wouldn’t fit onto any sink in the house; the connection is the wrong size. So instead I tried it in the shower. I have an oh-so-fun and enticing flexible shower head in my tub that I sadly had to take down in place of this product. And let me tell you, it didn’t take long before I immediately put it back in!

For one, I didn’t really have any issues with the hose; I thought it was flexible enough, pointing in the right direction, straight at my butt hole, in the tub. The valve, however, seemed strained from the tug of the hose. I think plastic is a bad choice for the most critical attachment piece, and even worse for the probes because it restricts the sterilization of it. I thought the probes were too small, too pointy, and too uncomfortable, especially the bulge-shaped probe that acts as a sleeve to the cone-shaped probe. My bottom kept pulling the probe off of the smaller probe when I pulled out—what’s the point? As for the water flow, it was pitiful. When I pushed the on/off switch, the water came out in a slow stream, which didn’t necessarily turn me off, but wasn’t what I expected. When the water rushed into my bum hole, it was a nice sensation, but a dull and boring one. And the switch itself, I was surprised at how it cramped my thumb! Ugh.

Don’t buy this product. The only good thing about it is that it does work, but it’s a highly misleading product that doesn’t work all that well. If it were designed better, it would have been a blast. I think instead my partner and I will just stick to a simpler enema that we could get from the grocery store, or, even more interesting, a funnel or a turkey baster. It’s kinkier, more functional, and simple, which are all the qualities that the Universal Water Works just doesn’t and never will have.
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  • darkkitty
    Thank you!
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    Damn! I was hoping to use this with warm water to give that sensation. Since I have a multi shower head.. ugh no way.
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    Thanks for your review
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    This was a very insightful and helpful reveiw. I to was hoping that this prodduct was going to mind blowing, but after reading this I would not waste my time and money on something for plesure that only breads frustraion.
  • amazon
    Nice review
  • satinlady550
    Thanks for the very informative review. I was interested in purchasing this product unitl I read how much of a disappointment it was to you.
  • Robert Paulson
    I figured it would be difficult to find a sink or tub that you could use this with. Thanks for the warning.
  • Sei
    Sounds boring and frustrating...
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