Glass plug discontinued

You Can be a Bunny, Too

While the bunny tail may be prone to coming off with rough use, this plug offers an affordable way to try out pet play - or just add an ornament to your toys. The size of the plug makes it best-suited for someone who has some anal experience while the smooth glass surface ensures that you're using a safe, body-friendly toy. It's a good place to start!
Affordable, Weighty, Tapered design, Very soft and high-quality fur, Comes with storage bag
Tail is glued on and will fall off
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Perfect for people who've tried anal sensations and want to add a neat, decorative look to their experience, the Tickle My Fancy offers a glass plug with a super-soft, faux fur poofy tail glued to the end. Without any vibrations and made from body-safe glass that's completely smooth, this plug will glide in easily with a bit of lubricant. The larger size means that a beginner may find this a bit too big, but for those who have tried other anal toys before, this one shouldn't be too much of a challenge.

As the tail may not enjoy being squished and rubbed up against clothing during wear, this plug is best suited for naked time - when you can fully show it off, anyway.

Material / Texture

Made from glass, this butt plug is extremely smooth and quite weighty. It's noticeably heavy to hold in your hands, and it's something that transfers over to the sensation of using it as well. This isn't a hollow toy made of glass. Instead, it's one large piece of glass which will help with its hardiness in case of a fall.

The entire plug is completely smooth. As it's glass, it has absolutely no taste or smell. It also has no texture. It slides in without any sort of texture. As it's glass, it's also very firm and very weighty; it has no give to it. With the size of the plug and its unforgivable rigidity, you'll want to be familiar with anal sensations before attempting this anal toy.

The bunny tail is made from a very, very soft fur material. It doesn't feel like a cheap faux fur material. I'm sure it isn't real fur, but it has a very nice and luxurious feel to it. Don't expect the tail portion to feel cheap. It's the type of material that you'll want to sit and pet.

To attach the bunny tail to the glass plug, it appears glue was used. It appears to be a strong glue, but it was glue. Lots of moving of the tail (such as wearing it under clothing or pulling the tail portion for removal instead of the plug) will pretty easily rip the bunny tail off of the plug itself. Make sure to use extreme care near the tail to ensure that it stays attached. If it falls off (mine hasn't), some super glue should help reattach it.
    • No odor
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size

This looks like a standard butt plug, but that's not a bad thing. You want something with a standard shape that helps it to stay in the butt. This one can do that. The toy has a diameter of about 1.5" at the widest point while the retention area drops down to about 0.75", and finally, the base has a size of about 1.5". A larger base would have made this a bit more anal-safe, but you'd have to have extremely strong anal muscles to jump that 0.75" difference in diameter without any sort of tapering.

The fluffy bunny tail is attached with glue. It appears to be a strong, industrial-strength glue, but moving the tail around allows you to easily see that it's only attached at one point near the center area. With any sort of rough use, this could fall off and need to be reglued. Be careful not to tug on the fluffy bunny tail while using the plug to avoid pulling off the tail.


As a standard butt plug, it doesn't take too much to succeed: it needs to feel pleasurable, stay in, and be easy to get in.

With the tapered end of this plug, it does slide in relatively easily. The glass material lubricates well, and with a bit of lubricant and patience most people (even beginners with lots of patience) could insert this with no problem. Once inside, the retention area is long and slender, and it helps to keep the plug inside the body. However, with the weight of the plug and how tapered the tip is to the retention area, lots of movement and upright standing will begin to pull out the plug. This plug wasn't designed to be worn out in public or under clothes, and it's best designed to be shown off during bedroom activities.

The larger plug size should feel pleasurable to most. It isn't long enough to poke uncomfortably at any bits, and the glass material doesn't absorb lubricant, so the plug can stay in for longer periods of time without needing to remove for lube reapplication. The weighty material is something that you'll definitely notice at all times. This isn't a plug that can be slid in and forgotten.

Care and Maintenance

Cleaning and care is part of where this plug is going to cause some issues. Many plugs with tails come equipped with some sort of detachment system that allows the plug to detach from the tail for easier cleaning. That's not the case in this plug. The bunny tail appears to be glued with strong glue onto the butt end of the plug itself. This means that you'll need to be careful while cleaning to ensure that you clean the bunny tail, don't clean too much of the glue, and clean the plug itself. Depending on what type of glue was used to fasten the bunny tail to the plug, the glue may start to break down after frequent cleanings, so it may lead to an early death of your "pet play" toy. This is something to keep in mind when purchasing.

For storage, ensure that you keep your plug somewhere that won't crush the fluffy design of the bunny tail. The bunny tail may not be very fluffy if kept squished for a long time.

As with any anal toy, make sure to use lubricant during use. Any type of lubricant should work fine - though water-based lubricant should be the easiest to clean in case you get some on the tail.
    • Hard to clean


This plug comes in a red, velvet pouch. The pouch isn't padded, but it is a velvet, drawstring pouch that will hold your toy. While this will store it in a discreet manner, it will not protect your glass toy if it's dropped, so be careful while handling. Glass toys are hardy, but they may not survive a 4-foot drop onto tile.
    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Minimal
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    Well done,Kayla!
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    As always, super job. Makes me want to get one.
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    Great job!
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    Great review, thanks!
  • Contributor: Sugarfina
    I just ordered this last night and cant wait to get it! The only part about cleaning it that worries me is the rabbit tail. Thank you for your information about it being glued on, that doesnt sound like the best feature, as you've said that other tails can be removed from other plugs (as they're made that way). I dont want to get lube or anal fluids on it as I'm sure it would be ruined if I did. Thanks for the review!
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